The Scorpion robot attacks

Commander Typhon

G-Force scrambles

The Phoenix heads into outer space



The Jupiter Moon Menace

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 9
Airing Number: 38
Script Completion Date: 7/31/78
Episode Completion Date: 10/31/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To use Commander Typhon's new Scorpion robot to defeat Earth..

..To locate the source of, and stop, the meteor attacks on Earth.

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G-Force soars to the outer limits of the galaxy to combat the fiery Jupiter Moon Menace! Can G-Force find a way to stop the flaming meteorites before Earth is burned to a crisp? Don't miss this intergalactic odyssey as G-Force battles with a seemingly undefeatable foe from the far reaches of outer space!
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Spectra has made an alliance with Commander Typhon, the exiled leader of planet Scorpius. The Commander has a weapon The Spirit wants and in exchange for helping them take over Earth, Spectra has agreed to help Typhon get rid of his enemies on his own planet.

The weapon turns out to be a terrifying Scorpion robot which Typhon controls from a submarine in one of Spectra's oceans. He sends the machine to Jupiter's fifth moon, Callisto. Once there, it sucks in rocks and boulders from the moon's surface and launches them at high speed towards Capital City on Earth.

Fortunately, with Susan's warning from Pluto, 7-Zark-7 is able to get Capital City evacuated before the deadly storm of meteorites hits. They turn into red-hot balls of fire after going through Earth's atmosphere and cause massive devastation. G-Force is called in to find out what caused the storm from Callisto.

When G-Force arrives, another storm is just launching and they barely get out of the way. Typhon and his men on Spectra see the Phoenix arrive at Callisto and he activates a signal from his base that confuses the electronics on G-Force's ship. In their current position, they're helpless. Taking further advantage of the situation, Typhon has the Scorpion robot curl up into a ball and launch itself towards Earth. G-Force is able to follow the machine and they fire a few missiles at it, but they’re ineffective.

7-Zark-7 tells G-Force the robot is headed for one of Earth's largest energy development centers. It has already been evacuated though, so 7-Zark-7 says that G-Force should concentrate on finding Commander Typhon. By reversing the polarity in their magnetic tape probe, 7-Zark-7 thinks they will be able to locate him. When they try it, it pinpoints Typhon as being on planet Spectra. G-Force leaves immediately for the enemy planet to stop Typhon's actions.

Once on Spectra, they quickly locate Typhon’s underwater ship and Mark, Jason, Princess and Keyop swim over to it. They hitch a ride on a support vehicle to gain access and make their way to the ship's bridge. They destroy the control panel for the Scorpion, which causes it to shut down. Its reign of terror on Earth ends. But Typhon is able to escape, leaving G-Force trapped in his ship. Princess uses her yo-yo bomb to blow a hole in the bridge door and G-Force is able to make their way back to the Phoenix.

On the Phoenix, Princess notices that the meteors have reversed direction. A call to Chief Anderson confirms; the Scorpion robot controlled the actions of the meteors and when it was destroyed, they turned back towards their point of origin on Callisto. G-Force is able to head back to Earth, their mission successful.



Name: Scorpion
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Scorpion
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons

Weapons: Meteorite launcher
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

The Spectra Scorpion machine was launched in sections that joined up on Jupiter's moon, Callisto. Once assembled, it began its attack, which consisted of collecting large rocks and launching them towards Earth at high speed. The machine was also able to roll into a tight ball and launch itself toward Earth. In this form, it was impervious to multiple missile hits from the Phoenix. The Scorpion was defeated when Princess destroyed its control center on Planet Spectra.

Planet Spectra has at least one large ocean

Susan mentions she is on Planet Pluto



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