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Jason is one of the best race drivers in the world and to prove it he has once again entered the African 9000 Mile Obstacle Race. This is a grueling, non-stop event and requires a two man team. This year, Jason’s partner is a beautiful blond woman named Lucy. All the members of G-Force are excited about the race and will follow Jason overhead in the Phoenix.

When he first meets his co-pilot, Jason notices that she is carrying a gun. She jokingly says that it’s to protect herself from him. But before he has a chance to question her any further, the signal for the race to begin is given – and they’re off!!! Everything seems to be going as planned until they turn a corner and nearly run into a giraffe. But this is no ordinary giraffe. It’s a mechanical monster and it begins firing rockets at Jason’s car. Lucy grabs her gun and destroys the giraffe. But then she starts firing at the Phoenix overhead. Jason stops her and she explains that she thought it was another alien craft.

Back on the track, Jason’s rocket car gets stuck in a mudslide and a giant Rhinocerous Robot attacks them with its laser eyes. The Phoenix, ever on guard, destroys it. Nearby, the G-Force spots a mysterious van hidden in the jungle and decides to check it out, but first they must fight off a robot Buzzard that has attacked Jason’s car. The Spirit has watched his plan fail and instructs Zoltar to destroy all the robots. Meanwhile, a robot Leopard pack has attacked the race car but Jason outsmarts the beasts by luring them up the steep cliffs of a mountain where they fall and are destroyed. Jason and Lucy win the race and she confesses that she was a Spectra agent but that she had decided to betray Spectra at the beginning of the race. Before she is able to tell him the rest of her story, she begins to turn back to her true identity – a robot – and she is killed by Zoltar’s self-destruct mechanism.


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Jason's co-pilot , during a trans-Africa road race, is a beautiful Spectra agent, whose mission is to kill Jason. The race is filled with hazardous obstacles and with booby-traps set out by Zoltar: rocket-firing giraffes---flying hyenas---and even a thundering, giant robot rhinoceros. Zark has alerted G-Force to give "cover" to Jason, but, as the race ends, the Spectra agent reveals herself. Starring Alan Young as 7-Zark-7 and Keye Luke as Zoltar.


Synopsis from UK Longman videotape release

Race Against Disaster

Jason takes part in a trans-Africa road race - but Zoltar has set up a few obstacles to his success - rocket firing giraffes, flying hyenas, and even a thundering giant robot rhinoceros.


Synopsis from US Rhino DVD release

Race Against Disaster

Jason and the rest of G-Force travel to Africa so he can take part in the African 9000 Mile Obstacle Race. The race requires two drivers per car, and Jason is teamed with a woman named Lucy, whom he has raced against in the past. Strangely though, she has brought a rifle along with her, almost as if she’s expecting trouble along the way!


Synopsis from Australian Madman DVD release


If competing in the African 9000 Mile Obstacle Race across Africa wasn't hard enough, Jason must also worry about Spectra agents, rocket-firing giraffes, flying hyenas and his mysterious driving partner Lucy along the way to the finish line.


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