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A typhoon-like storm has destroyed the world’s largest water reserve near Cosmic City and the G-Force has been called in to investigate. The is the work of a new and deadly enemy, Dahmbo, and his powerful Grasshopper Robot. Dahmbo has been promised that his people will be given their independence from Spectra if he can make the Earth surrender.

Mark discovers that during the storm the Weather Center’s missiles were unable to launch and were rendered useless by a fierce power field. The Phoenix takes to the air and soon spots the Grasshopper Robot and follows it. Dahmbo realizes that he is being tailed and suddenly turns and fires on the Phoenix. Caught in its power field, the Phoenix is unable to fire its rockets and finally it is forced to crash into the ocean. The damage to their ship is so great that the G-Force must return to Center Neptune for repairs. Back at the headquarters, our heroes discover that Professor Kenton of the Weather Agency has created a new missile that can stop the effects of the Grasshopper by creating a counter whirlwind effect. At first, the Professor is reluctant to help our heroes. He doesn’t feel that the missile has been tested enough. But he finally relents.

Meanwhile, Dahmbo has gone into the second part of his plan and attacks the Water Storage Center #9. The G-Force arrives and engages in another battle with the Grasshopper. This time they get caught in its powerful talons, but not before they launch the new missle. A violent storm ensues, but unless the monster lets go of them, the Phoenix will be destroyed as well. Dahmbo and his men abandon ship and finally, at the last moment, the Grasshopper is hit by lightning and releases the Phoenix. Our heroes escape, the robot is destroyed and Dahmbo and his gang are captured.


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Zark, while monitoring galactic activity discovers a violent storm front threatening Cosmic City. G-Force is sent on a mercy mission to see what help can be offered, but they run into a mysterious tornado that almost destroys them. While the Phoenix is under repairs, Anderson and Zark discover that an alien space craft, resembling a grasshopper, from planet Spectra, is raising havoc with earth's weather. The G-Force team overcome a full gamut of weather systems from the Spectra space vehicle and finally send Zoltar scurrying for cover. Starring Alan Young as 7-Zark-7 and Keye Luke as Zoltar.


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The Ghostly Grasshopper

Zark discovers a violent storm threatening Cosmic City while he is monitoring galactic activity. An alien space craft from planet Spectra, resembling a grasshopper, is raising havoc with earth's weather. Can G-Force overcome a full gamut of weather systems from the Spectra space vehicle and finally send Zoltar scurrying for cover?


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The Ghostly Grasshopper

Spectra promises independence to a powerful new enemy, Dahmbo, and his robot race, in exchange for the destruction of G-Force with his Grashopper robot.


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To gain independence for his robot people from Spectra, Dahmbo is cooperating with Zoltar on his latest plans. Zoltar wants to use Dahmbo's giant Grasshopper machine to steal Earth's water reserves. Meanwhile, G-Force tries to persuade a hesitant Professor Keaton to permit them to use his new weather control missile invention against the Grasshopper.


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