Center Neptune

Zoltar confers with Dahmbo

Dahmbo's robot chases the Phoenix

Tiny struggling to evade the attack



The Ghostly Grasshopper

Written by: Jack Paritz
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 30
Airing Number: 22
Script Completion Date: 8/19/78
Episode Completion Date: 9/21/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..Dahmbo is fighting for Spectra to win his people's freedom, Zoltar wants Earth's water resources.

..To stop the Grasshopper machine with a new, untested weapon.

A typhoon-like storm destroys the world's largest water storage center near Cosmic City. This is the work of a new and deadly enemy, Dahmbo, and his powerful Grasshopper Robot. Dahmbo has been promised he and his robot people will be given their independence from Spectra if he can make the Earth surrender. Mark discovers that during the storm, the Federation's Weather Control Missiles were unable to launch and were rendered useless by some kind of electronic interference.

The Phoenix soon spots a ghostly apparition which turns out to be the Spectra robot. Its commander attacks the Phoenix with its fiery form and high-speed winds. The Phoenix is knocked upside-down and its stress factors are pushed nearly to tolerance. Mark fires a couple rockets at it, but the Spectra machine slices them apart in mid-air. The Phoenix begins to crack apart and crashes into the ocean. The damage to their ship is so great that G-Force must return to Center Neptune for repairs.

Back at headquarters Chief Anderson says their only hope is to use some new Weather Control Missiles developed by Professor Kenton, which can counter the high winds from Spectra's machine.

Meanwhile, Dahmbo continues his attacks. G-Force arrives and engages in another battle with the Grasshopper. The Phoenix gets trapped again when the massive machine grabs it in its sharp talons, but now the new Weather Control Missiles have been launched. Dahmbo thinks they wouldn't dare fire on him when he has the Phoenix trapped, but he doesn't know the true purpose of the missiles.

On the Phoenix, Mark notices the missiles are doing their job and that a typhoon is forming. The sudden storm throws the Grasshopper machine into chaos. Dahmbo tries to fly away from the storm, but it is too powerful. The Grasshopper begins to lose its grip and a combination of the storm, lighting motion and Tiny putting the Phoenix's boosters into full power allow G-Force to break free. The Grasshopper makes one last try to get out of the storm before it blows up from the pressure. 7-Zark-7 reports all of the Spectra soldiers from the Grasshopper have been captured and that Earth is safe again.



Name: Grasshopper
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Grasshopper (Praying Mantis)
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: High wind generation and sharp claws
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

Spectra's ghostly apparition had a variety of offensive methods. Foremost, it generated an incredibly powerful wind vortex that caused firestorms, it had razor sharp claws and it emitted a type of electronic interference to disrupt defensive tactics that could have been launched against it. It could appear as an amorphous blob of ghostly energy that could outrace, outmaneuver and overpower the Phoenix.The machine was finally destroyed after it lost control and exploded after getting caught in the effects of new weather control missiles.

Spectra sometimes forces other aliens into doing their dirty work for them

1-Rover-1's tail is made from a lightning rod

7-Zark-7 somehow knows Dahmbo's name



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