Mark and Princess go on a mission

The duo stowing away to Spectra

Being pursued on Spectra

Jason comes to the rescue!

Jason, Mark and Princess



The Conway Tape Tap

Written by: Peter Germano
Alternate Title: Conway Tape Tap
Production Number: 101
Airing Number: 72
Script Completion Date: 12/13/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: C
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To obtain the Conway tapes to conquer Earth and the Galaxy..

..To sabotage a Spectra spacecraft, then stop them from getting the Conway Tapes.

Stay tuned! Coming up next on Battle of the Planets!
A terrifying serpent from planet Spectra threatens to wipe out G-Force!
"Right on time, Jason! Let's go get that creature!" (Mark)
"Ha! Take care of yourselves!" (Jason)
"Hey! Wait!" (Mark)
Can Jason take on the huge mechanical serpent from Spectra all by himself? Will Jason's G-Force teammates be able to come to his aid before it's too late?
Be sure to watch this exciting episode, coming up next!

Mark and G-Force are joined in the middle of a mission where they area able to destroy A Spectra monster robot threatening to attack with a new Cosmic Beam. Mark sabotages the robot from inside, escaping while it crashes into a snowy mountainside. After retrieving Mark, G-Force make their way home.

Back at Center Neptune, 7-Zark-7 is fretting about Jasonís attitude as of late, he is afraid the stress is getting to him. Suddenly, he receives a message that the Conway Terminal is jammed. The Conway Tapes are the storehouse for all of the Federationís defense codes and it would be disastrous if Spectra gets their hands on them. 7-Zark-7 knows they can only be jammed if something has infiltrated the computer complex. He thinks it must be Zoltar, so he calls G-Force in to beef up security around the Conway Complex.

G-Force meets with Chief Anderson and he explains that there must be a leak at the Conway Complex, and two Security agents have already disappeared trying to figure it out. To keep a low profile, Mark and Princess are dispatched to the Conway Complex alone. Jason loses his temper at being left out, until Chief Anderson explains Dr. Fogerty at the complex specifically asked for those two only. Jason give Mark his gun and remains behind, in charge of G-Force in case Princess and Mark run into trouble.

Mark and Princess make their way through the Complex scanning for Spectra spies and they finally locate them on the top floor. They discover a helicopter transmitting a Spectra code, so they make their way onboard to investigate further. The Spectra agents, Lokar and Barlek report to Zoltar they have successfully stolen the Conway Tapes and Zoltar orders them back to Spectra immediately. They blast off in a rocket hidden in the helicopter with Mark and Princess still hiding inside.

G-Force want to go after the ship, but Chief Anderson stops them, thinking it would be a suicide mission. While awaiting a decision from the Space Alliance about what to do, Keyop and tiny notice Jason has disappeared. On Spectra, Lokar and Barlek give Zoltar the Conway Tapes, but quickly find theyíre useless without a special decoder. Meanwhile, Mark uses Jasonís gun to cut escape the room their hiding in

Disguised as Spectra soldiers, Mark and Princess demand Zoltar return the Conway Tapes. Zoltar drops the tapes as a diversion and Princess is able to snag them with her yo-yo. Zoltar escapes the base onboard his Devil Star ship, while Mark and Princess shed their disguises and hitch a ride on the bottom of Zoltarís ship to a swamp on the surface of planet Spectra. Zoltar orders his men to take the swamp and capture Mark and Princess. Mark notices a strange man overlooking the proceedings, who reveals himself to be Jason. Jason leaps into his car to help his companions by overturning a number of one-man Spectra swamp vehicles.

Frustrated, Zoltar orders his men to form the cars into a giant mechanical serpent, but Jason drives down the body of the beast in his car and uses its machine gun to blast out one of the serpentís eyes, which have been firing beams. Between Jason's attack and the serpent hitting its own body with a ray beam, the Spectra monster explodes. The other eye fires a beam into the serpentís own body and it destroys itself.

Princess and Mark approach Jason, complimenting him on his actions but wondering where the others are. Jason informs them he came alone, but he didn't think Mark would mind his cutting through the red tape. Mark returns Jason's gun and Jason opens a compartment in the handle to reveal the Conway Tapes decoder Zoltar was looking for.

Zoltar, having overseen the events, curses G-Force's success. He reminds them that there will be other battles and he won't stop until he has G-Force working on one of his slave planets. As the trio head home, 7-Zark-7 is amazed that they managed to defeat Zoltar on his home ground and are returning the Conway Tapes safely to the Federation.



Name: Mechanical Serpent
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Snake
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Spectra

Weapons: Neutrino beams,
Flight Capable: No
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

Made up of fourteen combined vehicles, the Mechanical Serpent monster was brought out to catch Mark and Princess on Spectra. Its head and tail section was a Spectra Spy Ship. Although the individual parts of the Mechanical Serpent could fly, it did not fly when assembled. It was able to travel on the surface of water and it could raise its body vertically. It used its tail as a thrashing weapon and it could fire Neutrino beams from its eyes. It was destroyed after Jason shot it in the head with the machine gun in his Spacemobile, as it simultaneously hit itself with a stray Neutrino Beam shot.

Jason is tired of being the number two man, and is eager to show what he can do on G-Force

Jason's gun has a secret compartment in its handle

Note: This episode is known as the most heavily edited in the series. The total running time for this episode is 23:45. 3:52 of that are the preview, and opening and closing credits. Of the remaining 19:53, 7:09 is made up of four 7-Zark-7 scenes, two space sequences and the ending of episode 62. Only 12:44 from this episode are from the original Gatchaman episode 101.



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