Gartz tries to infiltrate the Federation

G-Force trapped in a cave of ice

Missiles strike Spectra's machine

Zoltar escapes



Raid of the Red Scorpion

Written by: William Bloom
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 54
Airing Number: 30
Script Completion Date: 9/2/78
Episode Completion Date: 10/5/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To destroy Earth's entire energy production capabilities.
..To find Spectra's secret base on Earth and stop their new scorpion machine.


A Spectra Scorpion ship commanded by Gartz attacks and destroys some of Earth’s vital energy design laboratories and manufacturing factories. Chief Anderson is suspicious that Spectra is trying to destroy their entire energy complex. When he mentions Gartz is commanding the Scorpion monster, Mark goes cold and walks out of the room. Chief Anderson tells the rest of the team that it was Gartz who murdered Mark's father.

Later at the Intergalactic Federation Building, representatives from every corner of the galaxy have begun to arrive for an emergency meeting. Mark is sitting by himself near a reflecting pool as he hears someone call for help. He sees a man laying in the pool, pulls him out and notices a flag pin on his lapel. He realizes Spectra attacked this man and intends on replacing him with an impostor in the meeting

Mark bursts into the meeting, notices a man sitting behind the wounded delegate's flag insignia and hurls his Sonic Boomerang at the impostor. The impostor throws his cigar at Mark and avoids the boomerang by jumping up to a chandelier on the ceiling. The impostor identifies himself as Gartz, just as his cigar explodes at Mark's feet. The distraction buys Gartz enough time to jump through a window to escape.

Gartz runs past the other members of G-Force, lands in a car and takes off. Right behind him is Mark, who jumps into another car and gives chase. They wind through city streets out into the hills of the countryside. Finally, Mark gets ahead of Gartz, pulls his car to a stop perpendicular to the roadway and jumps out. Without time to stop, Gartz leaps from his car, just as it smashes into Mark's and sends both vehicles over the side of a cliff. Gartz lands hard and is knocked out, while Mark stands over him with clenched fists.

Later at Center Neptune, Mark interrogates Gartz through the use of multicolored strobing lights and sound with what amounts to torture. The rest of the team ask him to tone it down a bit, and Jason says questioning has to be done the right way, not necessarily through violence. In the end, Gartz agrees to lead G-Force to the secret Spectra base in the Arctic where the Scorpion ship is housed. Anderson wonders if Mark's methods to get the information are too rough. Mark is unapologetic though, asking if Anderson has ever wanted to "take the gloves off."

Gartz shows G-Force to the secret Spectra base, but it proves to be a trap. Zoltar and a whole platoon of soldiers are waiting and they trap the team in an ice dungeon. Heat lamps are turned on and the ice walls begin to melt and let in water. As Gartz and Zoltar lift off in the Scorpion ship to destroy Earth's energy complex, G-Force is left to die. No matter what the team does with explosives or force, it only lets more water in to hasten their demise. Mark tells the team he feels like he's let them down and asks if they're willing to follow his orders again. With a unanimous yes, Mark has them form the Whirlwind Pyramid, which allows them to travel up the deep shaft to escape.

Meanwhile, the Scorpion is wreaking havoc on various buildings, but in the middle of its triumph, Zoltar is knocked to the floor by the impact of missiles from the Phoenix. After a brief battle, the Scorpion ship is critically wounded by another missile volley and Zoltar makes his escape. As the Scorpion ship explodes, a large piece of its debris slams into the Phoenix, rips off its starboard float and causes the ship to crash land into a body of water. G-Force has won, but at a cost. 7-Zark-7 realizes the team is only as strong as the ship they fly, so he vows to devise a much stronger Phoenix for their next mission.



Name: Scorpion
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Scorpion (Horseshoe Crab)
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Brute strength, rays and missile legs
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

The Scorpion was sent to Earth to destroy energy complexes. It was impervious to rocket attacks from Federation ground forces. It was housed in a secret Spectra base under the Arctic ice. The Scorpion could operate underwater or in the air. It used its long tail as a whip to destroy structures, it could fire beams from its front section, and each of its legs could be launched at targets like missiles. Its upper hull, which could be rotated and used as a shield, was impervious to missile attacks from the Phoenix. However, it was vulnerable to attack on its lower section, which is where G-Force attacked to defeat it. The Scorpion had an escape craft.

We see President Kane for the first time

Gartz is said to be responsible for killing Mark's father

Mark is willing to torture prisoners for information



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