Dr. Glok's frightening invention

The ray hits Jason

G-Force, ready for their mission

G-Force try to avoid the ray



The Awesome Ray Force

Written by: Jack Paritz
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 76
Airing Number: 73
Script Completion Date: 12/19/78
Episode Completion Date: 1/2/79
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: C
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To use a new ray gun on G-Force that can force them out of Transmute..

..To find a way to destroy Spectra's ray gun before it can reveal their identities.

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An evil scientist who works for the hostile aliens from planet Spectra, invents a powerful new weapon to use against G-Force! Will this new Spectra weapon spell disaster for G-Force?
"All right team, switch to evasive tactics!" (Mark)
Can the Cerebonic super-powers of the G-Force team help them to overcome the powerful proton energy beam?
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The Spirit has put Spectra's Dr. Glok to work to adapt their Anatomic Replicator device. Previously when they had recreated the image of Princess from her captured shoe, they almost caught her. But now the Spirit wants to be able to reverse the transmutation effect. When Dr. Glok's work proves to be a wild success in the laboratory, the Spirit orders it to be tried out on a real G-Force member!

Jason disobeys Chief Andersonís call to abandon the race heís in to return to base. He wins the race and transmutes to catch up with the rest of G-Force to report, but when he does, his transmute signal is picked up by Zoltar. Spectrans quickly move in, corner Jason and fire their new ray at him. While he jumps from his car, it is hit and de-transmutes into its civilian mode.

They then train their ray on Jason and hit him in the foot, he falls from the air and de-transmutes. Fortunately, he has fallen away from the Spectra soldiers and they have to return to base to make adjustments to their ray. When Jason finally reports in to Center Neptune, G-Force has already been dispatched on their mission. Although Chief Anderson doesnít want to believe Jasonís excuse at first, he is stunned when Jason describes the ray.

G-Force arrives for their mission at the subterranean city of Lulo. Zoltar earlier attacked the city and G-Force is searching for survivors. Jason speeds to their side, worried the team is walking into a trap. Meanwhile, Mark finds a sole survivor who laughs and reveals herself to be Zoltar in disguise! With a word, Mark is surrounded and they fire the anti-transmute ray at him. Mark is hit in mid-air, but Zoltar loses him when he falls.

Mark awakens some time later in a bed, Cronus standing above him. He was able to pull Mark to safety but Princess, Tiny and Keyop got captured by Zoltar. Mark contacts Chief Anderson who tells him the energy field of the ray gun can be reversed. Mark, Cronus and his men set out to stop Zoltar.

Just as Zoltar is about to fire the weapon on the helpless G-Force members, Jason arrives and breaks them free. They duck out of sight as Mark descends on Zoltar's position disguised as Colonel Cronus. G-Force then lines up in front of Zoltar, and he tries to hit the team with the ray. But they start flipping around too quickly to follow. With his repeated use of the ray, it starts to overheat, eventually blowing up just as Chief Anderson predicted. Zoltar manages to escape, but Cronus and his men follow him out of the city.

Jason feels like Anderson has already judged him guilty for not reporting in, and it wouldn't do any good to offer an excuse



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