This section deals with the creation of Battle of the Planets, beginning with its Japanese roots as Gatchaman and ending with its eventual broadcast around the world. Additional separate sections give more details about the different stages of Battle of the Planets' production.

- What Was Gatchaman? presents a history of the creation and airing of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman in Japan.

- Coming to America discusses the bumpy road Gatchaman took to receive its first English language translation.

- Writing covers the nonstandard way Battle of the Planets' scripts were created.

- Recording deals with the voice actor recording sessions for Battle of the Planets.

- Animation presents information about the sequences that were produced exclusively for the English translation. The footage discussed in this section did not exist in the original Japanese version.

- Music covers original material composed by Hoyt Curtin for Battle of the Planets and how it was included in the final product.

- Where Was It Shown? details where Battle of the Planets was aired in North America.

- Foreign Versions gives basic information on the many foreign airing locations and translations of Battle of the Planets as compared to the American version.

-The Return (coming soon) features information about the resurgence of Battle of the Planets in the public eye from 1999 - 2007.




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