Dr. Gorky, pioneer for Future World

Mark and Gorky on the plane

Waking up to a nightmare

A future Keyop friendly with Spectra?



G-Force in the Future

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 100
Airing Number: 51
Script Completion Date: 11/1/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To discover the content of the Gorky energy formula..

..Mark must determine if the future in which he awakens is true.

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A scientist who has discovered a secret energy formula is escorted by the commander of G-Force on what turns out to be a dangerous and mind-bending adventure into the future!
Are Mark and the scientist lost beneath the ice, or have they fallen into a time warp that has thrown them ahead through time into a strange and foreboding future world?
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Mark accompanies Dr. Gorky on a flight to survey a site in the Arctic where Gorky’s groundbreaking Future World may be built. Gorky is suspicious that Mark is there to check up on him, but Mark reassures him his role is only to see him safely to the site.

On the way up, their airplane loses control and Mark notices a holding pin has come out of the throttle. He replaces it with a paper clip and the pilots are able to make a safe landing. When they exit the plane an earthquake occurs and the people and plane are swallowed in a chasm that closes over top of them.

Mark awakens later in a room with Dr. Gorky. Dr. Gorky immediately recognizes the city as his Future World. Mark speculates that they must have gone through time warp. As they explore the city, an unhappy mob of citizens approach. Just as the mob is about to reach them, a glass door slides down and cuts them off. Koda, a representative of Future World introduces himself. He then explains the mob are survivors of the Great Spectra Invasion 50 years before.

Koda explains Spectra destroyed all of Earth's great cities. Center Neptune is gone and all but one of Mark's former companions has died. As they tour old city ruins, Mark sees a headstone as proof. After returning from their tour, Koda shows Mark a feeble Chief Anderson on a video monitor, then tells him they are living in a world under the control of Spectra. Koda then introduces Mark to a fully-grown Keyop. Mark is surprised that Keyop no longer stammers and Keyop explains he outgrew it. Keyop was released from his captors when he swore allegiance to Spectra. Keyop makes a toast to the new world and Spectra rule. Mark rejects this and Mark and Keyop accuse one another of being traitors and deserters.

Dr. Gorky tries to calm the situation and asks Koda what he can do and Koda says he can start by giving him his secret energy formula. Dr. Gorky tells Koda that it is stored within the plane.

They go to the plane wreckage and Mark finds the paper clip, not rusted, still jammed in the throttle. Mark now knows everything is a ruse to get hold of Dr. Gorky's formula. Zoltar suddenly reveals himself and the citizens of the city to be Spectra soldiers. Just then, the rest of G-Force enter the scene responding to a distress call from Mark. G-Force take out the Spectra soldiers forcing them to retreat. Zoltar gets to an escape plane, then flies through a giant projection screen.

Mark notices a ticking clock and gets everyone safely on board the Phoenix. On the surface, the team watch the base go up in flames. Dr. Gorky reveals the formula was hidden in his head on three strips of hair-sized microfilm. He puts the formula on a burrowing machine that automatically cuts its way deep into the Earth. He feels mankind is not quite ready for his formula.

Spectra apparently know Keyop's name and what he looks like, otherwise they couldn't have had a fake older version of him in Future World



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