Spectra sucks up a sugarcane crop

No sugar means no sweets

G-Force escapes in the Fiery Phoenix

The Beast's commander

Beast With a Sweet Tooth

Written by: Peter Germano
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 12
Airing Number: 32
Script Completion Date: 9/6/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To steal Earth's entire supplies of sugar..

..To follow Spectra's new monster and locate their hidden base on Earth.

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G-Force combats the Beast with a Sweet Tooth! Sent from outer space by the
villainous planet Spectra to capture all the sugar on Earth! Will G-Force
find a way to halt the evil-doings of the beast from the alien world of Spectra?
"Now, fly!" (Mark)
Will the Cerebonic super-powers of G-Force save them from the jaws of the mechanical creature?
Be sure to watch this exciting episode, coming up next!

Sugar reserves are being depleted around the world by a giant cockroach-shaped monster. G-Force hope to find the monster and follow it to a secret Spectra base on Earth. But when they do locate it, a powerful vacuum weapon on the monster begins to pull the Phoenix from the sky. As the ship gets closer, Mark, Jason and Tiny make a daring leap from the Phoenix to the inside of the beast's mouth. Princess and Keyop are able to pilot the Phoenix out of danger.

Inside the beast, the trio discover a whole sugar refinery and processing center. They mistakenly fall into a giant vat inside the monster and just as they are about to be caught under a crusher, Jason finds an escape hatch. As they continue to explore, Zoltar is watching their every move.

Princess and Keyop follow the beast to its base and tuck the Phoenix under one of its wings so they can sneak inside. Jason, Elsewhere, when Mark and Tiny get trapped in a huge glass cylinder which is attached to a centrifuge, the commander of the ship starts it spinning.

Keyop and Princess get inside the monster and disrupt the power supply, which frees Mark, Jason and Tiny just in time. As they make their way out of the beast, Mark, Jason and Tiny find themselves suddenly surrounded by a platoon of Spectra soldiers. However, they use the Whirlwind Pyramid to disorient the Spectrans and get away. Jason and Keyop get back to the Phoenix, while Tiny tries to destroy the beast from within. Mark and Princess meet up with him and Princess makes a few deft manipulations of some of the internal electronics of the beast's power center wiring and they escape back to the Phoenix.

Jason and Keyop pilot the Phoenix out of the base as Princess’ rewiring causes the Spectra robot to explode. Unfortunately the explosion causes an inward rushing avalanche of snow and ice. G-Force transforms into the Fiery Phoenix and they make it out of the ruined base unharmed. Their mission is a success and farmers around the Earth are able to replenish their sugar crops using a new "Fast-gro" fertilizer.



Name: Beast
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Cockroach
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Vacuum
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

This Spectra machine had a powerful vacuum which it used to collect sugarcane crops. Inside the mouth of the machine was a toothed roller used to crush up the sugarcane it collected. Beyond that was a full sugar processing factory including storage vats, boiling tanks and more. The Beast could fly via rockets on its underside and rear section, and with wings that spread from its back. When it neared the Phoenix, it caused magnetic interference on the ship's gauges. The Beast was destroyed after Princess rewired some of its internal electronics, causing it to blow up within its base.

The Dominican Republic still exists as a country

Princess is able to pilot the Phoenix



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