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Rash actions cost G-Force dearly

Anderson chastises G-Force's actions

Mark throws his boomerang



Raid on Riga

Written by: Peter Germano
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 44
Airing Number: 33
Script Completion Date: 8/30/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To lure G-Force to Riga, in order to test a new weapon..

..To stop Spectra's attack on Riga at any cost.

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Watch G-Force fly through time warp and far out beyond the Milky Way to
combat an awesome new warship from the evil planet of Spectra!
Will G-Force be able to outmaneuver the heavily armed Spectra warship? Or has Zoltar, that most cunning and dangerous of cosmic villains, lured G-Force into a fatal trap?
Join G-Force for this thrilling adventure in outer space!

Spectra decides to test their newest weapon by attacking Planet Riga, a member of the Alliance of Peaceful Planets, and sister planet to Earth. Their reason for hitting Riga is simple; Its Defense Commander, Colonel Cronus, is good friends with Mark and Spectra hopes to lure G-Force to the planet for a confrontation.

Chief Anderson and G-Force watch the destruction in shock. But for G-Force to get involved, it will take a formal request of help from Riga and that hasn't arrived yet. Mark and the others are frustrated, knowing Riga has helped them out of tight spots a number of times. After Mark begs to go a second time and is turned down, he takes matters into his own hands. He calls for G-Force to launch and help Riga, orders or no orders. They disobey Anderson and Security to head off to help.

When they arrive on Riga, G-Force is immediately confronted by Spectra's new weapon. They're surrounded by bands of photon energy which damage the Phoenix heavily and knock G-Force out. The Phoenix crashes in a nearby body of water and with its hull breached, water begins pouring in. The Spectra machine closes in and fires a volley of missiles at the helpless team, but at the last second the missiles are intercepted and destroyed by Colonel Cronus' fighter jet squad. The Spectra commander turns away thinking G-Force is finished anyhow.

Back on Earth, Anderson chastises Mark and the team for their actions. The Security Board has grounded them pending a review of the case. If it hadn't been for Cronus and his men rescuing the team and the Phoenix, they would have been dead. Fortunately, the Security Board's decision is to allow G-Force another go at taking the Spectra monster out. But this time they have a little more information.

G-Force returns to Riga to lure out the Spectra monster and soon they’re facing off against it again. Mark tells the team that like skipping rocks, if they hit the shield on an angle, they'll just bounce off it. But if they hit it straight on they'll be able to get through.

Mark gets a fusion cylinder from Princess' yo-yo weapon which he puts into his own Sonic Boomerang. They approach the shield directly and after some stressful moments they are indeed able to get through. Mark goes to the top of the Phoenix and throws his boomerang into the hull of the Spectra monster, then the team get as far away as they can. The timer in Mark's boomerang counts down and detonates, taking the Spectra machine with it. Sheytan, the ship's commander has lived and Zoltar tells him he's wanted back at Spectra immediately so the Great Spirit can speak to him personally.

Cronus thanks his friends for their help, saying he knew he could count on them. He wishes them a speedy trip back to Earth, saying they will meet again soon.



Name: Flying Bat
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Bat
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Riga

Weapons: Photon Negative Sonar Beam, missiles
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

It had a Photon Negative Sonar Beam, a deadly form of visible sonic vibration, that seemed to disintegrate everything it touched. Additionally it could use the technology as a high energy Photon shield. The bat used its large talons to grab and destroy buildings. It could also fire missiles from its mouth. Finally, it carried a small squadron of fighter planes. The machine was defeated when Mark found a way through the energy shield. He then blew up the ship with a well-placed, explosive-laden Sonic Boomerang.

The Spirit indicates he is not from Spectra by telling Zoltar, "Without me, you and your miserable planet would have died long ago!"

G-Force cannot aid Riga in times of danger without a formal request for help



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