The Spirit sends Zoltar on a mission

President Kane arrives

President Kane ejects safely

Mark snags the crucial case



Capture of the Galaxy Code

Written by: William Bloom
Alternate Title: The Capture of the Galaxy Code
Production Number: 47
Airing Number: 35
Script Completion Date: 7/7/78
Episode Completion Date: 10/24/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview*
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..The Spirit wants Zoltar to personally capture the Galaxy Code..

..To fly escort for President Kane and ensure his briefcase is delivered safely.

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G-Force soars through space to try and rescue the President of the Intergalactic Federation who has been highjacked by Spectra! Will G-Force find a way to save President Kane and recapture the top secret defense code of the galaxy,
or is G-Force about to be captured themselves?
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The President of the Intergalactic Federation is going to personally transport a critical device and the Spirit wants it. He will be carrying the central component of the Dynastral Computer. This will back up the Conway Tapes, which are critical to the Federation's security. Since President Kane doesn't want to attract too much attention to the delivery, he is going to use an ordinary-looking jet as transport. The case the President will be carrying will be locked into the armrest of his seat. G-Force is to meet with the jet at a predetermined point in midair and escort it to its destination.

Kane's airplane is waiting at Magnaport, the Federation's newest base. But the stewardess for the plane is kidnapped by Spectrans before she can get there. Zoltar uses his powers to change his physical appearance to take her place. With a special spider-shaped pin on his collar, he boards the plane and no one suspects a thing. President Kane and his bodyguards arrive and he takes his seat.

Part way into the flight, Zoltar removes the spider pin from his collar and turns it on. Controlling it via a disguised makeup compact he sends the spider robot to the cockpit of the jet. Once inside it bites the pilot and copilot, knocking them both unconscious. The Spider then jumps up on the plane's control panel where it takes over the plane's flight controls.

Meanwhile, G-Force is waiting at the predetermined meeting point but there is no sign or signal from the President's plane. 7-Zark-7 gets an emergency alert from Magnaport authorities saying they found President Kane's stewardess, and the one on the jet is an impostor. G-Force note that the plane is over fifteen minutes late to check in, so they begin searching for it.

On the jet, President Kane notices that they're over unfamiliar territory. He tells the stewardess they're off course, but she says "Spectra is always on course!" Now that he knows the truth, Kane taps out an emergency signal with a hidden button on his chair. This signal is received by Chief Anderson and by Mark's wrist communicator. It gives them enough information to locate the President's jet. Once they catch up to it, they fly in close which proves to be a mistake. The signal from the bug controlling the President's jet is also strong enough to take over the Phoenix. G-Force gets drawn into a secret Spectra base, right alongside the President's jet.

Inside the base, Jason, Princess and Keyop take off in their own vehicles, while Mark runs into the President's jet. But before he can get on board, President Kane uses his ejector button which fires his chair through a hatch in the top of his jet. The President accidentally falls from the chair but Keyop is there to rescue him with a net deployed from his Star Buggy. The President's chair with the attaché case falls to the ground.

A Spectra soldier grabs the case in an airfield refueling vehicle, but Mark throws his boomerang and slices a hole in the vehicle's fuel tank leaving a deadly flammable trail. G-Force continue the battle and an explosion triggers off the fuel trail, which reaches the refueling vehicle and destroys it. The attaché case is thrown clear and Mark retrieves it and gets back to the Phoenix along with Jason, Princess and Keyop. G-Force takes off from the now-damaged base, having saved the President and the crucial device he was carrying.

G-Force has a Ready Room, which we see for the first time

Zoltar has special powers that allow him to disguise himself

7-Zark-7 was manufactured under the star sign Virgo

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