Vargo goes to Spectra

The deadly Cryno-Gun

Jason is frozen by the Cryno-Gun

Mark knocks the gun over with his jet



Fastest Gun in the Galaxy

Written by: Harry Winkler
Alternate Title: Shoot-Out in Space!
Production Number: 57
Airing Number: 8
Script Completion Date: 6/29/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To use Vargo, one of Earth's most notorious gunslingers to man the Cryno-Gun.
..To rescue Vargo from Spectra and destroy Zoltar's new weapon. .


Vargo, an old gunfighter, is released from San Martin prison after serving a thirty year sentence. Two Spectra agents are waiting for Vargo and take him to Spectra. Shortly afterwards, the Skylab II satellite is shot at and nearly hit by a man-made meteorite. Chief Anderson and G-Force think that it could be a Spectra ruse to lure them up to see what's going on. They all agree that they'll have to look, but are wary of a Spectra trap.

On Spectra, Zoltar enlists Vargo's help to operate a new weapon. It is the Cryno-Gun, and it can be used to freeze targets instantly. Zoltar says that he wants G-Force to be eliminated with the weapon and he wants Vargo to do the gunning. Anxious at a chance to use his gunfighting skills again, Vargo agrees.

When G-Force arrives on Spectra, they are taunted by Zoltar and shown his new weapon. Mark is frustrated and doesn't want to find out what it does, but Jason exits the Phoenix in his Spacemobile to take on Vargo by himself. Jason is quickly frozen by the old gunfighter, which shocks the rest of G-Force. Mark decides to split the team up into their own vehicles to see what they can do as TIny is ordered to stay behind in the Phoenix.

In short order Keyop is frozen, followed by Tiny. Vargo misses a shot at Princess, and Mark swoops in with his jet, causing the Cryno-Gun to tumble and explode. Vargo survives and admits to G-Force that he has learned his lesson. Jason, Tiny and Keyop thaw out after the gun's destruction and the team returns to Earth with Vargo.



Name: Cryno-Gun
Type: Vehicle Weapon
Body Shape: N/A
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Spectra

Weapons: Freezing beam
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

A small, two-man mobile weapon that fired freezing rays. The freezing ray was powered by cartridges that contained a mixture of cryonic crystals and liquid nitrogen. A direct hit from it would freeze a victim in their tracks. The Cryno-Gun could travel on land, on the surface of water and fly. Spikes on its front end could rotate to act like a drill, which allowed it to burrow into and travel through solid ice. It could also withstand the incredible heat coming from the Phoenix's underside jets. It was destroyed after Mark hit it with his Sonic Jet, tipped it over and caused its gun muzzle to explode.

Zoltar carries a pistol

Zoltar is aware of G-Forces Cerebonic implants and what they do

Zoltar pilots a small, spinning aircraft that looks somewhat like a top

Planet Spectra has a region that resembles the Arctic or Antarctic on Earth



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