The Phoenix with its protective coating

Spectra's terrifying creature

The Phoenix cuts through the creature

G-Force heads home after their success


The Thing With 1000 Eyes

Written by: Peter Germano
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 15
Airing Number: 7
Script Completion Date: 6/27/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To maintain Riga as an outpost for Spectra's raw materials..

..To find and rescue the captured Recon Unit.

Riga, a member planet of the Intergalactic Federation, is being rehabilitated but lately the work has been interrupted. 7-Zark-7 detects an alien presence there and alerts Chief Anderson, who in turn sends a recon unit to investigate. When they arrive on Riga, they discover no sign of any people, nor any sign of a Federation workforce that was sent a week earlier. Suddenly the recon team itself is captured and communication is cut off with Chief Anderson.

Zoltar, who has been listening in on the recon team's transmissions, reports to the Spirit that their creature of a thousand eyes is ready. The Spirit is pleased and reminds Zoltar that Riga has always been their main supply outpost for raw materials, and he wants to keep it that way.

Back on Earth, Chief Anderson has decided to send G-Force to investigate the occurrences on Riga. Before they can travel to the planet however, the Phoenix is given a special gold colored antimatter coating to protect it against the deadly gasses they may encounter there. Using its newly-fitted warp power the Phoenix is able to make the journey of millions of miles in about an hour.

When they arrive on Riga, all they see is desolation on a once-great planet. The capital city is apparently deserted and ruined. They arrive at the area where the Federation survey team disappeared and notice gun barrels pointing at them from buildings and various locations. Launching the Phoenix, they're able to escape the city with minimal damage, but they saw Spectra soldiers manning some of the guns. Now they know who is to blame for the problems.

The Spirit chides Zoltar because his men revealed themselves too quickly. But some important underwater breeding tanks on Riga were unharmed and he feels that now is the time to use them. He orders their new form of life unleashed so that all of Riga will fall into their grasp - and then all of Earth. The creature with 1,000 eyes launches!

Riga's air defenses are useless against the creature and it proceeds to cause destruction all over the planet. On Earth, 7-Zark-7 is able to pass along to G-Force that the creature came from the Sea of Riga, and that's no doubt where its base is located. G-Force heads underwater and they find the creature starting to divide into multiple versions of itself. G-Force fires a missile, then quickly head for the surface. Unfortunately, the missile doesn't work and the creatures attach themselves to the Phoenix's hull. As they do, Mark notices that they are eating through the new protective shielding.

Increasing their speed knocks the creatures off the hull, but they follow the Phoenix into the air and join into a massive blob that continues to chase G-Force across the sky. The creature unleashes corrosive gas towards the Phoenix, just as 7-Zark-7 re-contacts the team.

He reports that the creature was synthesized out of pollution and that it cannot be destroyed underwater. It is only vulnerable in the air, but that's also where it is the most powerful! 7-Zark-7 reports it can be destroyed by injecting a large amount of oxygen into its system, then using the tremendous power of the Fiery Phoenix to ignite it. 7-Zark-7 informs G-Force that the Rigans are preparing a high-pressure oxygen bomb which they will drop into the creature. Then G-Force must fly the Fiery Phoenix through the creature just as the bomb hits it.

The risky maneuver pays off and the combination of the Rigan bomb and G-Force's attack destroys the creature permanently. Chief Anderson has been monitoring G-Force's progress back on Earth and he organizes a full day of celebration upon the team's return. 7-Zark-7 is thrilled that he'll finally be able to meet G-Force in person!



Name: The Creature of a Thousand Eyes
Type: Biological Weapon
Body Shape: Amorphous
Origin: The Sea of Riga on Planet Riga
Sighting: Planet Riga

Weapons: Destructive beams, corrosives, gas
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

A new form of life synthesized in underwater breeding/incubation tanks by Spectra using pollution in the Sea of Riga. The giant mass drew power from Riga's Sun allowing it to fly, fire destructive beams from the crystalline eyes on its surface, corrode metal surfaces on contact and finally, emit a corrosive gas. The Creature was able to split into smaller pieces to attack from many angles. It was impervious to the Phoenix's TBX Missiles and was finally destroyed by dropping an oxygen oxygen bomb into its mass, then flying the Fiery Phoenix into it to trigger a detonation.

At this point, 7-Zark-7 has never met any of G-Force in person. It is indicated at the end of the episode that he is to head up a parade to celebrate the destruction of the creature and that he'll meet the team there, but this is not shown in the episode

7-Zark-7 is still anticipating his new overhaul

The Phoenix carries TBX Missiles with explosive warheads (Note: at one point Jason refers to a "TBS Missile blast," This one instance was written in error as "TBS" in the script. Ronnie Schell read the line as written. The rest of the script refers to the missiles properly as "TBX.")



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