Spectra's Giant Gautama

G-Force lands on planet Zyr

Gautama fires the Jet Cutter

Gautama's commander

G-Force attacks from many angles



Giant From Planet Zyr

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 58
Airing Number: 6
Script Completion Date: 6/24/78
Episode Completion Date: 9/8/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To use the stolen Jet Cutter weapon against Earth's own energy plants..

..To find a way to stop the Giant Spectra has unleashed on Earth.

Galaxy Security develops a special Jet Cutter beam in response to a new indestructible Spectran metal. When Spectra discovers the plan they send their latest robot, the four-faced Giant Gautama, to steal it. While Robot planes are sent to stop the Giant, G-Force is called in, but by the time they arrive the battle has already been decided. The Giant Gautama captures the Jet Cutter and returns to its hidden base. Chief Anderson believes the Giant's base is located on Planet Zyr, so he sends G-Force to investigate.

Once on Planet Zyr, the team quickly finds the Spectran base and robot. They divide into two groups; Princess and Keyop in one, Mark and Jason in the other. While Princess and Keyop try to divert the Spectran's attentions on the ground, Mark and Jason look for a way through nearby cliffs to get to the Giant's head. A surprise attack by Buddha statues within the cliff tunnels separates Mark and Jason, and Mark gets knocked unconscious by an electrified gate.

As they leave for Earth in the Giant, Zoltar orders the Zyr base destroyed. Mark awakens on the Phoenix, which is now also on its way home. 7-Zark-7 later contacts the team and directs them to a likely point of attack from the Giant, which by this time has already landed on Earth.

G-Force locates and confronts the Giant, but they quickly realize that their missiles are useless against it. In turn, the Giant succeeds in damaging the Phoenix with the Jet Cutter. Princess receives news that the Jet Cutter weapon can explode if it reaches a temperature of 1,000 degrees. With this knowledge, Mark calls for G-Force to perform "Operation: Fireball."

They transmute into the Fiery Phoenix, and then split up in their individual vehicles while still in Fiery Phoenix mode, giving the Giant multiple targets on which to fire.

The trick works! The Giant Gautama fires at them from all four of its faces at once and G-Force is able to use their individual fiery vehicles to damage the Giant and force it into a nearby body of water. Parts of the Giant explode, and it sinks into the water. The head section floods, preventing the explosion of the Jet Cutter and ending the attack.



Name: Giant Gautama
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Zyr
Sighting: Planet Earth, Planet Zyr

Weapons: Jet Cutter, brute strength
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

Spectra launched their Giant Gautama to Earth from a new base on Planet Zyr. Its first mission was to steal the Federation's new Jet Cutter, which was then installed in the giant for use as a weapon. Each of the four faces on the Giant could fire a Jet Cutter beam. The Giant was again sent to Earth to destroy various energy plants. The Giant Gautama can fly and it is also able to be used underwater. It was destroyed when G-Force attacked it with Operation: Fireball, to cut off its engines, which left gaping holes. The Giant crashed into a body of water and flooded.

7-Zark-7 began working at Center Neptune in Program 2020, Code X-40, Time Phase 90

7-Zark-7 is expecting to go to the Robot Rehabilitation Center for a complete recycle, "any day now"

G-Force's individual vehicles can split up and still maintain their Fiery Phoenix mode



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