Princess, Keyop and mark are captured

The mini-robots attack!

The Spectra base commander

Princess hurls her Yo-yo

Jason finds the gold

Forming for the Whirlwind Pyramid



Big Robot Gold Grab

Written by: William Bloom
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 6
Airing Number: 17
Script Completion Date: 8/16/78
Episode Completion Date: 9/21/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To ruin the Intergalactic Federation's economy by stealing all of its gold..

..To retrieve every one of the Federation's gold bars.

The sinister forces of Spectra send a submarine robot to Earth where it uses its drill claw to cut into an Intergalactic Federation Bank vault. It deploys a series of mini-robots which then proceed steal all of the Galaxy's gold. Without this gold, the entire Universe's economies will collapse and Zoltar will be able to take control. G-Force is called in and Chief Anderson dispatches them to the Paya Archipelago Islands - the last place the submarine robot was seen. It may take a while to search this area though, as Princess remembers that it is comprised of over fifty islands.

As Mark, Princess and Keyop are scouting the last of the islands on foot, they come across some Spectra soldiers who capture them and take them to their commander. It's all part of G-Force's plan though. While the Spectrans are busy with the ones they captured, Tiny and Jason sneak in the base to locate the stolen gold.

The base commander orders some mini-robots to take Mark, Princess and Keyop to holding cells, but on the way the three transmute into their G-Force uniforms and destroy the robots. The commotion brings the commander and some of his soldiers below to see what's going on. As that's happening, Jason is able to find the Spectra vault holding the gold and get it all back to the Phoenix, leaving a fake substance in its place. But just as G-Force are about to escape the base and rejoin Jason and Tiny on the Phoenix, the Spectra commander unleashes a second wave of mini-robots against them.

Mark, Princess and Keyop form a three-person version of the Whirlwind Pyramid and knock out the robots, Spectra soldiers and the base commander. They escape the base and get back to the Phoenix unharmed. On board, they share a good laugh about getting the gold back. But suddenly a Spectra submarine appears. Jason wants to fire at it, but Mark holds him back saying it will give their position away. Jason promises he won't miss, and fires a missile anyway... which misses the sub and hits a rock outcropping.

On board the sub, the commander knows G-Force is still around. He orders the sub to the surface so he can depth-bomb the area. With all the gold on board, the commander has to get away before G-Force can fire at him again. But as they're heading up, some of the containers with the gold come loose and open, revealing the "gold" to be fake. Since the commander's orders were not to lose one ounce of the gold, he knows he's had it. Zoltar comes through on a video monitor on the sub and blames the commander for losing the gold. The commander blames one of the mini-robots and orders him to self-destruct. The mini-robot complies right away and destroys itself and the sub, seemingly before the commander has a chance to bail out.

G-Force has the gold back and the Intergalactic bank is going to be moved inland so it can't be the target of another submarine attack.



Name: Mini Robots
Type: Servo Mechanisms
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Heat rays
Flight Capable: No
Crew: N/A
Status: Destroyed

These specialized mini robots were used by Spectra to pull off a daring robbery of the Federation's gold reserves. They responded to voice commands. They were able to fire energy and heat beams from points on the front, back and sides of their heads. They were also equipped with powerful self-destruct charges, which they activated to destroy themselves upon orders from the Spectra commander.

All the Universe knows about Center Neptune, but only a privileged few know of its location deep in the ocean

The Intergalactic Federation uses gold as a basis for its economy

7-Zark-7 uses his boomerang for the first time



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