A glowing giant attacks

A flute player that mesmerizes Keyop

Mark knocks the flute away from Zoltar

Keyop takes over with disastrous results



The Musical Mummy

Written by: Sid Morse
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 24
Airing Number: 18
Script Completion Date: 8/18/78
Episode Completion Date: 9/27/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer*
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To kidnap all of the Intergalactic Scientists on Earth..

..To protect Earth's scientists and to locate Spectra's base on Earth.

An alien object has entered the Solar System. Its target - the Intergalactic Research Laboratory on Earth. Several of the scientists working there have mysteriously disappeared and G-Force has been called in to protect the remaining members. Mark takes on the assignment of looking after Professor Walter Lambert, inventor of the Electro-Dynamic Force Field.

While Mark is on his way to the Professor's home, a group of Zoltar's black-clad henchmen come and attempt to steal the plans from Lambert. Mark arrives and fights off the Spectra soldiers then gives chase to them, finally losing the them next to a local amusement park. Later that evening Mark finds Keyop at the amusement part watching a flute player on a stage. Keyop seems to be mesmerized by the music but Mark finally gets him to leave so they can both get down to work.

Princess and Keyop head off to follow the Professor's car on Princess' motorcycle and they suddenly hear a strange type of music. As they round a corner, a giant musical mummy is standing in the middle of the road waiting for the Professor's vehicle. The monster tries to grab them and kill them by stomping on them and firing deadly beams at them from its eyes. Fortunately everyone escapes the attack unharmed.

Meanwhile, 7-Zark-7 tries to locate the whereabouts of the giant and all leads seem to point to the amusement park. While there, Princess notices Keyop can't stay away from the flute player he visited earlier. The rest of the team make note that he's odd as well, and they split up to search. Mark decides to investigate the flute player and tails him to a castle located on a hill overlooking the park.

Keyop and Princess find Spectra agents controlling some of the amusement park machinery and decide Mark could be in great danger. Mark has followed the flute player into the castle, who reveals himself to be Zoltar in disguise. Zoltar tells his plan to kidnap all the best brains on Earth and that his next target is Security Chief Anderson. Zoltar plays his flute to summon the Mummy, which has been disguised as a giant Indian at the front gates of the amusement park. He sends it after Chief Anderson. Mark calls in the news to Jason and Tiny, but before he can get away, Zoltar's special henchmen show up to stop him.

Chief Anderson is in his office in the Intergalactic Security building when he notices the lights from the giant approaching his window. Jason and Tiny are outside, traveling to the building in a car. They crash the car into the giant's foot in order to distract it. Meanwhile, Princess and Keyop show up to help Mark take care of Zoltar's men. Once that's done, Mark throws his Sonic Boomerang to knock the flute from Zoltar's hands. As Mark is struggling with Zoltar, Keyop collects the flute and Mark tells him to play something - anything. Zoltar begs him not to, saying he can make Keyop rich. But Keyop ignores him and begins to play the flute - badly. Keyop's horrible playing causes the musical mummy to lose control and self-destruct.

Back at Zoltar's base, the destruction of the mummy also causes Zoltar's control panel to explode. In the confusion, he is able to escape from Mark's grasp and get away. Mark, Princess and Keyop escape the base just before it explodes. The team have stopped Zoltar and saved Chief Anderson.



Name: Hunter
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Destructive beams and brute strength
Flight Capable: No
Crew: No
Status: Destroyed

This strange electrified, remote-controlled giant appeared on Earth and began kidnapping scientists. Its presence was preceded by strange sounding music. It was covered with colored lighting and could fire destructive beams from its eyes. It was eventually discovered to have been disguised as a statue at an amusement park entrance, and the strange music was played through a flute that controlled the Hunter's actions. When Keyop got control of the flute, his bad playing caused it to self-destruct.

Susan takes ten-second oil breaks just like 7-Zark-7 and she is located at the top of a big skyscraper some place

Zoltar will sometimes disguise himself as other people

*DVD versions of this episode do not include the trailer

Note: A production error is present in this episode when G-Force drives into town in a vehicle. The line, "Anderson doesn't blow his cool too often... what do you suppose got him so uptight this time?" should have been assigned to Mark. Instead it was assigned to Jason due to the scriptwriter's confusion over which character was which. He makes note in the script's stage directions that he couldn't understand how Mark and Jason kept switching sides with Tiny in the car's back seat.



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