Keyop on Witch's Island

Colonel Gore (R) gets promoted

The red mist is released

Keyop in trouble



Island of Fear

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 89
Airing Number: 69 <
Script Completion Date: 11/22/78
Episode Completion Date: 12/29/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To launch a secret underwater attack against G-Force..

..Keyop is sent to determine if Spectra is trying to establish a secret base on Earth.

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The villainous Zoltar comes down from his planet of Spectra to attempt his most daring and dastardly plan yet for conquering Earth; An attack on Center Neptune itself!
"Center Neptune will be only an unpleasant memory!" (Zoltar)
G-Force must use every skill at their command, and…
"Fire!" (Keyop)
Keyop proves to Zoltar once again, that big surprises come in small packages! Can the incredible forces of G-Force repel the mighty invasion by Spectra, or is the great galactic defense base of Center Neptune to be doomed, leaving Zoltar master of the universe?
"Blast off! Full jets upward!" (Zoltar)
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Chief Anderson has sent Keyop on a solo mission to nearby Witch's Island. There have been reports of strange activity there and he's worried that Spectra is trying to set up a base. Zoltar and his men have chosen Witch's Island because it is so close to Center Neptune... and they're getting ready to strike at Security with a fleet of new submarines.

Zoltar launches his fleet of submarines as the Phoenix arrives on site above the island. Keyop has remained underwater at Witch's Island in his Space Buggy and notices submarines surrounding Center Neptune. When Zoltar launches his torpedoes, Keyop counterattacks with the Red Mist missile system, but Zoltar's torpedoes get through and the resulting explosion knocks Keyop and his vehicle for a loop!

Zoltar is pleased his new weapons work so well and that Center Neptune is now doomed. But just then, one of Zoltar's men reports that there are hundreds of torpedoes headed towards them. The torpedoes don't explode, they simply release a red mist into the water. Zoltar momentarily thinks he's been saved, but when he sees the water turning red, he realizes that Security has used the Red Mist missiles, which are filled with a powerful disintegrator. He orders the fleet to surface where the Phoenix is waiting for them. G-Force split up into their individual vehicles and destroy structures and Spectra vehicles on Witch's Island, but they don't manage to find Zoltar. From the air, Keyop spots Zoltar's main submarine which has gone back underwater.

The Spirit tells Zoltar to save himself... which Zoltar does without hesitation. He places one of his men in charge of the troops, sets a self-destruct device on the submarine and takes off in an escape ship. But this time the Phoenix follows him. When they catch up to his escape ship, it has landed in an open field. Jason checks it out, but there is a Zoltar mannequin in the pilot's seat which is rigged to explode. Mark, Jason and Princess get away just as the dummy blows up. Zoltar has gotten away again.

Keyop meanwhile, is still battling with the main submarine. His Space Buggy gets caught in an explosion and starts taking on water. Tiny swoops in and rescues him, then surfaces the Phoenix just as the destruct mechanism on the submarine goes off. The mission over, Mark, Jason and Princess rejoin the Phoenix to return to Center Neptune.

Spectra is able to hit Center Neptune with a rocket attack from Witch's Island



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