Diane and Orin

A robot disguised as a stewardess

The terrible Hawk Robot

Diane and Orin are no longer human



Victims of the Hawk

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 43
Airing Number: 68
Script Completion Date: 11/21/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To eliminate the last witnesses of Spectra's attack on Cretola.

..To ensure the safety of Diane and Orin.

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G-Force is dispatched on a dangerous mission to rescue a young couple who have been kidnapped by the aliens from planet Spectra!
"*Gasp!*" (Princess)
What strange and evil thing has Zoltar done to the young people that suddenly makes them appear inhuman? Are they Robotoids?
"Diane!" (Jason)
"And Orin!" (Keyop)
Will G-Force find a way to save Diane and Orin from Spectra? Or is the giant hawk about to carry them all to oblivion?
"Watch out!" (Mark)
Be sure to watch this exciting episode, coming up next!

Diane and Orin are a husband and wife technician team and last survivors of Zoltarís attack on the asteroid of Cretola. Chief Anderson is concerned about the couple's security as they head back to Earth because they witnessed Zoltar's attack and because they both have parents that hold high political offices. Anderson thinks they could be prime targets, so he sends G-Force to keep an eye on them.

When the couple arrive at the airport they're met by Orin's old friend Gino. Jason gets a weird vibe off Gino and decides to follow him after his welcome to Orin and Diane. But Gino notices Jason and manages to get away.

Diane and Orin are on another flight and are captured by a robot stewardess that turns into a rocket and flies them back to Cretola. G-Force follow the rocket to Cretola and are confronted by Spectra's hawk robot which is commanded by Gino! The hawk disables the team one-by-one. When Princess falls to the ground, a compact she is carrying comes loose and opens. When the light reflected into the mirror of the compact hits the hawk robot, its head blows up and the machine crashes in the distance.

With the hawk destroyed, G-Force spread out to find Orin and Diane. They come across Gino again who reveals himself to be Zoltar, who then abandons the base. Mark finds Orin and Diane standing at the end of a room. Orin tells Mark to keep his distance and Diane tells Mark they've been changed. They both tell Mark their spirits are in the bodies Mark sees, but their real bodies are back somewhere in a laboratory. Orin tells Mark they are nothing more than two humanoids Zoltar created in their images. The two kiss and there is a flash of blinding light, and a glimpse of two robot bodies before they vanish.

Later 7-Zark-7 sees a comet streak away from Cretola and wonders if it is carrying Orin and Diane to a paradise in the far reaches of space where their love can live on in some new and different form. Susan calls 7-Zark-7 and tells him that yes, indeed, Diane and Orin were on the comet and it went into Time-Warp and entered a totally unexplored zone far beyond our Galaxy.



Name: Unknown
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Hawk
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Cretola Asteroid

Weapons: Multiple weapons (see below)
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Unknown
Status: Destroyed

This Spectra machine attacked G-Force on the surface of Cretola. It carried a multitude of weapons including razor sharp talons that could also be fired at targets, feather darts, ray beams fired from its eyes and fire that was shot from its mouth. It was destroyed when a reflection of light hit it directly in the eye, somehow causing its head to explode.

Princess carries something that looks like a makeup compact in her G-Force uniform



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