7-Zark-7 takes some rust inhibitor

Jason falls out of the Pyramid

Jason goes back to the Phoenix

Tiny compliments Jason's piloting



Strike at Spectra

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 99
Airing Number: 70
Script Completion Date: 12/11/78
Episode Completion Date: 12/29/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To defend their base on Spectra against G-Force's surprise assault..

..For a change, G-Force is sent to Spectra in an offensive capacity.

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Watch G-Force in action as they stage a daring raid against the war-mongering planet of Spectra! Has the G-Force team fallen into a deadly Spectra booby trap? Are those brave defenders of the galaxy about to be driven down into the fiery core of planet Spectra and be lost forever?
"The only chance we have now is with Jason. G-Force commander calling Phoenix! Come in, Jason! Use the radio beam intersect!" (Mark)
"I must try!" (Jason)
Can Jason overcome the injury which has blurred his vision? Will he be able to rescue his G-Force teammates?
"How am I ever going to be able to save my teammates, when I can't even see straight?" (Jason)
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In an effort to fend off a reported upcoming attack from Spectra, 7-Zark-7 has sent G-Force to strike first. But Susan calls to tell 7-Zark-7 that Zoltar may know about their mission and is waiting for them in to arrive. 7-Zark-7 tells Mark about Zoltar’s ship and Mark says they’ll keep on their toes and calls for radio silence.

They arrive at Spectra and begin attacking a castle. But antiaircraft guns fire back, hitting close to the ship. One impact knocks Jason down and he hits his head on the deck. As he gets up to continue firing, he starts seeing double and feels pain in his head. Princess tries to help, but he pushes her out of the way and fires a missile that destroys the castle.

They land and make their way into the castle ruins, but Zoltar’s laugh appears over a PA system and they quickly find themselves trapped in a sealed room. As water begins filling the room, they set up to escape using the Whirlwind Pyramid, but as they start spinning, the pain in Jason’s head causes him to fall out of formation. Jason says he’s fine and they try again, but he slips again and they fall to the floor. They make it out of the room, but when Jason almost falls into tiny, Mark sends him back to the Phoenix while the rest of the team continue to “shut the place down.” Back on the Phoenix, Jason wonders if that little bump on the head has finished him for good. He can't believe it. He is still seeing double and he gets mad and starts punching some of the control panels on the Phoenix. He hopes that this can't be the end of the road, not yet.

As they explore the castle, another door snaps shut trapping G-Force in a chamber. The room starts to rotate and lower into the ground. As it spins, it traps the G-Force members against its side. Zoltar tells them the room, which is actually a Whirlwind Torpedo is headed for the bowels of Spectra, where they will die. Zoltar says that when the Whirlwind Torpedo reaches a certain point, it will self-destruct.

Mark realizes Jason is their last chance and he contacts him on the communicator. He tells Jason they’re through unless Jason can use one of their Super Sniper Missiles. Mark activates a homing beacon on his communicator and the Phoenix homes in on the signal. Jason dives the Phoenix to set up for the missile shot, but he can't seem to focus. Jason thinks only a miracle can help him. Just then, his vision clears for an instant and he fires. Jason then pulls the Phoenix out of its dive in the nick of time.

The Super Sniper Missile stops the Whirlwind Torpedo, giving G-Force a chance to escape through the tunnel it created. They flip and spring towards the surface as the Super Sniper Missile explodes. They rush out of the castle as it is ripped apart by violent explosive forces. Outside, Jason is having difficulties, but he flies the Phoenix to pick G-Force up. Tiny tells Jason that he's not bad for a novice pilot but that he should always drive with both hands. Jason will apparently be okay, since 7-Zark-7 says he has come through a great crisis.

G-Force makes a preemptive strike this time, rather than simply reacting to a Spectra attack

Jason's condition is apparently cleared up by the end of the mission



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