Research Center takes hit after hit

Security Chief Anderson is trapped

Mark and Princess have a heart-to-heart

Research Center is destroyed

Toward a brighter future



Invasion of Space Center - Part II

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 92
Airing Number: 85
Script Completion Date: Unknown
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To destroy the Research Center and G-Force..

..To locate the homing device and destroy secret info when abandoning the base.

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The explosive conclusion of, "The Invasion of Space Center!" Spectra's missiles find their mark and threaten to annihilate the entire undersea defense complex of planet Earth! G-Force faces its greatest challenge! Is Earth about to be conquered by the evil invaders from planet Spectra?
"Mark and Princess are trapped in there! Here we come, Mark!" (Jason)
Can Jason and Keyop rescue Princess and Mark from the wreckage? Are all the G-Force team members trapped within the wreckage of the Research Center? Is there no way to stop the vicious Spectra onslaught?
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G-Force is till trying to locate the homing device that the missiles are targeting. Despite their attempts, the missiles strike home and cause major damage. Fortunately, the personnel escape just in time as the complex begins to flood.

Missiles continue to strike the center as Chief Anderson orders all personnel to head for their escape hatches. Chief Anderson frantically tries to contact 7-Zark-7, but to no avail. He then tells Mark and Princess that it is crucial to find the homing device. He is going to stay behind to destroy sensitive files so they do not fall into Zoltar's hands.

On the Phoenix, Jason decides to head back to the base since they have not heard any word from Mark and the others. As the base continues taking destruction, Mark and Princess find themselves trapped by fire and a flooded bay. Inside the Emergency Center, Chief Anderson prepares to set a pile of files and books on fire with his lighter. Unfortunately, at that moment a missile hits and knocks everything sideways trapping him under a computer. He drops his lighter which sets the pile of books on fire.

Jason, Tiny and Keyop return to see Research Center is sinking and in serious trouble. In Research Center, Mark pounds on the closed door to the Emergency Center, trying to get Anderson to answer him. Anderson is unconscious within the room. Princess and Mark see that it is all up to them to get Anderson out. Just then, Jason calls Mark on the communicator. Mark tells him that they are okay, but that Anderson needs help.

Tiny manages to move Research Center with the Phoenix so another massive barrage of missiles donít hit it directly. The whole complex, with the Phoenix trapped inside sinks to a lower sea ledge and the crew of the Spectra sub think they have successfully destroyed the center. Still trapped, Mark and Princess have a heart-to-heart talk about what they mean to one another.

On the Phoenix, Jason notes that they are moving. The ledge the center is resting on has begun to collapse. The Phoenix is able to escape at one point make its way outside and Tiny and Jason are able to locate the section where Mark and Princess are trapped. They crash the nose of the Phoenix into Research Center, puncturing part of the hull. Jason and Keyop start to make their way to B-Section, but Keyop has trouble holding his breath. He begins to lose consciousness and fall but Jason swims to him and breathes into his mouth to save him. Unfortunately, since the base is still falling, a large piece of machinery falls and traps Keyop's cape. Jason pulls to free him, but is unsuccessful.

Luckily, 7-Zark-7 is able to reach Mark and he swims down to them in uniform as Jason begins to run out of air. Princess watches at a moon pool, while the Research Center continues to fall. Jason and Mark appear at the pool with Keyop, who is unconscious. Jason uses his torch gun to cut into the door where Chief Anderson is trapped. Tiny maneuvers the Phoenix to the section, smashes a window and opens the top hatch to allow G-Force to enter. Tiny flies them away from the Research Center and it falls to the bottom of the ocean.

Chief Anderson regains consciousness on board the Phoenix and he orders Tiny to go back to destroy Research Center so no top secret files fall into Spectra's hands. They turn back, launch missiles at it and destroy it. 7-Zark-7 is upset that Research Center has been destroyed, but he is glad that Zoltar's plans to get hold of their top secret files have been thwarted. He says that he already has plans in his head to build a brand-new, ultramodern replacement.

7-Zark-7 says he is an Aries, which is different from earlier when he said he was a Virgo 47.

Susan was also made at Quanto-Tobor Labs, just like 7-Zark-7

When they think they're going to die in the sinking Research Center, Mark and Princess reveal they have real feelings for one another



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