Week 17

Week 17 sees some hard times for G-Force. When Princess is captured by a carnivorous Spectran plant, she is feared lost. G-Force is forced to try to destroy the plants before knowing if she is still alive. Later, Spectra enjoys their greatest and most successful plan when they manage to completely destroy Research Center, and very nearly kill Chief Anderson, Mark and Princess in the process.

Week 17 phrase counts (this week) (grand total)

G-Force! (7) (66)
Princess (G-Force, Transmute!) 39, Princess (Transmute, G-Force!) 40 , Mark, Jason and Tiny 95, Jason and Tiny 95, Keyop (Transmute, G-Force Whirlwind!) 95, Team (2X) 91

Transmute! (4) (40)
Princess (G-Force, Transmute!) 39, Princess (Transmute, G-Force!) 40 , Keyop (Transmute, G-Force Whirlwind!) 95

Big Ten! (4) (92)
Mark 39, Mark 91, Tiny 91, Tiny 92



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