The sculpture on Space Island

The Lava Giant attacks

Amelia - Friend or enemy?

The Lava Giant meets its end



The Fiery Lava Giant

Written by: Kevin Coates
Alternate Title: Lava Giant
Production Number: 25
Airing Number: 13
Script Completion Date: 7/26/78
Episode Completion Date: 9/7/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer*
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To take over Space Island to use as a base..

..To investigate the reports of a giant monster on Space Island.

On a small asteroid called Space Island, geothermal engineers have been working in a volcanic core to set up a refueling station for space flights. This volcano is highly active and the asteroid is in danger of a severe lava buildup. Nearby on Monument Mountain a young sculptress named Amelia is finishing the work that her Father started - carving gigantic face of the founders of the asteroid on the side of its cliffs. The Spirit has been watching Space Island and instructs Zoltar to capture it. Conquering Space Island will enable Spectra to attack Earth from a location within its own alliance.

Zoltar presses a button and one of the head on Monument Mountain slides back in to the mountain and a giant lava monster appears from the center of the volcano. The monster heads toward the geothermal plant and destroys it. G-Force is called in, they know this monster has something to do with the faces on Monument Mountain and Jason suspects Amelia is in league with Spectra. But Princess claims Amelia's an old friend and doesn't thin she could be involved.

When G-Force arrives on Space Island, they notice the vast destruction and also see footprints leading back to the volcano. They follow the footprints and fly inside the crater where they discover a tunnel that leads straight back to Monument Mountain. This strengthens Jason's case that Amelia might be involved with Spectra. While the team debates, the volcano begins to erupt and the incredible heat starts to take its toll on the Phoenix.

Tiny pulls the ship out just as the fiery lava giant appears below them. As they try to evade it, Tiny loses control of the Phoenix and it goes crashing down into a small pool of water where it can cool off. Mark then wants to question Amelia.

They find her climbing the very face of the lava giant to begin her work. Jason pulls her into the mouth of the face with the rest of G-Force close behind. Amelia is understandably upset at the rough treatment and proclaims she just carved the head of a great man, not the lava giant. They explore a deep cave within the sculpture's mouth and discover it leads right into a Spectra base hidden under the volcano.

Inside, they find a huge cauldron of bubbling lava guarded by Zoltar's men. Amelia is cleared when G-Force sees the operation in place. Tiny flies the Phoenix through the giant's mouth, into the base and collects G-Force and Amelia. G-Force then fire a missile into an overhead dome in the base, which then floods it with water. But the lava giant has managed to deploy and G-Force must follow to stop it.

Zoltar is glad G-Force is ready for action because he decides to forget about capturing Space Island and make G-Force the main target of the lava giant. The team decides to split up in their individual vehicles and they lead the giant into the sea. In the waters, the lava cools and solidifies with its skin subsequently falling off to reveal a robot structure underneath. G-Force has stopped the giant and their mission is a complete success.



Name: Fiery Giant
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Space Island Asteroid
Weapons: Brute strength
Flight Capable: No
Crew: No
Status: Destroyed

Spectra disguised this giant monster as part of a mountainside sculpture. It would emerge from the interior of a volcano covered in lava, then it would proceed to destroy nearby structures. G-Force was able to defeat the giant by luring it into a nearby ocean, where it cooled and collapsed.


7-Zark-7 has an off button

1-Rover-1 is allowed to guide G-Force in space when they pass Canis Major (Sirius) - the "Dog Star"

Susan's calibrations are a perfect 38-24-36

*DVD versions of this episode do not include the trailer


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