One of Spectra's fearful whale robots

Sneaking in to Spectra's hidden base

Keyop avoiding detection

Keyop says goodbye to Nambu


A Whale Joins G-Force

Written by: Kevin Coates
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 18
Airing Number: 15
Script Completion Date: 8/9/78
Episode Completion Date: 9/18/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

.."The Great Whale Hunt," to eliminate Earth's whale population.

..To locate Spectra's hidden base and stop their plans.

7-Zark-7's long range probes find something headed for Bay City on Earth. Bay City lies in the annual migratory path of whales and it's an important strategic location as Earth's marine fuel storage depot. 7-Zark-7 notices a suspicious-looking whale and he orders an immediate evacuation of the city just before it strikes and causes major damage at Bay City's harbor.

G-Force is brought in and they spot a pod of migrating whales to investigate. Just as they lower down to water level, a giant mechanical whale appears on the horizon... obviously the culprit they're looking for. They give chase, but the giant machine smashes into the migrating whales and kills them as it goes on its way. G-Force see a baby whale swimming around its mother who was killed in the assault. They're about to go after the mechanical whale when a group of killer sharks start bearing down on the baby.

Keyop strikes out in his Space Buggy and successfully stops them, but without Keyop, G-Force has to let the mechanical whale escape. G-Force travels back to Center Neptune along with the baby whale whom Keyop has named Nambu. Chief Anderson is concerned that all the whales in the sea are facing great danger from the mechanical threat and he tells G-Force that 7-Zark-7 has used an interspecies translator to talk with Nambu. The little whale is grateful and has agreed to help G-Force locate the monster.

Anderson attaches a sonar beeper beacon to the little whale so G-Force can follow him. Nambu leads G-Force north into icy waters and begins circling a specific area where they find a Spectra radar station on the ice surface. Jason cuts a hole in the floor while Keyop inserts a rocket drill, which uncovers a the secret Spectra base below. The commander of the base, Skuldoon, reports to Zoltar that their fleet of whale machines are loaded with torpedoes and are ready to take out whale species all over Earth.

Mark orders G-Force to place their explosive electronic darts in the base and the mechanical whales. But the team is discovered, forcing Zoltar and Skuldoon to launch their machines for the great whale hunt immediately. Keyop is still concerned about Nambu and leaves with him, but the rest of G-Force must go after the deadly whale robots on their own before worrying about Keyop's fate.

The mechanical whales head out on their mission but suddenly start exploding due to the timed dart explosives. The lives of the world's whales are saved, but Princess and Tiny worry Keyop may have given his life in the rescue.

Meanwhile, Nambu surfaces with Keyop who is still alive and well. Keyop gets onto an icy shore, removes the sonar beeper from Nambu's head and says good-bye to his friend. He then calls G-Force on his communicator to report he's A-okay!



Name: Whale Subs
Type: Giant Mechanical Monsters
Body Shape: Whale
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Brute strength, Atomic torpedoes
Flight Capable: No
Crew: No
Status: Destroyed

Spectra maintained a fleet of these seagoing giant whale-shaped monster machines within a secret base. The monster subs relied on their battering power to cause destruction and death. They were also loaded with Atomic torpedoes in preparation for a plan to kill all the whales on Earth. G-Force was able to defeat the fleet by sticking timer-delayed explosive Electronic Darts into them, which later detonated.


G-Force can communicate with certain animals via a special interspecies translator device

Note: The name "Nambu" comes from the Gatchaman series. Doctor Kazaburo Nambu was the original name of Battle of the Planets' Chief Anderson character



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