The Dirty Name Five band

Abducted in the middle of a concert

Zoltar's menacing sonic machine

Zoltar escapes destruction again



The Space Rock Concert

Written by: Jack Paritz
Alternate Title: Deadly Rock Concert, also The Deadly Rock Concert
Production Number: 41
Airing Number: 11
Script Completion Date: 7/17/78
Episode Completion Date: 9/11/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer *
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To force Earth to surrender its food and processing plants with sound waves..

..To rescue the Dirty Name 5 and destroy Zoltar's sound machine.

On a rare evening off, G-Force is in an open air park listening to their favorite rock group, The Dirty Name 5 - the most famous rock band in the Milky Way. Suddenly, a Spectra ship appears above the concert stage, kidnaps the band members and takes off. A concerned G-Force is now on the case.

At a hidden Spectra base, Zoltar fits the band members with mind control devices and forces them to make special recordings. He planned on using the recorded music to make Earthlings "a little more flexible" in their dealings with Spectra. With the first recording sessions completed, Zoltar deploys his new ship which blasts the new music over a city. The sound waves it puts out are powerful enough to crumble buildings and cause mass destruction over a radius of ten miles.

Back at Center Neptune, Chief Anderson plays a captured recording of the Dirty Name 5's brand new Spectra single for G-Force, figuring out the band was kidnapped to create these new tunes. It turns out Zoltar is now demanding all the food processing plants on Earth to be turned over to Spectra to stop any future attacks. Chief Anderson sends the team after the ship, but reminds them to be careful since the kidnapped musicians are still on board. G-Force confronts the Spectra ship, but the Phoenix starts to break up under the assault of its powerful sound waves. They retreat quickly with Zoltar on their tail. Mark orders the Phoenix underwater to buy them some time.

When the Phoenix surfaces again, they are deployed to Lake Titicaca because of a cry for help from the Dirty Name 5. They discover and underwater base and decide to break into it with the Phoenix. Once inside, G-Force destroys Spectra's recording studio and rescues the band. With the tables turned, Zoltar flees and takes off in the Spectra ship. The team follows only to get caught in the sound waves again. Chief Anderson orders them to activate the Phoenix's Sonar Probe to deflect the sound waves back on the Spectra craft. They try the tactic and it works, the sound waves are reversed. The Spectra ship can't withstand its own sound barrage and it quickly crumbles. Zoltar is able to get away in a small escape ship.

The Dirty Name 5 are safe and they later give another concert in the same park. G-Force has gotten free tickets and they're in the audience again, able to enjoy the show in peace.



Name: Spectra Plane
Type: Giant Machine
Body Shape: N/A
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Sound amplification
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

This odd aircraft used sound to cause devastation. It was able to capture the Dirty Name 5 band by using a special vacuum tube that extended from its bottom hull. It played back specially processed and amplified recordings of the band through its speaker horns that were powerful enough to destroy buildings. The ship however was not strong enough to withstand its own sound, the Phoenix was able to deflect its sound waves back upon the ship and it was destroyed. The Spectra craft had an escape ship, which Zoltar took advantage of.


7-Zark-7 appears with his helmet and cape for the first time

7-Zark-7 G-Force are all fans of the Dirty Name 5

We see 7-Zark-7's first ten-second oil break, in which he uses a light-bodied 1998 oil

Zoltar knows the name of Mark's weapon, the Sonic Boomerang

*DVD versions of this episode do not include the trailer



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