G-Force is sent to Vega

The Space Ray's commander

G-Force in trouble!

Mark and Tiny hanging on for dear life

Zoltar gets away



Raid on a Nearby Planet

Written by: Harry Winkler
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 48
Airing Number: 21
Script Completion Date: 8/15/78
Episode Completion Date: 9/25/78
Preview / Trailer: None
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To take control of Vega, and simultaneously split the Intergalactic Alliance.

..To safeguard Vega and stop Spectra's ray machine.

7-Zark-7 receives an alert from Planet Vega saying they are experiencing threats from Planet Spectra. They have set up a base there and are using a terrible machine called the Space Ray to soften the planet up for invasion. If Spectra can set up a permanent base there, they'll be able to launch their Space Ray at Earth at any time.

But Spectra's goals are even more sinister than simply taking over Vega. They intend to use the strike as an example to the Intergalactic Alliance that Earth will not have the will to provide aid quickly enough, thereby splitting the Alliance.

G-Force arrives on Vega to battle the Ray Machine, but it proves to be too much for them to handle. After several strikes from it, the Phoenix crashes to an ocean floor. When the team regain consciousness, Keyop rushes off and finds the Spectra base. He reports where it is when G-Force get the Phoenix flying again.

Keyop bores a hole into the Spectra base with his Space Buggy. Mark and the rest of the team drop down into the base. Keyop stays on his Space Buggy while the rest of G-Force explore on a tram. Jason and Tiny get off it at one point, while Mark and Princess continue to ride to the base's control center. Just then a light comes on and Zoltar tells them to surrender. He's been watching them the whole time.

Zoltar has captured Keyop and he's going to be launched in another Ray Machine heading for Earth. Mark and Princess make a break for it, but Zoltar manages to get on board the Ray Machine before them. Princess makes her way to the machine as Tiny and Jason catch up with Mark in the control room.

On the machine, Princess manages to free Keyop. Afterward she goes to an access panel, rewires part of the ship, then attaches the two halves of one of her yo-yo bombs and sets the timer. Outside the ship, Jason and Tiny fire gripping attachments at it with their cable guns. Once they've attached, Tiny and Jason grab Mark and are lifted up with the ship as it takes off. Mark, Jason and Tiny are hanging on for dear life. Zoltar sees this and prepares to fire the ship's ray to kill them. But Mark throws his Sonic Boomerang at the doors for the ray gun, preventing them from opening.

Mark, Jason and Tiny drop safely to the desert floor as Zoltar and his commander try to figure out why the gun won't fire. Meanwhile, Princess and Keyop make their way to his Space Buggy and get out of the Ray Machine. Zoltar declares an emergency just before the Ray Machine blows up.

Keyop crash lands but he and Princess are unharmed. Zoltar also gets away in another of his escape ships, but he vows the next time won't be so easy! G-Force has saved Planet Vega from occupation by Spectra and the team is cleared by 7-Zark-7 to head back to Earth.



Name: Space Ray
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: N/A
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Vega

Weapons: Infra-ray, wind generator
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

Spectra's Space Ray machine was used to obliterate various outposts and complexes on Planet Vega. It used a massive Infra-ray weapon fired from its lower hull to cause destruction. The ray was so powerful, it was able to take out an underwater base and it could destroy whole cities with one blast. The machine was also able to generate strong winds that resembled tornadoes. The Space Ray was housed in a massive underground base on Vega. The ship was destroyed when Mark jammed a Sonic Boomerang in its shutter, so the ray could not fire. The weapon overloaded and blew up the ship.

Planet Vega is part of the Intergalactic Alliance



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