Keyop enthralled by a sports car

Keyop, captured in the Spectra base

Spectra's giant butterfly machine

The unnamed Spectra base commander



Keyop Does it All

Written by: Harry Winkler
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 49
Airing Number: 44
Script Completion Date: 10/8/78
Episode Completion Date: 11/13/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To force Earth to surrender the design for its Viper Direction Finder..

..To stop the destruction of the Federation headquarters and rescue Keyop.

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G-Force matches wits with the evil forces of Spectra as they work desperately to uncover a bomb that threatens to destroy the entire Intergalactic Federation!
"G-Force spaceship at radar intersection: three degrees north!" (Spectra soldier)
"Base stations! Prepare to launch rockets!" (Spectra commander)
"Pretty quiet…" (Tiny)
"It won't last! Listen, do you hear something? Rocket attack! Take your stations and brace for contact! Full power on turbo-jets!" (Mark)
"Stuck! Our controls are jammed!" (Tiny)
Watch as G-Force races daringly against time to prevent disaster, and Keyop singlehandedly takes on the entire forces of Spectra to save the day!
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Susan contacts 7-Zark-7 with a message that Mark is going to come to the control room to see him after work. 7-Zark-7 is wondering what the visit could mean - maybe a promotion… maybe getting to go on missions with G-Force, or something even more important.

G-Force is on a mission at the Intergalactic Federation headquarters building and 7-Zark-7 checks in on them to see how things are going. He spots a security guard he doesn't recognize sneak into the building and place a mysterious attaché case into its main vault.

Meanwhile, Keyop is outside admiring a sports car until he notices the Spectra symbol on its steering wheel. Before he can tell anyone, the phony security guard 7-Zark-7 noticed comes out of the Federation building and jumps into the car. Keyop hides in the car's trunk and he tries to contact G-Force, but his signal won't go through.

Keyop arrives at a Spectra base and overhears a Spectra soldier reporting to the base commander about the attaché case their agent planted in the Federation building. It contains a hydrogen bomb which they can detonate via a button on the base's control panel. Keyop again tries to contact the team and is able to get through, but before he can tell them anything, Spectra soldiers take him captive.

Zoltar contacts G-Force and promises not to detonate the bomb or kill Keyop if they hand over plans to their new Viper Directional Finder. Inside the base, a Spectra soldier taunts Keyop because he took his wrist communicator. But Keyop says he has a spare and pretends to call G-Force on it. The trick works, the Spectra soldier opens the gate to the cell and Keyop knocks him out, gets his communicator back and escapes the cell.

Chief Anderson sends G-Force after Keyop, and Spectra launches a giant butterfly-like robot after the Phoenix. They fire on the Phoenix and damage the ship enough to knock it to the sea floor. The Phoenix is able to lift off and land again, but this time they jettison a bunch of garbage along with oil and a fake Viper Directional Finder. When the crew of the machine see this material float to the surface, they think they've taken out the Phoenix.

Keyop makes his way to the base control center and wires an explosive to the button that can detonate the hydrogen bomb. Then he sends a signal to G-Force showing them exactly where the Spectra base is. Just as they're about to recapture Keyop, G-Force rescues him. The base commander pushes the button to detonate the hydrogen bomb in the Federation building, but Keyop's rewiring causes the Spectra base to blow up instead. Although Mark is upset with Keyop for acting on his own, everything came out well and they did manage to uncover another Spectra base.

At Center Neptune 7-Zark-7 is worried he's going to be shut down for being forgetful and not being able to contact G-Force during the mission. When Mark shows up, 7-Zark-7 is a nervous wreck. But it turns out all he actually forgot was his own birthday. Mark and Princess both wish 7-Zark-7 a happy birthday and Princess even kisses him on the forehead, causing him to giggle with delight.



Name: Spectra Butterfly
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Butterfly
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Destructive beams, Rockets
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Unknown

This butterfly-shaped Spectra monster was able to launch rocket attacks and fire beams from its eyes. It could be flown in the air and also land on the surface of water. It was capable of tracking the Phoenix underwater via lobster-shaped electronic locators it spread on the sea floor, and by keying in on radiation emanating G-Force's ship. The machine has a sonar pinger on its underside. Although the Spectra base the machine was stored in was destroyed, the ultimate fate of the machine itself is unknown.

7-Zark-7 celebrates his birthday

The phony security guard is known as Agent K-4

Without specific orders, Spectra crew don't tend to act on their own

7-Zark-7 finally gets a chance to meet Mark and Princess in person (and a kiss from Princess) on his birthday

Note: Although not disclosed in the episode, scripts reveal the name of the monster machine to be "Spectra Butterfly."



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