Another object from Spectra

A mysterious driver menaces G-Force

Zoltar and Oneeda

The Great Torah attacks the Phoenix!



Vacation on Venus

Written by: Sid Morse
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 96
Airing Number: 43
Script Completion Date: 10/5/78
Episode Completion Date: 11/3/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To knock Venus out of orbit, and destroy the solar system in the process..

..To stop Spectra's plans and discover the identity of a mysterious sniper on Venus.

Next on Battle of the Planets, G-Force jets through space to the far off planet of Venus, for what seems to be a pleasant vacation!
"Earth-born fools! See how they struggle to enter my trap! I will not disappoint you, my Earthling friends! Soon you will meet the one you came so far to see, the Great Torah! Are your men in position?" (Zoltar)
"Yes." (Oneeda)
Vacation turns into a dangerous mission, as once again, the incredible G-Force team encounters the evil Zoltar on an alien planet! Coming up next!
"Hit the water!" (Mark)

A large buffalo-themed monster called the Great Torah triggers a volcanic eruption on Venus and one of its horns is sheared off when a lightning bolt hits it. Anderson's analysis of the horn shows the material it is made from does not come from anywhere in the Solar system. Chief Anderson sends G-Force to Venus to pretend they’re on vacation while they're actually investigating the buffalo. When the team land, everyone but Tiny takes a car and a canoe and head out.

As G-Force drives through a canyon they’re menaced by a speeding jeep that knocks a rain of rocks and a large boulder in front of their. They're forced off the side of a cliff but on their way over, Jason fires his cable gun - one end of it out each side of the car - and manages to suspend the car in mid-air. 7-Zark-7 explains that Tiny is able to bring the Phoenix around to rescue them from their situation.

The team take canoe to embark on a river rafting adventure through a river valley. While underway, Princess and Mark notice a gunman at the top of the cliff wall. They tip the canoe over, use it as a shield and continue upriver. G-Force make their way to a cave in one of the canyon walls and make their way deeper inside it. The sniper is captured by a Spectra helicopter and Zoltar asks what his connection is to G-Force. He tells Zoltar they don't like aliens on their planet, especially Spectrans.

G-Force enter a large chamber in the cave and fall into a net. Keyop notices the jeep driver, tied up and unconscious at the bottom of the chamber. Mark calls for the Whirlwind Pyramid and they rip the net to shreds. They try to escape through a doorway at the top of the chamber after helping the sniper, but Keyop is the only one who gets out before Zoltar slams the hatch shut. As they fall, chains with manacles fire from the walls and capture Mark, Jason and Princess while the sniper falls to the bottom of the chamber. Keyop calls Tiny on his Wrist Activator, but hears only snoring from the other end.

The sniper awakens and makes his way over to a lever. Meanwhile, on the Phoenix, Tiny is upset for falling asleep. When he notices the top of a mountain open up, he takes off in the Phoenix to investigate. But the sudden appearance of the Great Torah forces him to pull the Phoenix away in evasion. Tiny pulls the Phoenix around as the Torah takes a swing and breathes fire at him. In the prison, the sniper throws the lever which opens the upper chamber doors. Keyop throws some mini bombs at the control center, which destroy much of it. This loosens the manacles and Mark, Jason and Princess are free. Jason and Princess head up to the exit then Mark catches Princess' yo yo cable, grabs the sniper and both are pulled to safety.

Mark calls in a red alert to the Phoenix and Tiny fires a time-fused missile into the Great Torah. Zoltar escapes in his ship which was in the Torah's other horn. Mark blows a hole in a wall of the base and everyone escapes on the Phoenix as the Torah explodes.

G-Force and the sniper watch as the Torah goes down in flames. The sniper explains he thought G-Force was part of Spectra. Long ago Spectra came and killed his people and his family. He swore that he would avenge them. Now that the Torah is destroyed, he can live in peace in his mountains. He and all of Venus are grateful and he considers G-Force his friends.



Name: The Great Torah
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Venus

Weapons: Brute strength, Fire breath
Flight Capable: Unknown
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

Spectra's Great Torah monster machine, a strange combination of a human shape with a buffalo theme, was used on Planet Venus to trigger volcanic eruptions. In addition to its incredible strength, it was also able to breath fire from its mouth. It was not known if the ship could fly, it was not seen doing so, but it had wing-like structures on its back. The monster was destroyed after Jason launched a missile into it from the Phoenix. It held an escape craft in one of its horns, which Zoltar used to flee once it had been hit by the missile.

Keyop's body temperature is not like anyone else's, he is unable to be tracked with thermal detectors

Note: Although not mentioned within the episode, scripts reveal the name of the young blonde man G-Force helps on Venus is Kolb.



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