Mark finds Spectra involvement

Barzok, head of Spectra's slave trade

Tiny and Keyop on Paradise Island

Tiny is smitten with the Planet Guide

Keyop finds a hidden Spectra base



Super Space Spies

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 86
Airing Number: 42
Script Completion Date: 9/25/78
Episode Completion Date: 11/6/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To contaminate Earth's biggest fresh water supply, making it unfit to drink..

..To locate the Spectra Spy Network, and make Earth's water supply safe again.

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G-Force soars across the galaxy to a far, distant planet called Paradise Island! 7-Zark-7 has reported that aliens from planet Spectra have established a secret espionage ring, and are using Paradise Island as a base from which to attack and pollute the water reservoirs of Earth! Will G-Force find a way to stop the Spectra spies from poisoning Earth's water supplies, or will the entire world be subjected to the worst drought and famine in the history of this planet? Don't miss this gripping, interstellar adventure as G-Force use their Cerebonic powers to combat the evil aliens from planet Spectra!
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Two Federation scientists discover the snowpack at the peak of Mt. Kamila has been contaminated with salt. As this mountain is one of the major sources of fresh water for Earth, this is a huge concern for the Federation.

G-Force is called in and they find wreckage from a crashed ship, which points to Spectra’s involvement in the pollution. Analysis of the wreckage shows Spectra is working with Barzok, the head of their espionage network and slave system. Due to recent reports of Spectra activity on the Paradise Island asteroid, 7-Zark-7 sends G-Force there to investigate.

On the asteroid, Tiny and Keyop go undercover to a hotel. Keyop uses the alias Dr. Keyopoff, a famous entomologist on Paradise Island to find new insects. Tiny asks if they have someone who can show them around and the manager introduces them to a pretty blonde woman to act as their planet guide. Tiny is instantly taken with her.

The planet guide shows Tiny around the docks on Paradise Island and he soon finds himself trapped in a massive storage vault full of salt. The planet guide laughs, saying "That's one G-Force spy off our backs!" She walks towards a sailboat at the harbor side as Keyop appears. He can't reach Tiny, so he follows the guide to the boat. After sneaking on board, Keyop finds he’s actually on a Spectra submarine.

Keyop overhears a conversation between Barzok and the ship’s captain, where Barzok says he wants the Spirit to get rid of Zoltar so he can be made ruler Spectra. As Keyop is listening, the planet guide sneaks up and captures him at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Tiny gets loaded onto the Spectra sub along with the shipment of salt. The sub then heads to a secret base elsewhere on Paradise Island.

G-Force is able to track the sub to its base. When the planet guide orders the ship captain to bring Keyop to the room in order to lure G-Force in, Barzok steps in to challenge her. But she reveals herself to be Zoltar in disguise. Zoltar shocks Barzok by saying he’s heard his plan to take over Spectra. Keyop surprises the ship’s captain, knocks him out and breaks free as tiny is able to escape the salt vault. The two meet up just as the Phoenix breaks through the base’s door.

Tiny and Keyop board the Phoenix as Zoltar orders the sub to deploy. G-Force is surprised to see the submarine lift into the air and escape from through a second cliff side exit. The Phoenix chases after the flying sub and Zoltar fires off missiles at G-Force, but they miss and slam into the Spectra base, destroying it. Fortunately for G-Force, Zoltar's ship is carrying too much salt and is too heavy to get up to full speed. Jason fires a couple Cybernetic Rockets at the sub and destroys it. But Zoltar and his men are able to get away in an escape rocket. On the Phoenix, Tiny is upset at himself thinking he's a terrible spy for falling for a pretty girl. But he played a major role in breaking up Spectra's spy network.

Spectra has an intergalactic slave trade network headed by Barzok

Note: This episode begins with a story sequence, not a 7-Zark-7 sequence.



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