With Cronus comes trouble

Zoltar confers with Odin's police chief

Mark remembers his childhood

Spectra's machine attacks



Peaks of Planet Odin

Written by: Sid Morse
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 51
Airing Number: 65
Script Completion Date: 11/20/78
Episode Completion Date: 12/26/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To take over planet Odin with the help of a local official..

..Mark and Colonel Cronus try to uncover Spectra's plans to conquer Odin.

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An ominous new weapon from the evil planet of Spectra, attacks the peaceful, outer star world of Odin! The only hope left for the survival of Odin, is that G-Force can arrive in time to stop the mechanical creature from Spectra! Will the Cerebonic whirlwind of the G-Force team be able to withstand the wicked onslaught of the Spectra forces? Can G-Force save planet Odin?
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7-Zark-7 has a hunch that trouble's brewing on planet Odin so Chief Anderson sends G-Force up to the planet to have a look around. When the team arrives they appear to be relaxing, but they're really looking around for anything suspicious. Mark sits down at the beachside when he's approached by his old friend Cronus. No sooner does Cronus introduce himself and say that there won't be any trouble this time, than he's overrun by men. Mark helps fight them off and Cronus gets away. But Mark is shocked to find out the men after Cronus were actually police officers. Now he's more suspicious than ever of Cronus.

Within a castle on Odin, Police Chief Albin is having a video conference call... with Zoltar! He reports to the evil ruler of Spectra that it will only be a matter of time before they have Cronus, and Zoltar is happy to hear it. Zoltar lets him know the construction of a giant wheel machine is coming along nicely, and that it will help him to take over Odin.

Mark is in his plane patrolling Odin when a fleet of Spectra jets sneaks up behind him. But he's daydreaming and doesn't see them until they're right on top of him. Suddenly a volley of missiles come in from another mysterious jet and destroy them all. Mark transmutes into his G-Force guise and gives chase to the new fighter jet. When the two jets land, Mark demands to talk with the pilot... who turns out to be Cronus again. Cronus explains Albin is selling out to Spectra, and he's the only one left who can put the finger on the Police Chief.

Later at a cabin, Cronus explains no one would believe him when he told them Albin was a traitor. So he formed a small group to fight against Albin, but they have gradually disappeared. Even Cronus' own wife and child are missing. Cronus is the only one left. Mark proposes that they go take care of Albin themselves.

Mark and Cronus sneak into Albin's castle intent on finding out his plans. When they try to blow open a safe, they find out he didn't keep the plans in there. Albin shows up to see the damage and reveals the plans to take over Odin are in his cigar box. Cronus leaps into action and steals the plans. He hands them off to Mark and the two escape the castle.

Back in the main city, a holiday celebration is going on when Zoltar attacks in his giant wheel machine. While Zoltar is out gloating, G-Force form the Whirlwind Pyramid and force Zoltar to take shelter inside the machine. He then takes off and escapes. Anderson reports Cronus is missing since the attack and Mark goes off alone to find him. As 7-Zark-7 is musing over human emotions and the events on Odin, Susan calls to report Mark was able to find Cronus and the two of them were able to safely rescue Cronus' wife and baby son Timmy.



Name: Wheel
Type: Giant Mechanical Wheel
Body Shape: Wheel
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Odin

Weapons: Grabber arms
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Intact

Spectra built this wheel to help its corrupt police chief take over Planet Odin. It had arms that could extend from its sides that were strong enough to lift the entire Presidential palace off the ground. It traveled by rolling like a wheel. When it tipped on its side, it could blast off and fly. After a brief fight with G-Force, Zoltar escaped in the ship.

Mark has saved Cronus' life three times

Colonel Cronus has a wife and an infant son named Timmy



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