Something wrong at the baseball game

Princess and Mark investigate

Brainwashed players attack G-Force

Marks stops the threat - barely



Zoltar Strikes Out

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 63
Airing Number: 63
Script Completion Date: 11/17/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..Zoltar reveals that a bomb will be detonated by an unwitting Earthling..

..To locate a bomb Spectra has hidden in a city on Earth.

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A baseball stadium becomes the setting for a diabolical scheme concocted by the evil aliens from planet Spectra to destroy Earth's largest metropolis! G-Force finds out the hard way about the secret Spectra base that has been built beneath the ballpark!
"Hang on, big fella!" (Jason)
Can Jason and Tiny rescue their teammates? Will the Cerebonic super-powers of G-Force be able to overcome this new threat to Earth?
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G-Force is watching a baseball game on TV and Keyop is frustrated when his team's hero hits a long ball only to snag his foot on a base and get called out. Later, G-Force checks in with Chief Anderson who tells them Spectra has managed to build a massive, blimp-sized bomb in the middle of the city. He also says that because of the secrecy involved, it must have taken them about six months to assemble. The only space Mark can think of that would have been clear that long is the baseball park, which was shut down for the off-season. So G-Force decide to catch a baseball game in person the next night.

Princess and Mark are in the stands as spectators while Tiny works as a vendor, Jason works as the scorekeeper and Keyop is a ball boy. The game is going along well and just after a home run is hit and a celebratory water fountain display goes off, the park's lights all go out. When they come back on, all the baseball players have vanished without a trace - including Keyop!

G-Force goes back into the stadium in uniform. Mark finds second base anchored to the ground, so he pries it free with his Sonic Boomerang. Underneath he finds evidence of a Spectra base below the park. Before they can do anything else, the stadium lights begin to close in on the team. They turn on and G-Force is disoriented from the blinding light. The center of the ball field opens and Mark and Princess fall into a deep chasm below. Jason uses his cable gun to pull Tiny and himself to safety, he then talks with Chief Anderson, who confirms the bomb is in the baseball park.

Keyop’s cell doors open and Mark and Princess are thrown in. Princess uses explosives to blow a hole in the jail bars. As they get out, they're attacked by brainwashed baseball players wielding metal bats. They knock the players out, but Zoltar stops them in their tracks when he tells them the bomb is going to go off... triggered by an Earth person! Zoltar has his chief jailer fight Mark while he runs away. Princess and Keyop follow Zoltar to an amusement park but he has an escape rocket hidden in one of the attractions and he gets away.

Mark subdues the jailer and gets him to reveal the bomb’s trigger. If anyone hits a home run and sets off the fountain, the bomb will detonate. Jason and Tiny race to the fountain just as a powerful hit sends a ball flying. Jason, Tiny, Keyop and Princess all shoot their weapons at it, hoping to knock it from the sky but they all miss. At the last instant, Mark is able to hit the ball with his Sonic Boomerang and knock it to the field. With the crisis averted, Chief Anderson tells the team he's going to have someone get in there to dismantle the bomb.

All of G-Force appear to enjoy baseball

Zoltar doesn't think much of baseball saying it is "your ridiculous national pastime" to Mark, Princess and Keyop

Note: The baseball player's name, "Joe Gallactor" is a double reference to Gatchaman, with Joe being the name of the Jason character and Galactor being the name of the enemy force.



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