Dolly thinks Keyop is her missing son

Dolly fights Spectra soldiers

G-Force plays on Zoltar's fears

Mark has Zoltar in his grasp



Peril in the Pyramids

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 69
Airing Number: 61
Script Completion Date: 11/15/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To steal an ancient temple from Earth and use it as a front for a mysterious plan..

..To find out where in the universe the Temple of Amon-Ra has disappeared.

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An ancient Egyptian pyramid is stolen and transported to an alien planet! G-Force rockets through outer space on a mission to unravel the mystery and recover the monument!
"Weird!" (Keyop)
But, they are caught up in strange rituals and supernatural forces!
"What's behind?"
Is tiny Keyop the one who will finally unlock the mystery of the vanishing pyramid? Or will he be caught up by the black-hooded practitioners of evil, who haunt the desert planet of Alpha Three?
Be sure to watch this exciting episode, coming up next!
"Eee, Aroot-root!" (Keyop)
"You lose again, G-Force!" (Zoltar)

On Earth, one of the oldest Egyptian temples of Amon-Ra has gone missing. 7-Zark-7 locates it on planet Alpha Three at the edge of the galaxy. This is the planet where Earth sends all of its criminals and their families to make fresh starts. Chief Anderson orders G-Force to the hot desert planet to find out what is going on.

G-Force go to Alpha Three's capital city, Osiris and split up to investigate. Keyop stops at a booth where a woman named Dolly is offering corn on the cob. When she sees him, she mistakes Keyop for her missing son, Ali. Keyop plays along, thinking it would be nice to have a mother and they head for her home. They pass by the Amon-Ra temple and Dolly makes Keyop promise he won't try to investigate it, since bad things happen to people who go inside.

That night Keyop goes to the temple. He finds a secret door, pushes through it and is immediately surrounded by hooded figures pointing machine guns at him! As Keyop is led through the base he notices it is just a big mining operation. The first chance he gets, Keyop slips away from his guard to find a way out of the temple. In doing do, he notices Zoltar and he sneaks up to eavesdrop on a conversation he’s having with the Spirit back on Spectra. Keyop learns the temple is just a front so they can mine Selenite for use in their latest weapon. Before he can hear more, Dolly comes into the temple looking for her son. She sees Keyop and yells for him to get down, which alerts the guards. Dolly is captured and Keyop takes off, calling G-Force on his Wrist Communicator.

Some time has passed and the Spectra soldiers are unable to find Keyop. When Zoltar and his men enter a chamber to look, frightening laughter fills the room. The stone covers on five tombs slide back and mummies emerge from each one. The mummies shed their bandages to reveal G-Force. Mark gets his hands on Zoltar and begins to choke him, but the main Spectra soldier tells him to hold everything. He opens a temple door to reveal a cage full of frightened villagers held high above the mining pit. The soldier threatens to drop the cage unless Mark surrenders. Dolly is in the cage and pleads for Mark to rescue them. But Zoltar, being ruthless, orders his soldier to drop them anyway. Mark lets go of Zoltar and throws his Sonic Boomerang at the soldier before he can push the button. But as the soldier falls, he accidentally pulls the temple’s self-destruct lever.

Now Zoltar and G-Force have to get out before everything blows sky-high. As the base is crumbling around them, Keyop jumps to the cage and rescues the villagers. Zoltar and his men get away in their escape ship. Outside the temple, Dolly is wailing because she thinks she's lost Ali in the explosion... but Keyop can't tell her the truth.

Earth maintains a prison planet called Alpha Three

Keyop has always dreamed of having a Mother and thinks staying with Dolly might be nice

Note: Although the name of the woman who mistook Keyop for her son is not mentioned in the episode, it is given in scripts as Dolly.



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