Dr. Strecker

A camera in Dr. Strecker's eyepatch

The Tronic Web snares the Phoenix

Strecker's worthless photograph



Spectra Space Spider

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: Space Spider
Production Number: 84
Airing Number: 31
Script Completion Date: 8/7/78
Episode Completion Date: 10/23/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To use Dr. Strecker to get photos of G-Force's faces out of uniform..

..To defeat the Tronic Web and avoid getting their pictures taken by Dr. Strecker.

Coming up next on Battle of the Planets!
Watch the giant space spider from the alien world of Spectra spin a deadly web, as it attempts to conquer planet Earth! Will G-Force find a way to penetrate the space spider's cosmic cobweb and save Earth?
Don't miss this exciting episode as G-Force uses their Cerebonic super-powers to defend our galaxy from this evil Spectra scheme!
"Phoenix can't withstand the strain! Plan B, team!" (Mark)

President Kane declares a state of emergency when a giant flying Space Spider machine menaces Stellar City. It is causing drought conditions in the city by blocking rain clouds and it also vaporizes any cargo planes that try to get near with an energized spider web.

The Space Spider’s commander is Dr. Strecker, a scientist who wants revenge for being recently fired from Center Neptune for his work on the Tronic Web. Zoltar wants Strecker to pretend to surrender to Chief Anderson, and he’s planning on G-Force tagging along so Strecker can get some photographs of them.

Chief Anderson gets Strecker’s message and things he can convince him to come back to Center Neptune. When Chief Anderson meets with Dr. Strecker, he asks him to come back, but Strecker simply flicks a cigarette into the air where it explodes in a brilliant flash of light. The whole area is lit up, exposing G-Force’s presence. Unfortunately they’re in their civilian clothing and Strecker is able to snap pictures of their true faces before escaping.

Later, the Phoenix is leading a cargo jet formation to Stellar City and sure enough, the Space Spider appears and begins to form the Tronic Web. The Phoenix gets caught in the web and begins to break apart but Keyop uses the buzz saw in his Star Buggy to cut through it and free the Phoenix. Tiny then pilots the Phoenix right into the Space Spider which allows Mark, Jason and Princess to enter the machine and take out its crew.

When they confront Dr. Strecker, Princess loses her Wrist Activator and begins to transmute back into her civilian clothes. Mark and Jason jump in front of her and Keyop uses his bolo weapon to pull Strecker's hand away from his eyepatch camera. Princess leaps into Keyop's Star Buggy where she can't be seen and Jason retrieves her broken Wrist Activator.

Mark talks with a still-defiant Dr. Strecker, saying Anderson wants him to come back for rehabilitation. Strecker says they can't do anything for him, he lost his best friend and nothing matters. He hands Mark a copy of the photo he gave to Zoltar and tells him he's already destroyed the original negatives for the other photos. Strecker then pushes a self-destruct button on the Space Spider.

The Phoenix is able to pull away just as the Space Spider blows up. After the mission, Princess gets her Wrist Activator back and Mark shows the team the photo Strecker gave to Zoltar... which was only of their legs. Zoltar didn't get any useful pictures of G-Force.



Name: Space Spider
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Spider
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Tronic Space Web and beam
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed via self-destruct

The Space Spider used an electronic web that was deployed by it and completed with the aid of a number of smaller craft. The web had the ability to stop anything that touched it. It was also capable of firing a version of the web as an offensive beam from four points on its body. The Space Spider was impervious to missile attacks from Federation fighter planes. The Space Spider was destroyed after its commander, Dr. Strecker set it to self-destruct.

If G-Force lose their Wrist Activators while in their full G-Force uniforms, they revert back to their regular appearances

We see 7-Zark-7 in his oil shower for the first time



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