Janet Waldo, whose Voice portrays "Princess," is well-remembered for portraying the famous "Corliss Archer." She possesses one of the most gifted ranges of voices in the entertainment and commercial fields. She is also one of the industry's most prolific actresses. She has portrayed everything from "Roxanne'' in Cyrano de Bergerac to a harried housewife in a headache commercial. Ms. Waldo portrayed the voice of Judy Jetson in The Jetsons. She was "Josie" in Josie and the Pussycats and Fred Flintstone's battle-ax mother-in-law in The Flintstones, She also worked in The Addams Family. Her commercials could fill a supermarket shelf and include Max Factor, Ajax, Gemco, Sambo's, and Pringle's Potato Chips.

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