Keye Luke , whose voice portrays "Zoltar, " evil ruler of the planet Spectra (located in an alien galaxy), now a young 74, is most famed through his role as "Number One Son" in the "Charlie Chan" movies. His acting credits read like a history of the film business. He was the eldest son in the classic, The Good Earth. His other appearances include Around the World in 80 Days, "Father Wong" in Flower Drum Song, Dragon Seed, Love is a Many Splendored Thing and five "Dr. Kildare" films. He performed as the blind and wise old Chinese monk, Master Po, in the Kung Fu TV series, counseling and bringing up David Carradine. Today, Luke remains a zestful and full-of-life personality who paints, etches and draws. He has appeared in more than 150 theatrical films. When not acting, which he is regularly, he takes singing lessons and studies the Mandarin dialect. He once appeared in a film with Garbo (The Painted Veil), and he possesses the most evil voice in Hollywood, qualifying him perfectly for the "Zoltar" character.

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