Week 2

Week 2 finds 7-Zark-7 still anticipating some future upgrades. He also makes a request for a Ready Room. In a major success for Spectra, G-Force's mighty Fiery Phoenix gets knocked from the sky, forcing the construction of a brand new ship. Spectra also tries their hand at creating a new, deadly life form as a weapon.

Week 2 phrase counts (this week) (total)

G-Force! (3) (6)
Jason, Princess, Keyop and Tiny 15, Mark, then everyone else 15, Team 80

Transmute! (2) (4)
Mark (2X) 15 , Mark (2X) 67

Big Ten! (5) (18)
7-Zark-7 58, Tiny 58, Mark 15, Tiny 80, Jason 80



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