Week 7

Week 7 opens with one of the Federation's top scientists having turned sides to help Spectra. Plus Spectra plots to steal all of Earth's sugar, takes yet another stab at conquering Earth's sister planet, Riga and tries to free an entire prison full of their soldiers. The Spirit indicates he is not a native of Spectra. G-Force gets a spiffy new Ready Room where Princess and Keyop play music, Jason and Mark play ping-pong and Tiny eats Spaceburgers.

Week 7 phrase counts (this week) (total)

G-Force! (7) (30)
Team 84, Jason, Princess, Keyop and Tiny 12, Keyop 12, Jason, Princess, Keyop and Tiny 44, Jason, Princess and Keyop 42, Team (2X) 47

Transmute! (0) (18)

Big Ten! (7) (53)
Tiny 84, Mark 12, Princess 12, Keyop 12, Princess 44, Tiny 44, Princess 42



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