Buddy Sweet yells at Mark

The Mummy attacks Mark!

Dr. Sweet and the fake Captain Sweet

The Mummy without bandages

The Mummy attacks the airport

The Space Mummy

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 3
Airing Number: 48
Script Completion Date: 10/23/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To obtain the formula for Anti-Pluton.

..To check out a series of mysterious plane crashes on planet Zarkadia.

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A mysterious series of aircraft accidents occur on a newly-discovered planet and the entire G-Force team is sent on an exciting journey to outer space to try to learn the cause!
"That's it! What is it? A giant mummy!" (Mark)
What is the fearsome thing that haunts the skies above the alien planet? Who sent it? Where does it come from? How can G-Force cope with an awesome force that is neither human nor machine?
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7-Zark-7 has recently discovered an Earth-like planet in our solar system and it is soon named Zarkadia in his honor. The planet has recently suffered a series of mysterious airplane crashes and 7-Zark-7 sends Chief Anderson and G-Force to check it out.

Mark visits an airport on Zarkadia where he meets a child named Buddy and his Uncle, Dr. Sweet, who are awaiting the child's Father to return. Dr. Sweet explains that Buddy's father, Captain Sweet, was the pilot of one of the jets that went down. Buddy does not accept his father is missing and he goes to the airport every day to wait for his return.

Mark later takes his plane out fly over the crash sites. As he nears the site of the first radio emergency, he enters a dark cloud and encounters a giant hand which is revealed to be part of the Space Mummy. He manages to outfly the Mummy and it disappears as Mark exits the clouds.

Later, Chief Anderson tells Mark that traces of Plutonium X, a very dangerous radioactive substance, were found on the outside of his plane. Only planet Spectra uses Plutonium X, so Anderson deduces that the Spectrans must be using it in the propulsion system for the Space Mummy. Fortunately there is a neutralizer for Plutonium X, called Anti-pluton that has been invented by Dr. Sweet.

Mark returns to the airport where to see Buddy and Dr. Sweet again. Just then, a plane arrives at the gate and much to everyone's surprise, Captain Sweet steps off alive and well. Buddy's father explains he was rescued by fishermen who did not have a radio. He had to wait two days before they returned to port before he could contact anyone. But Dr. Sweet notices a ring on Captain Sweet's finger and eyes it suspiciously.

That night Mark drives to Dr. Sweet's house and sees a flashlight moving in a second floor window. Inside the house, Captain Sweet is caught by Dr. Sweet as he is breaking into Dr. Sweet's safe. Dr. Sweet says he knows he is an impostor, because Captain Sweet never wore rings. "Captain Sweet" then admits he is Zoltar. Still disguised, Zoltar breaks through the second story window and reenters the house on the ground floor through Buddy's room.

Zoltar threatens the boy's life if Dr. Sweet does not give him the formula to Anti-Pluton. Mark bursts into the room and he and Zoltar scuffle, but Buddy awakens to the sight of his father being beaten. He cries out, grabs Mark from behind and Zoltar uses the confusion to escape. Mark lets Dr. Sweet know he is from G-Force and is trying to help them. Dr. Sweet then tells Marks that the small amount of Anti-pluton he has is hidden within a button that Buddy's father had given to the boy earlier. Dr. Sweet and Mark explain to Buddy that it was not his real father and Buddy reluctantly gives Mark the button.

Mark joins the rest of the team as the Mummy begins openly attacking the airport. Buddy spots the fires at the airport and gets away from Dr. Sweet to run there. Mark informs the team that the Anti-pluton has to be placed in a location that will destroy the Plutonium X. They only have enough Anti-pluton for one shot.

As the Mummy takes to the air, Mark realizes the machine's weak point. Princess sees a little boy running on the airstrip and Mark recognizes Buddy on the monitors - trapped in a ring of fire. Zoltar warns the boy to stay still, assuring him he will be safe.

Mark heads to the top of the Phoenix, throws his boomerang with the Anti-pluton inside and hits the Mummy right on target. The effect is immediate and the Mummy freezes in place. Zoltar heads for an escape craft within the Mummy's back. Buddy sees him and thanks him for saving his life, but Zoltar merely turns away as he begins to remove his Captain Sweet disguise.

Mark watches Zoltar speed away into the sky. Buddy runs over and starts beating on Mark, saying that his father was a good man, despite what Mark had been telling him. Mark feels sorry for the boy and rather than force him to see the truth, lets Buddy focus his anger towards him.



Name: Space Mummy
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Zarkadia

Weapons: Brute strength
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

Powered by highly radioactive Plutonium X, The Space Mummy first appeared on planet Zarkadia where it terrorized the populace by making airplanes disappear. It was first covered with bandages to appear like a mummy. Under the bandages was a horrifying monster body with fangs, yellow eyes, pointed ears and claws. Under that layer was a metal skeleton that contained an escape craft. It was impervious to missiles, and only vulnerable where its Plutonium X was stored. The Space Mummy was destroyed when Mark was able to hit it on target with an Anti-Pluton laden Sonic Boomerang shot.

The planet Zarkadia was inhabited long before 7-Zark-7 "discovered" it

Zoltar shows some compassion when he tells Buddy to stay put during the Mummy's attack

Mark reveals his identity as a member of G-Force to Dr. Sweet

Note: Scripts call for this episode to have a trailer, but a preview was assembled as was the production practice by this time.



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