Secretary Claybourn - or not?

The Spectra commander

Anderson sends a homing signal

G-Force rescues Chief Anderson



Rockets Out of Control

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 97
Airing Number: 47
Script Completion Date: 10/20/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To destroy a nuclear energy center, the Laurelei III and Chief Anderson..

..To stop Spectra and save the Laurelei III and Chief Anderson.

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Earth launches an historic space-shot as they send two astronauts to explore a distant planet far out in the galaxy! But the evil Zoltar from planet Spectra intervenes, sending the rocket out of orbit and crashing back toward Earth as a blazing fireball! Only the incredible G-Force team can prevent the terrible destruction that will occur if the rocket returns to Earth!
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7-Zark-7 is being allowed to take time off from his duties to watch a historic space shot. Two astronauts are being sent to Sub-Planet Zora to review it as a possible weigh station for their space shuttle program. At the launch site, the Laurelei III rocket lifts of without incident. G-Force watch the proceedings from an observation deck. Elsewhere at the site, Secretary Claybourn offers Chief Anderson a ride back to his security base. He wants to drink a toast with Chief Anderson, so he agrees to go along.

G-Force head back to their ready room while Anderson boards a helicopter with Claybourn. 7-Zark-7 thinks something is strange about Secretary Claybourn's assistant and he checks Claybourn's office to inquire. Claybourn's assistant enters his office and notices a stain on the curtain. When she touches it, a badly injured Claybourn falls to the floor. The man who witnessed the space launch and who is accompanying Chief Anderson on the helicopter is an impostor.

G-Force are dispatched by 7-Zark-7 to find Chief Anderson, and he also tells them the Laurelei III just deviated from its course after the first stage rocket separated. If he’s unable to put the rocket back on course, it will re-renter Earth’s atmosphere as a fireball in about an hour. Chief Anderson is the only one who can help get control of the Laurelei III.

The impostor Claybourn reveals himself to be Zoltar in disguise. He has Chief Anderson tied to a chair but Anderson is pulling a stud on his wristwatch to send a homing signal to G-Force. Princess sees the signal and notes it is coming from Coast Harbor near an atomic energy center - the exact spot where the Laurelei III is expected to crash. Jason thinks the whole thing could be a plot by Zoltar to get them to come there. Marks agrees, but they have to take the risk to get Chief Anderson back. Tiny lands the Phoenix but they're being watched by Zoltar and his captain.

After a struggle in the base, during which Zoltar abandons his men, G-Force are able to rescue Chief Anderson and get back to the Phoenix. Mark's first priority is getting the Laurelei III back on course. But Chief Anderson tells them it is impossible since the rocket's correction system was totally destroyed when it was knocked off its pre-scheduled course. Their only chance is to fire a missile at the rocket and hope the astronauts can eject before they’re hit. Fortunately the gambit works and the astronauts and the atomic energy center are spared.

Chief Anderson wears a wristwatch that is capable of sending an emergency signal to G-Force

The name of Zoltar's personal ship is the Devil Star



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