Professor Wilde and Angie

Spectra attacks the Starfire cruise ship

Mark and Princess leap into action

The Phoenix tangles with the walrus


Perilous Pleasure Cruise

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 14
Airing Number: 50
Script Completion Date: 10/31/78
Episode Completion Date: 11/19/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..Zoltar wants Professor Wilde's cell regeneration formula..

..To get the missing cruise ship and Professor Wilde back.

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G-Force battles a new and awesome weapon from the infamous planet Spectra, as they fly a dangerous mission to the frozen north to rescue a famous scientist who has fallen into the clutches of the evil Zoltar!
"Here it comes!" (Tiny)
"Impulse power!" (Mark)
"Can't quite reach it!" (Tiny)
Will the incredible G-Force team be able to conquer this monstrous menace from outer space in time to save the scientist, and an entire ocean liner full of people?
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At Center Neptune, 7-Zark-7 notices a launch from planet Spectra that is headed for the North Pacific on Earth. In the same area, the wheelchair-bound Professor Wilde and his little granddaughter Angie are vacationing on the cruise ship Starfire. But the skies suddenly darken and an iceberg bursts to the surface of the sea. A giant walrus-shaped robot breaks out of the iceberg and freezes the Starfire with a shot of super-cooled breath.

Chief Anderson briefs G-Force on the disappearance of the ship and the fact that Professor Wilde is an important scientist who has been researching cellular renewal and organ and limb regrowth. They don't want Spectra to get their hands on him. Mark is suspicious of the icebergs Chief Anderson is showing them on their monitors, and G-Force head to the North Pacific right away to investigate.

At a secret Spectra base, the Starfire is being held in a massive docking area while all of the crew and passengers are being transported elsewhere. The Phoenix arrives at the site and G-Force very quickly find a suspicious iceberg. They land the Phoenix on the surface of the ocean and Mark and Princess go off together to take a closer look.

In the base, Professor Wilde pleads with Zoltar not to harm Angie. He has given Spectra his secret cellular renewal formula and now Zoltar plans on testing it on his granddaughter. Mark and Princess arrive just in time to stop Zoltar's horrific experiment, but the villain manages to set a bomb and trap them before escaping. Professor Wilde grabs the bomb and heads for the door getting to it just as the bomb explodes. His sacrifice blows a hole in the wall that allows Mark, Princess and Angie to escape. Mark and Princess fight their way back to the Starfire, which now has all its crew and passengers back on board. Princess detonates one of her yo-yo bombs in a key section of the base, destroying it to clear a path for the Starfire to sail free.

Zoltar has another trick up his sleeve though. He launches the walrus robot after the Phoenix and after a deadly struggle, G-Force has to transmute to the Fiery Phoenix to knock it from the sky. Zoltar gets away in an escape submarine but his plan to get Professor Wilde's formula is a success. Now he thinks he'll be able to live forever.

At Center Neptune, 7-Zark-7 hates to think that Zoltar got away with the formula, but 1-Rover-1 helps remind him of an important fact - The formula Professor Wilde gave to Zoltar was faulty. It led to the accidental death of Angie's mother and it also left Professor Wilde crippled. 7-Zark-7's spirits are lifted to think that the formula Zoltar got won't lead to a longer life, but to his destruction.



Name: Unknown
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Walrus
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Freezing breath, missiles, rocket .........hands, grabber whiskers and ray beams
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Unknown
Status: Destroyed

This walrus-shaped machine arrived on earth from Spectra encased in a massive iceberg. Dark clouds, lightning and heavy snows preceded its appearance. It was able to emit freezing breath from its mouth, fire missiles from its chest section, shoot its hands which spun like drills, aim whiskers that could grab hold of objects and fire multiple rainbow-colored destructive rays from its head. It was destroyed when G-Force hit it with the Fiery Phoenix.

Zoltar is perfectly willing to conduct horrific experiments on Angie

Note: In another rare instance of death in the series, Professor Wilde sacrifices himself to save G-Force and his granddaughter.



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