Spectra's Cuttlefish robot

Agent S-9, one of Spectra's best spies

Agent S-9 thanks Keyop and Princess

Keyop, enjoying some "hot chocolate"



Curse of the Cuttlefish - Part I

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 32
Airing Number: 59
Script Completion Date: 11/13/78
Episode Completion Date: 12/13/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To attack planet Arcturus, destroy G-Force and capture the Conway Tapes..

..To attempt a preemptive strike on Spectra to stop their plans before they start.

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A giant sea monster from the evil planet of Spectra, attacks the sister planet of Earth; Arcturus! Can the unmanned, remote-control defense forces of Arcturus hold off the terrifying mechanical beast from Spectra? Will the Cerebonic super-powers of G-Force help save planet Arcturus, or is G-Force about to fly into oblivion?
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G-Force has been sent on a top secret mission to attack Spectra before Zoltar can start another raid on Earth. But the Spirit has already put a plan into action to attack Earth's sister planet, Arcturus. The Spirit has discovered the Conway Tapes, that contain all of Earth and the Federation’s defense codes, have been hidden on Arcturus. The Spirit wants Zoltar to attend to this mission personally. In a strange move, Zoltar interrupts Arcturus airwaves to warn them of the upcoming raid. Unsure of Zoltar's objective on Arcturus, G-Force heads there in case he's going after the Conway Tapes.

Before they can arrive, a giant Cuttlefish Robot attacks the Arcturian Air Force and destroys it. When the Phoenix arrives G-Force go after the Cuttlefish. The robot lures them underwater and releases a "smoke screen" of ink to escape. Unable to see where they’re going the Phoenix crashes into an underwater reef. With the Phoenix damaged, Mark and the team decide to check things out by foot. Princess and Keyop volunteer to poke around together to see what they can find. Mark has Keyop and Princess take off their wrist bracelets to maintain their secrecy.

Meanwhile, Agent S-9, the most brilliant planetary spy in the Galaxy, has been sent by Zoltar to make contact with the radical anti-Arcturian underground. She finds them and takes command of them for Spectra. Her first move is to stage a mugging with herself as the victim to lure G-Force into the open.

When they find her being attacked, Princess rescues the woman. S-9 then asks Princess and Keyop to take her home. She invites the two inside for dinner to thank them. Princess and Keyop both suspect that she's up to something at this point and when Princess sees Keyop pass out after having some hot chocolate, she knows he's been drugged. She feigns drinking some as well and pretends to pass out, but when the Arcturian spies come in to collect her, she and Keyop beat them up.

But S-9 puts a quick stop to it by pulling a gun and telling them she knows they're G-Force and they've all been under surveillance since they arrived. She locks the two up in a room in the mansion. Meanwhile, Zoltar begins the final part of his plan - he launches the Cuttlefish machine underwater and begins to drill underground...



Name: Giant Cuttlefish
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Cuttlefish
Origin: Planet Arcturus
Sighting: Planet Arcturus
Weapons: Tentacles, head rocket, ink cloud
, .........head drill, missiles
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

The Cuttlefish monster's tentacles could catch missiles and throw them back on the ships that launched them. Plus its head section and tentacles could launch and be used as offensive weapons. The headpiece would spin and take out enemy airplanes, while the tentacles could trap them in place until the head got there. Once done, each would return to the main body of the Cuttlefish. It could fly and be operated underwater equally well. It could expel a black ink cloud to confuse enemies. The Cuttlefish was housed within a secret Spectra base on Arcturus.

When they receive proper intelligence, the Federation is willing to go on the offensive against Spectra

The Federation's all-important Conway Tapes have been transferred to Planet Arcturus for storage

Arcturus is sometimes called Earth's sister planet

Spectra sometimes issues advance warnings of their invasion plans

Keyop and Princess pose as brother and sister in their undercover operation



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