Beldania welcomes G-Force

King Sarnon... or is it?

Surrounded by brainwashed crowds

Joe helps G-Force



The Duplicate King

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 77
Airing Number: 58
Script Completion Date: 11/11/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To steal Beldania's jewels to finance their conquest of the Universe..

..To discover why a Spectra ship has headed to Beldania.

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G-Force flies to a distant country to protect a king, and prevent his fabulous collection of jewels from falling into the scheming hands of Zoltar and the forces of planet Spectra!
"This whole palace is one big booby trap!" (Mark)
"Am I goin' around, or what?" (Tiny)
"Aroot! The walls, dum-dum!" (Keyop)
The royal palace turns into a strange, terrifying house, with G-Force trapped inside! Will the amazing powers of the five, daring young astronauts be enough to cope with the evil forces of Spectra, and save the tiny kingdom of Beldania?
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7-Zark-7 watches Spectra make several launches, but the one that concerns him most is a craft heading for the Kingdom of Beldania on Earth. Beldania has an incredibly rich jewel collection that Zoltar has had his eye on. Beldania's King Sarnon is very old and credits his life and health to the fact that he's a vegetarian. Since the King and his people have been loyal to the Federation, Chief Anderson has G-Force head to Beldania to protect the jewels and the King.

When they arrive, there is a huge crowd of people waving G-Force flags and cheering their appearance. Mark takes a closer look at the state officials in the crowd and decides they're a bunch of Spectrans if he's ever seen any. So G-Force land the Phoenix under Beldania's harbor to wait until everyone is gone and they can make a quiet entry into the Kingdom.

In the King's residence, one of his officials is worried about why G-Force disappeared. As he's wondering, Mark announces the team is there. Mark explains why they waited and the official has Frankfurter, one of the staff, take G-Force to the King. As they make their way through the home, chandeliers and statues almost fall on them. Mark is suspicious, but Frankfurter says the house is old and things fall and break. But as they climb a staircase, hidden machine guns pop out of a wall beside them, which G-Force is barely able to escape. Now they know something's up and demand to see the King at once.

Once they get to King Sarnon, he welcomes them with a cup of beef tea. Hearing this, Mark knows he's an impostor. He challenges the King who reveals himself to be a Spectra agent named Gannart. Unfortunately, the room they’re in is a trap and G-Force are quickly knocked out by a gas. Zoltar tells Gannart he wants G-Force out of the way permanently. They appear helpless as Gannart and his men surround them with machine guns. As they're about to fire, G-Force jumps clear. Their Cerebonic powers have saved them. Mark blows a hole in the side of the room with explosives and G-Force escapes.

Rather than waste time chasing them, Gannart activates a Radiotronic Disorientation device which sends waves of high-pitched audio waves through Beldania. It has no effect on G-Force other than to hurt their ears, but it turns the general population into a brainwashed mob bent on killing G-Force! Talking to the crowd does no good, but G-Force can't attack normal people. As they're looking for a way to solve the problem, a manhole cover opens at Mark's feet and a little kid pops his head through. He's unaffected by the sound waves, so G-Force dive underground to get away.

The kid's name is Joe and he shows G-Force how to get out of the underground tunnels. It happens that an exit is near the palace. G-Force pop out of the tunnel and confront Gannart and his men. They destroy his control center, but before they can get away, Zoltar interrupts with a telecom communication telling G-Force that Beldania's jewels will soon be his. But that's not all... he also informs them the base they're standing in is wired to self destruct in thirty seconds! Gannart and his men and G-Force are barely able to make it out before it explodes.

G-Force pick themselves up out of the rubble of the building, Joe is reunited with his parents and G-Force is able to rescue the real king and return to Center Neptune. For their trouble, G-Force will receive special medals from King Sarnon, made from some of the royal jewels.

Sometimes knockout gas doesn't work against G-Force's Cerebonic powers



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