Spectra's brain creature

The creature grabs the Phoenix

Muto presses a doomsday button



The Great Brain Robbery

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: The Evil Brain Robbery
Production Number: 65
Airing Number: 56
Script Completion Date: 11/8/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview*
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To clone a stolen AI brain for use as a weapon against Earth..

..To destroy Spectra's cloning facility and their robot using the stolen AI brain.

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An evil brain creature from planet Spectra takes over the body of a giant robot and threatens to destroy Earth! Can G-Force find a way to neutralize the awesome power of the evil planet Spectra?
"It's splitting the ship apart!" (Princess)
Can the Phoenix withstand the crushing stress?
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Spectra attacks Earth’s Artificial Intelligence Center and steals an artificial brain before disappearing. When G-Force follow, they’re attacked by a fearsome creature but manage to drive it away with the Whirlwind Pyramid. Mark is even able to cut off one of its arms before it gets away and he takes it back to Center Neptune for analysis.

Chief Anderson tells them the arm is composed of brain cells, probably made from an evil brain the Artificial Intelligence Center created. The evil brain was created in order to study the criminal Spectran mind, so there could be some chance of understanding Zoltar better. But now Spectra has the brain and is using it with their new creature for terrible purposes.

The next day, Chief Anderson takes G-Force to the Space Dome Arena to see a special robot they’ll be working with later. It is called the Giant Fembot and it will hopefully counteract the evil Spectra creature. But as they're looking at the robot, the Spectra brain creature crashes through the roof, takes over the body of the Giant Fembot, transforms it for its own use and takes off.

Zoltar's plan is to clone the brain creature hundreds of times so he can use them to conquer the Earth and the Galaxy. Mark orders the rest of the team to stop the beast while he sneaks into Spectra’s base to destroy it. G-Force give chase to the brain creature in the Phoenix, but it grabs hold of the ship. At the Spectra base, Commander Muto sends the brain creature more power in an attempt to crush the Phoenix's hull. Meanwhile, Mark has discovered the plan to clone the creature and he sets about destroying the base’s lab.

Tiny pulls the Phoenix from the brain creature's grasp takes the Phoenix into a steep dive to punch through its hide, but the Phoenix ends up getting trapped again in its magnetic force shield. Mark manages to ruin all of Zoltar's plans before escaping the base. With all hope lost, Zoltar orders Muto to press the base's doomsday button.

The Phoenix once again escapes the brain creature just as Mark arrives to join the rest of the team on the Phoenix. Mark then gives the order to transmute into the Fiery Phoenix. After a quick pass from the tremendous heat of the Fiery Phoenix, the brain creature melts into a useless puddle. Soon after, Muto presses the doomsday button which destroys the base with him in it. With their mission a success, Chief Anderson tells G-Force President Kane has issued an order that all future artificial brains are to be developed for peaceful purposes only.



Name: Brain Creature
Type: Giant Biological Weapon Monster
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Energy blasts, Magnetic Force Shield
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: No
Status: Destroyed

Spectra's Brain Creature arrived and stole an evil artificial brain developed by the Federation, and it later stole the body of a large Federation Fembot, both of which it put to use for its own evil purposes. The Brain Creature was strong enough to grab hold of the Phoenix and keep it from soaring into the sky. It was also able to squeeze hard enough to crack the Phoenix's hull. The Creature had a powerful Magnetic Force Shield that kept it from being harmed. The Brain Creature was destroyed when G-Force melted it with the Fiery Phoenix.

Princess and Keyop live in the same building, but the rest of G-Force live in separate dwellings

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