Zoltar addresses Arcturus

Princess and Keyop held prisoners

Worried about Princess and Keyop

Spectra steals the Federation building!



Curse of the Cuttlefish - Part II

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 33
Airing Number: 60
Script Completion Date: 11/14/78
Episode Completion Date: 12/14/78
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To continue their plan to capture the Conway Tapes..

..To find Princess and Keyop and halt Spectra's progress.

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The thrilling conclusion of the G-Force mission to far off Arcturus! Spectra's giant cuttlefish has invaded Earth's sister planet, Arcturus! Princess and Keyop have been captured by Spectra spies! Now Zoltar continues his destructive search for the Conway Tapes, which hold all the secret defense codes for Earth and the Federation! Can Mark and Jason rescue Princess and Keyop from the flying Spectra prison? Will G-Force be able to reunite in time to stop Zoltar from stealing the top secret Conway Tapes?
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Continuing from last episode, the Cuttlefish is boring underground on Arcturus and Zoltar has declared he'll destroy every building on the planet until he finds the Conway Tapes. Tiny, Jason and Mark watch while an entire city is destroyed, but they're wary about attacking it, fearing Princess and Keyop might be held captive aboard the monster machine.

Zoltar, having destroyed most of Arcturus' robot defense forces is now ready to destroy their metropolitan power centers. He addresses the citizens of Arcturus, asking them to convince their leaders to hand the Conway Tapes over to him.

Meanwhile, Keyop and Princess are actually being held captive in a castle and Agent S-9 arrives to kill them. The rest of G-Force send a deceptive video signal to show Zoltar that Princess and Keyop are on the Phoenix. Agent S-9 intercepts the message and stops the execution. 7-Zark-7 is soon able to give Tiny a lead on Princess and Keyop’s location at the castle. But when they check it out, they discover Princess and Keyop have already been moved. 7-Zark-7 thinks they may have been transferred to the Cuttlefish monster.

Mark and Jason take off with Princess and Keyop's communicators, to get inside the Cuttlefish monster. Time may be running out though, Zoltar has finally been able to discover the Conway Tapes in the Federation Building and the Cuttlefish steals the whole building so Zoltar can search it! Mark and Jason are able to locate and free Princess and Keyop and Mark gives their communicators back to them. Before they get out off the ship, Princess sets an explosive charge in one of its control panels.

Back on the Phoenix, Mark confronts Zoltar telling him the Conway Tapes are safe back at Center Neptune. Zoltar doesn't believe him and he uses one of the Cuttlefish's tentacle arms to try to break into one of the metal boxes containing the Tapes. All that happens is a new chemical is released and it starts to eat through the metal on the tentacle. Zoltar enables the Cuttlefish's black smoke screen and launches a missile at G-Force which they're barely able to dodge.

Still clutching the Federation Building, the Cuttlefish dives into a nearby sea and the Phoenix follows. But when G-Force gets close, the Cuttlefish launches its nose section, which is a giant missile. In the rush to escape, the Phoenix gets caught in the turbulence from the missile and slams into an underwater rock formation where it gets stuck. They break free just dodging the missile. As the Spectra ship is ready to launch again, two cylinders rise up from the Federation Building and detonate, completely destroying the Cuttlefish robot. G-Force is able to surface in time to see the explosion.

Of course, Zoltar escapes again, returning to Spectra in failure. With their success in driving Spectra off Planet Arcturus, G-Force can now return to Earth. At Center Neptune, 7-Zark-7 is unable to pick up any sign of Agent S-9... but he feels they haven't seen the last of her.



Name: Giant Cuttlefish
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Cuttlefish
Origin: Planet Arcturus
Sighting: Planet Arcturus
Weapons: Tentacles, head rocket, ink cloud
, .........head drill, missiles
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

In addition to its other weapons, the Cuttlefish was also able to launch missiles from its front torso section. It was able to lift entire buildings with its tentacles. Part of the Cuttlefish was damaged when one of Princess Yo-yo bombs went off inside it, destroying its auxiliary control panel. Then Zoltar broke open the case that was supposed to have the Conway Tapes, but it really contained deadly Chem LX-10, which ate away at some of the Cuttlefish's tentacles. The monster was finally destroyed after getting hit by a missile from the Phoenix, while it passed two more cylinders of Chem LX-10. Zoltar got away in an escape ship.

Zoltar believes he was kind to the Arcturians since he gave them enough time to evacuate their cities before he destroyed them



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