The Crab Nebulae

A spiraling mass of swirling gases where the Planet Spectra is located 21, 57, 61, 14, 90, 65, 39. It is also home to the Planet Omeg II, which is under Spectran control 11. This is usually the first place 7-Zark-7 checks when there is trouble 14. According to The Spirit, Spectra’s Galaxy is doomed unless they have Earth as a supply base 67. Spectran attacks are launched from here 90, 39.


Omeg II


This is a primitive, uninhabited planet within the Crab Nebulae that is under Spectran control. The Spectrans have a secret base on this planet that is located within the mouth of a volcano. When the Spectrans hijack the FY-9 craft that was built for Riga, they fly it to this base. The base is equipped with a traction beam and a hangar and it is ruined when a Rigan time bomb missile detonates, destroying it and the FY-9 11.




The home planet for Commander Typhon, who was its leader before he was exiled


Sigma Minor


One of Spectra’s subjugated slave planets. The inhabitants of the planet are most insolent, mean and terribly strong. There are only a few inhabitants of this planet left, including Korag, who is sent on a special mission for Spectra



Location: The Crab Nebulae, fifty thousand light years from Earth. First mention: 1

This hostile planet is located in the Crab Nebulae 62, 57, deep within its center 99. From a distance it appears to be a brown, lumpy planet with a yellow-green glow 101. It is the arch-enemy of Earth 57 and The Spirit and Zoltar are both based here. Spectra is a constant enemy to Earth and other Alliance planets 48. It has been denied a seat in the Intergalactic Federation because of its unwarranted attacks on member planets 87.

Spectra is fifty thousand light years from Earth 21 and getting to it is a perilous flight 57. The entire planet is protected by a Neutron Force Field 32. Spectra closely resembles Earth 36, only it is millions of years older 61. Spectra’s landscapes include low mountainous areas with green plains 21, frozen areas 57, 67, at least one ocean 9, a desert 99 and swamp land 101. During one mission there, Tiny remarks that it looks just like Texas 21. It has blue skies 9, 99 and a single sun 99, although Zoltar once says it has dual red suns 67. It also has small moons 39.

The planet is dying, drying up 30 and thirsting for energy 17. Spectra craves Earth's resources to replace their own dwindling supply 36 and its leaders are desperate 62. They need what Earth has and they'll never stop attacking until they rob Earth of everything 61. But despite their lack of natural resources, they have an inexhaustible supply of weapons 36.

Spectra’s most strategic secret military base is located on the planet 32. Their primary base is located in what looks like the ruins of an old castle 99. They have laboratories for their scientists, such as Dr. Glock 76.




This hostile planet is located in an alien Galaxy. It is a distant desert planet, but it has at least one vast sea and a single sun. Tramulus is the home to Commander Antoff, who mounts an attack against Earth and G-Force using a swarm of small robot ants. It is pinpointed as the source of the attack when 7-Zark-7 identifies a metal in the robot ants that comes from Tramulus.

Antoff's main base is on Tramulus and this is from which the robot ants are dispatched. Most of the base is underground, but there are two giant anthill spires on the surface of the planet to mark its location. The ground around the base has quicksand that can pull people underground. The base features a transparent, egg-shaped dome trap and a massive cocoon that houses a giant robot ant. The base is staffed with Spectra soldiers through a temporary alliance between Tramulus and Spectra 10.




This is a hostile planet in an unknown Galaxy. An attack is launched against Earth from here by the space pirate Captain Doom. Urgos' ground forces have a force field which Mark doubts the Phoenix's missiles can get through. Plus, it has an underground base housed in the top of a volcano that is protected by surface-to-air missiles. The base has old, unused mineshafts. Inside, the mountain base is hollow and it is a modern structure made of metal. Additionally, the base has a deep mineshaft with a ladder running its entire length that is protected by automatic lasers, and a main computer room that is defended by tanks that look like preying mantises.

There is no stated connection between Urgos and Spectra. Indeed, Captain Doom wants Earth for Urgos for his own reasons. But the base on Urgos appears to be manned by Spectran soldiers. This base is destroyed when Keyop and Jason are able to destroy a generator, which allows lava to flow in and fill it 7.



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