He is 7-Zark-7's unseen "grandfather" who always used 3-in-one oil 21.


Uncle Ajeeb


He is like a father to Tabul, the Prince of Aburra on Earth. He wears a ring on his finger that he never takes off. But he changes while Tabul is away studying at Center Neptune and he overthrows the young prince to become the country's Sheik. When Mark and Tabul discover a body in a dungeon with a ring on its finger, they realize that the real Ajeeb is dead and the imposter is Zoltar in another of his disguises. The picture to the left is of Zoltar's disguise 35.
Voice: William Woodson




An old blind man who lives in a stone hut in the village of Changu in the Himalayas on Earth. He is very good at hand-to-hand combat. He knows the secret of Changu, which he tells to Keyop before he apparently dies 95.




A pretty blonde girl with whom Tiny is smitten. She says she has never met a man as macho as Tiny before 44.
Voice: Janet Waldo




The missing son of a woman named Dolly on Planet Alpha-Three. He looks amazingly like Keyop and Ali's mother Dolly mistakes him for her son. He ran away a while ago and Dolly thought she had lost him. Ali liked sesame bread with honey and joastra cakes 69.




The daughter of a colonist who began sculpting faces on Monument Mountain on Space Island. She is following in her father's footsteps and has dedicated her life to complete the sculptures he started. Since her father passed away, this is her one great ambition and she works long, hard hours every day. When a Lava Giant that shares one of the faces she's carving appears on Space Island, Jason is suspicious that she's involved. But Princess comes to her defense since Amelia is an old friend of hers 25.
Voice: Janet Waldo




Professor Wilde's young granddaughter. The two live on Earth. Her deceased mother was Professor Wilde's daughter and laboratory assistant. Zoltar threatens to try out Professor Wilde's cell regeneration formula on Angie after Professor Wilde gives it to him. After the Professor dies saving Angie, Mark and Princess, she is set to go to live with her aunt 14.
Voice: Janet Waldo


Dr. Baxter


The Federation's top Solar scientist. He has created a Solar reflector in order to melt part of the polar ice cap to bring water to thirsty parts of the Earth. While Dr. Baxter and his Cerebonically-enhanced St. Bernard, Orion are in the Arctic taking aerial photos to determine where to place the reflector, they come across a hidden Spectra base. Unfortunately, Spectra soldiers also see him and jam his helicopter's communications. Before they capture him, he manages to send Orion back to G-Force for help. Dr. Baxter is captured but he refuses to cooperate with Zoltar. With Orion's help, G-Force and Orion are eventually able to rescue Dr. Baxter. His radio call sign is "Explorer-One 37."
Voice: Frank Maxwell




One of Galaxy Security's top scientists, along with Ward. They are old hands at mountain exploration and they are charged with finding a bigfoot monster in Tibet on Earth. While there, the bigfoot attacks their tent and Cameron manages to to send an emergency message. Despite the harrowing attack, 7-Zark-7 reported they got out of the area and were on their way home safely 71.
Voice: William Woodson


Dr. Carig


A top Earth geologist who agrees to lead G-Force on an underground mission on Earth. While on the mission he is in complete charge. He is very opinionated, objecting to the presence of "a child and a woman" on the G-Force team - thinking that some of the team will do, and he'll have to make due with the rest. He has a pet chimpanzee named Cindy. During the mission, he reveals that he's working for Spectra since they understand him and his feelings for animals, while G-Force has been completely insensitive. He carries a gun. He gets trapped under a drill head while trying to save himself and G-Force from an explosive, but he survives and will be back to work with the Federation when he gets out 83.
Voice: Alan Young


Professor Chambers


He is a leading entomologist who discovers a peculiar locust causing environmental effects in the Amazon on Earth. He experiments on one of the creatures he captures and is sure that it is a mutant. Keyop journeys to the Amazon with Chambers to investigate the creatures. When they attack, Chambers and Keyop are forced to burn his own laboratory before the rest of G-Force arrive to take out the threat. The Professor remains behind to finish his work 72.
Voice: Edward Andrews




One of the miners on Sytron. When Keyop first shows up to rescue the miners, Chico thinks he is a Spectra soldier. His name is from scripts 45.
Voice: William Woodson


Sec. Bryan Claybourn


He is attacked and seriously injured on Earth by a Spectra agent so Zoltar can impersonate him and take his place. He is found by an office assistant and hospitalized. He will recover but he is unable to give any information about his attackers. The picture to the left is of Zoltar's disguise. His first name comes from scripts 97.



A doorman/guard at the Intergalactic Research Laboratory on Earth 24.




A technician at the Solar Energy Center on Cretola. She stayed behind voluntarily with her husband Orin during a Spectra attack on the Center in a last-ditch effort to save it. Her parents hold high political positions and she could be a prime target for Spectra. Ultimately, she and Orin are transformed into humanoid robots by Zoltar 43.
Voice: Janet Waldo


The Dirty Name 5


They are the most famous rock band in the Milky Way. They are captured by Zoltar on Earth and forced to record songs for Zoltar, who then uses them as a sonic weapon. When they try to signal for help within their holding cells, they are tortured. Their drummer is named Eddie. G-Force is able to rescue the entire band safely 41.




A woman selling corn on the cob in Planet Alpha-Three's capital city Osiris. She mistakes Keyop for her missing son Ali. She has a camel and lives in a stone house. She thinks "Ali" talks different now, since he's been away so long. She risks capture by Spectra to go after Keyop, still thinking he is her missing son. Her name comes from scripts 69.
Voice: Takayo Fischer


Prof. Doriarity

Professor Hugo Doriarity is one of the world's leading research scientists who has invented a powerful cyborg horse. Tiny thinks he's spooky. He lives in a cabin on Earth and he is kidnapped by two Spectra soldiers and taken to Planet Spectra. Doriarity becomes one of the few outsiders who gets to see The Spirit. Doriarity wants power more than money and while on Spectra, he bargains to give them what they want if he can be made the new ruler in Zoltar's place. Once The Spirit has his technology he announces they are going to use his horses for an attack on Earth. When Doriarity says that isn't what he intended them for and he won't allow it, Zoltar laughs at him and reveals that now that they have the horses, they don't need him any more. Doriarity's leadership was just a trick so The Spirit and Zoltar could get what they wanted. Doriarity is knocked out with powerful light beams, but Mark and Princess manage to rescue him and convince him to tell them how to destroy the cyborg horses before they can reach Earth. G-Force is able to rescue the Professor safely 21.
Voice: Edward Andrews




The drummer for the rock group Dirty Name 5 41.
Voice: Alan Dinehart.


Dr. Fogerty


A Federation scientist who requests Mark and Princess to come to the Conway Complex to look for Spectra agents who are trying to get their hands on the Conway Tapes. He is last seen requesting robot fighters to pursue the Spectra spy ship escaping with the Conway Tapes 101.
Voice: William Woodson


Captain Frank


The pilot of President Kane's plane. He is bitten and knocked unconscious by Zoltar's bug. 7-Zark-7 reported that he quickly recovered and is back on duty 47. This character's name was an homage to series presenter, Sandy Frank.
Voice: Ronnie Schell




A weasely-looking assistant at King Sarnon's residence in Beldania 77.
Voice: Keye Luke


A human who came to Planet Mir and is now the helmsman on boat TO5, which was sunk by Spectra 5.
Voice: Alan Young


Joe Gallactor


A baseball player who plays for the Majors on Earth. He is number one in the lineup. He is brainwashed by Spectra, along with other players, to attack G-Force. While under this influence he is able to bat Mark's Sonic Boomerang weapon right back at him 63. This character's last name was the original name of the enemy in Gatchaman.


Dr. Gorky


He is the architect of Future World and creator of the Gorky Formula. He is eccentric, but definitely a genius. He is going to survey locations on Earth for a site for Future World and he refuses any Security protection. To check out the site, he insists on flying in a vintage propeller driven plane. He dislikes anyone nosing around his equipment. He keeps his energy formula "in his head," actually in microfilm hidden in his hair. Gorky has a clean record to a point but he has radical ideas. In the end, Gorky buries his formula deep within the Earth, claiming mankind is not quite ready for it 100.
Voice: Edward Andrews


Amanda (Gregg)


The young daughter of Dr. Gregg, a Federation scientist on Earth. Her mother is dead. She is kidnapped by Spectra to force Dr. Gregg into cooperating with them. At the beginning of the adventure, Dr. Gregg has not seen her for three days. She is sometimes called "Mandy" by her father. She seems attracted to Mark and admits that she wishes someone else besides her Dad would care for her too. Once she is rescued by mark, she is just about to say she feels something for him, when her Father arrives. In her mind, she knows there must be someone in Mark's life, but wishes she could have been his 79.
Voice: Janet Waldo


Dr. Gregg


He is a widower and has been with the Federation for ten years. He lives in a massive house on Earth and has a daughter named Amanda. He has always performed with complete integrity, but Anderson discovers he is about to hand over the Federation's master code to Spectra. Mark and Jason think he is okay but Anderson says they have to stop him. Anderson thinks Gregg must be under some intense pressure like a ransom demand or blackmail. To prove it, Mark pretends to want to defect to Spectra and tells Gregg to see if he can flush out his true allegiance. Dr. Gregg takes Mark back to his house and traps him there, saying Mark is a traitor. Anderson is right, Gregg's daughter Amanda is being held by Spectra, but Mark is able to rescue her. While Dr. Gregg did hand over a machine to Spectra with the Master Code, he rigged it to erase as it runs 79.
Voice: Edward Andrews


Debbie Harlan


The daughter of Dr. Harlan. She lives on Earth and blames Mark for the death of her Father. Mark takes her on the Phoenix and gives her the chance fire a missile to destroy the monster that was really responsible for killing her Father, but she refuses. Afterwards she forgives Mark for not being able to save her Father and she is grateful to him for teaching her that revenge only hurts her 4.
Voice: Janet Waldo


Dr. Harlan

He is a famous seismologist and a friend of Mark's who knows he leads G-Force. He has a daughter named Debbie and he smokes. Harlan knows that some recent seismic disturbances are not occurring along normal faults and he believes he can locate the source. But before he gets the chance he is killed during an attack from Spectra's Space Serpent monster 4.
Voice: Frank Maxwell


Dr. Hobson


A colleague of Professor Starke. He knows that Professor Starke completed work on his concentrated soil protein, and he tells Chief Anderson the formula Starke gave to Spectra agent Hanna was a fake. He says he would stake his professional reputation on the fact that it was fake. He has tried to speak to the jailed Professor Starke, but Starke refuses to see him 88.
Voice: Edward Andrews


Captain Jack


A fisherman who is an old friend of Tiny's. He knew Tiny's father like a brother 75. He lives in Tiny's old hometown on Earth and is sometimes called "Cap." He has a young son named Tommy 26.
Voice: Keye Luke (26) and Casey Kasem (75)




Princess takes over a job at a little bar for this unseen friend of hers for a night 39.


Joe (1)


A co-pilot member of Riga's air defenses. He is apparently killed during Riga's first encounter of Spectra's Creature of a thousand Eyes 15.

Joe (2)


A child who is underground and therefore unaffected by Spectra's Radiotronic Disorientation device in the Kingdom of Beldania on Earth. He helps G-Force navigate the city's underground tunnels. He is first separated from, then later reunited with his parents 77.
Voice: Janet Waldo


President Kane


He is the President of the Intergalactic Federation 5. He is sometimes called "Big Man" and "President One" 47 and he smokes cigars 5. He sometimes takes on important missions himself, such as the time he transported the Dynastral Computer component 47. He has a private jet and pilot 47. He says that his responsibility as the President of the Intergalactic Federation includes all peaceful planets, not just Earth 5. After a melee with an evil brain that Spectra steals, he orders scientists to develop artificial brains for peaceful purposes only 65. He was originally referred to as "President Kolmar" in scripts.
Voice: Edward Andrews




A lead investigator for a Federation Recon Unit on Planet Riga. He and his team are captured and cut off from communicating with Chief Anderson 15.
Voice: William Woodson

Prof. Barney Kenton

He works at Weather Control and has developed a new type of weather control missile. He is the head of a department, just like Chief Anderson with whom he is also good friends. Anderson says he is a brilliant scientist, but also the most stubborn man on Earth. Kenton's missiles may be the key to stopping a Spectra attack on Earth. but at first, the Professor is reluctant to help. He doesn't feel that the missiles have been tested enough, and thinks that Anderson is only wanting to put on a show for the press that are present in the center. But once Anderson tells him about Zoltar's quest to take Earth's water resource centers to Spectra, Kenton realizes that he has to help. Despite his misgivings, the Professor's missiles are successful in turning back the Spectra threat. His first name comes from scripts 30.
Voice: Alan Young




A young, blonde sniper who lives in a mountainous region on Planet Venus, who tries to kill G-Force when he thinks they are with Spectra. He is part of a faction that does not like aliens on Venus, especially ones from Spectra. Kolb reveals that Spectra killed his people and family, and he avenges them by continuing to hunt Spectra agents. He can drive a jeep-type vehicle. His name comes from scripts 96.
Voice: David Jolliffe


Prof. Walter Lambert


He is the inventor of an Electro-Dynamic Force Field that Spectra is after. Since other scientists have been going missing, Mark takes the task of guarding him personally. But before he can get to the Professor, Spectra attacks and steals plans for the force field. He is not seen again after the attack 24.


Dave Leonard


He was Lucy's unseen driving partner in a race a year before the African 9,000 Mile Obstacle Race in which Jason and Lucy are participating. He and Lucy ended up in a dead heat with Jason. He was originally named Bob Jeffries in scripts 27.


Julie Leslie


A young girl that has been kidnapped by Spectra. Since her Father represents the Earth in the Intergalactic Federation, the press speculates that Spectra has taken Julie to force the Federation into accepting them as members. While on patrol, Keyop sees her sunbathing on a castle roof and goes back by himself to rescue her. He develops quite a crush on her and she appears to like him back. After Keyop rescues her, her family gets transferred to the distant Andromeda Galaxy, leaving Keyop heartbroken. She was originally named Julie Danners in scripts 87.
Voice: Janet Waldo


Professor Mayberry


He is the head of the Institute for the Study of Ancient Civilizations on Earth. During a press conference to discuss the escape of Zeno, Mayberry says he is not at liberty to discuss with Ms. Ostric why it is important for the Zenobian to be returned to the institute. His name comes from scripts 46.
Voice: Frank Maxwell




Tabul's pudgy friend who begins to prey to the Balu idol. His name comes from scripts 35.
Voice: Keye Luke




A technician at the Solar Energy Center on Cretola. He stayed behind voluntarily with his wife Diane during a Spectra attack on the Center in a last-ditch effort to save it. He and Diane have only been married about a year. Ultimately, he and Diane are transformed into humanoid robots by Zoltar 43.
Voice: David Jolliffe



Older brother of Poco in Portugal on Earth. He and his brother help their father on his fishing boat. Both of the boys want to join G-Force and they even dress up in homemade G-Force costumes and sneak aboard a Spectra rocket 36.
Voice: Janet Waldo




Younger brother of Peru in Portugal on Earth. He and his brother lie about seeing a Spectra attack first. He is the first to mention a squid monster. He and his brother want to join G-Force and they even dress up in homemade G-Force costumes and sneak aboard a Spectra rocket 36.
Voice: Alan Young


President Polke


Chief Anderson asks him for a status report on Arcturus. Polke is not seen again after their conversation. His name comes from scripts 33.
Voice: Edward Andrews

Dr. Rainey


A Scientist at the Intergalactic Research Laboratory. He disappears after the car he is in is confronted by Spectra's Musical Mummy. He is not seen again after the attack 24.
Voice: Alan Dinehart


Jim Reeg


He is the pilot of a space ship that gets shot down by Spectra's Space Bat machine on Earth. G-Force rescue him, but he is unable to speak at first. As he recovers, he gains the ability to talk again and he shows amazing prowess with Keyop's bolas and Mark's boomerang. When Princess mentions the word "force," it reminds Jim of "force ray," which is what Spectra used to shoot him down, and he seems to get a bad headache. He can also ride a motorcycle. It was later revealed that he had been taken on board the Spectra Space Bat and given a post-hypnotic suggestion to place him under Spectra's power. But before he was hypnotized, he was able to plant a bomb on the Spectra machine, enabling it to be destroyed later. He escapes the Space Bat with Mark 60. This character's last name was an homage to series consultant, Leonard Reeg.
Voice: Alan Young


Commander Saleem


The Commander pilot of the air patrol over Aburra on Earth that fires on the Phoenix 35.
Voice: Ronnie Schell


King Sarnon


The 92 year old King of Beldania. He is impersonated by a Spectra Lieutenant named Gannart in an effort to take over the country and kill G-Force. Fortunately, the real King is still alive. He is a vegetarian, and that is what he credits for his long life and good health. If Gannart is to be believed, he is the last reigning Monarch in the world. After he is rescued by G-Force, they are told he is going to give medals to all of them made with some of Beldania's royal jewels. The picture to the left is of Gannart in disguise 77.


Dr. Sellers


An official from Planet Riga. He flies to Earth to meet with Chief Anderson at the Intergalactic Science Headquarters, where he tells Anderson that a Spectra weapon called the X-3 is operational on Riga. He comes to deliver a message to the Galaxy that all Federation planets are to surrender to Spectra, or they will launch the X-3. He is not seen again after his meeting with Chief Anderson 52.



A child in India who offers feed to a peacock, then stamps on its tail when it turns away 80.
Voice: Janet Waldo


Professor Starke


A scientist at the Galactic Research Center on Earth who discovers a formula for duplicating animal protein from common soil, down to the last amino acid. He is a controversial figure and maybe even a traitor. Starke is a very troubled man, who lost interest in everything after his wife died in a fire in their building. All copies of his formula were destroyed in the fire, so if he dies, it dies with him. Starke was later observed on a stake-out giving a copy of the formula to a Spectra agent named Hanna. After the stake-out he was taken into custody and jailed in a high security prison. Ever since that time he has refused to discuss the matter with anyone. He even refuses to see his friend Dr. Hobson. When Spectra uses their operative Korag to try to kill Starke, he changes his mind and agrees to testify against Hanna. It is later revealed that the copy of the formula he gave to Hanna was just a worthless fake 88.

Dr. Brad Strecker


He is one of Center Neptune's top research scientists with a brilliant future and a lot of potential. While there, he invents the Tronic Space Web, but Chief Anderson thinks the project is too dangerous. Strecker takes this as a personal rejection and leaves Center Neptune claiming he has been dismissed. He defects to Spectra to continue his research, but without the proper equipment, he loses an eye and has to wear an eye patch. He blames his dismissal and loss of his career and eye on Chief Anderson, who was once his close friend. 7-Zark-7 thinks Strecker has the scientific skill to contribute great advances, or deadly evil. Strecker is put in command of the Spectra Space Spider, which uses his Tronic Web to terrorize and cripple Stellar City. Strecker also uses a camera in his eye patch to go through with Zoltar's plot to get pictures of G-Force in their civilian guises. He gives Zoltar one worthless photo and instead of handing the good ones over, he tells Zoltar he can have them for a price. He later has a change of heart and admits to G-Force that he has already destroyed the negatives of the other photos. Although Anderson wants him back to rehabilitate, Strecker feels they can't do anything - he's lost his best friend and nothing else matters. To destroy the technology he created, he apparently kills himself by pushing a self-destruct button on the Spectra Space Spider. His first name comes from scripts 84.
Voice: Edward Andrews


Buddy Sweet


A boy on Planet Zarkadia whose Father was a pilot on a flight that has gone missing. He stays at a local airport all day long, awaiting his father's return, refusing to accept that he is gone. He refers to his father as "Poppa." He wears a blue button with a yellow rim and a red lighting bolt, given to him by his father 3. He was originally named Butch in scripts.
Voice: Janet Waldo


Captain Sweet


Buddy Sweet's Father, an airline pilot on Planet Zarkadia who goes missing while piloting Flight 5. He appears to return a few days later, but when his brother, Dr. Sweet, notices a ring on his finger, he knows the Captain is an imposter - the real Captain Sweet never wore rings. Indeed it is Zoltar impersonating him, because he is trying to get close to Dr. Sweet in order to steal a substance called Anti-Pluton that the doctor had invented. The fate of the real Captain Sweet is unknown. The picture to the left is of Zoltar in disguise 3.
Voice: Keye Luke


Dr. Sweet


He cares for his nephew Buddy on Planet Zarkadia after the boy's airline pilot Father, Captain Sweet, disappears. Dr. Sweet has invented Anti-Pluton, which can be used to neutralize Plutonium X, a substance used by Spectra. Dr. Sweet has all but abandoned his work to take his nephew to the airport to wait for his Father every day 3. When Captain Sweet appears to return, it is Dr. Sweet who notices that he is an imposter. Dr. Sweet agrees to give the Anti-Pluton to Mark, in order to keep it from Spectra.
Voice: Frank Maxwell




The young Sheik of Aburra on Earth, also referred to as a Prince. He studies at Center Neptune and becomes a close friend of G-Force before returning to his own country. When he returns, he finds that his once kind Uncle Ajeeb has overthrown him and taken control of Aburra. Unlike many of his countrymen who think help will come from an old stone idol called Balu, Tabul believes their only real help will come from G-Force 35.
Voice: Casey Kasem




The co-pilot of a DC-5 that Dr. Gorky and Mark use to scout a location for Future World on Earth 100.



Colonel Cronus' unseen infant son 51.




An old friend of Mark's from the Space Academy. He is wounded on Earth and Mark takes him in to look after his injuries. When Tom says he's seen Mark's father on Planet Riga, the two head off to find him. But it is all a ruse. Spectra has threatened to kill Tom unless he delivers Mark. With Cronus' help, Mark escapes and Tom begs for mark's forgiveness and help. Mark notes that Tom hasn't changed... he was always crying to Mark for help at the Academy, but now Mark is through helping him 52.




Captain Jack's son. He lives in Tiny's old home town on Earth and he knows Tiny is a member of G-Force 75. He can scuba dive and when he helps Chief Anderson and G-Force on a mission, they tell him he can be a G-Forcer when he grows up 26.
Voice: Janet Waldo




Jason rescues this girl from an attack by Spectra Robotoids that shoot glowing rings of energy. Mark is suspicious of her, but Jason thinks she's beautiful and defends her. Later when Jason goes to visit her in the hospital, a nurse is attacked by the same glowing rings and Tyna walks out of the room right afterwards. Jason knows Tyna is working for Spectra now. The only reason she was attacked initially was because she was trying to escape from Spectra. Zoltar's sister Mala is forcing Tyna to cooperate with Spectra by holding her parents captive on one of their slave planets. After G-Force defeat the Robotoids, Tyna is able to escape their grasp. Her parents are also able to escape the slave planet and make it safely to the friendly planet of Tolak 70. Tyna's normal appearance is at the top left, she is in her Spectra disguise below.




A prisoner at San Martin maximum security prison on Earth who is being released after thirty years. He was once mighty handy with guns, the fastest draw in the world, which is why Spectra wants him. He likes to call people "bucko." He is brought to Planet Spectra to fire the Cryno-Gun. Even though Anderson and G-Force are wary of a trap on Planet Spectra, the team goes to the planet to try to get Vargo back. He very nearly defeats G-Force with his excellent marksmanship. Jason, Keyop and Tiny are all frozen with the Cryno-Gun, but Mark is able to upend it causing it to blow up. The rest of the team thaw out when the gun is destroyed and Vargo says he has learned his lesson 57.


Donald Wade


He is a scientist and a member of the G-Force team who resigns to go work for Spectra. He is a genius in chemistry who was working on a formula for a universal solvent when he left G-Force. Marks says he could never get close to him because he was a real loner, and that he and Jason couldn't get along at all. His Mother believes he is on a secret assignment for the government. Almost two years after he leaves, a Spectra weapon shows up made with Wade's formula. He is actively helping Spectra develop the weapon, which he and Zoltar call Ooze Bombs. Zoltar thinks it's refreshing to find someone who hates G-Force as much as he does. Jason confronts Don in a Spectra base and the two pull guns on one another. but Don's gun is filled with blanks - even the Spectra agents don't trust him. Jason wants to leave Don to their Spectra enemies, but Mark convinces him that all life has value, so they rescue him. 7-Zark-7 later says that due to G-Force's intervention, Don has been placed on probation and he has learned his lesson 98.


Mrs. Myra Wade


Jason accidentally drives his car off a road into a nearby park where he hits an old lady. She says she is okay, so Jason takes her back to her apartment where he learns that she is Myra Wade, the mother of G-Force defector Donald Wade. She hasn't seen or heard from her son in a long time and she thinks he is on a secret assignment for the government. Jason does not tell her the truth. When Don is rescued and brought back on probation, Jason delivers a bunch of flowers to Myra with a photo of Don inside and an inscription that reads "I'll see you again, someday." The name Myra comes from scripts 98.
Voice: Takayo Fischer




One of Galaxy Security's top scientists, along with Cameron. They are old hands at mountain exploration and they are charged with finding a bigfoot monster in Tibet on Earth. Despite the harrowing attack, 7-Zark-7 reported they got out of the area and were on their way home safely 71.
Voice: Frank Maxwell

Professor Wilde


He is a very important Earth scientist that Spectra would like to get their hands on. He smokes a pipe and is wheelchair-bound. He has been doing important research on cell renewal and is keeping the results of the research to himself. For a while, Anderson thinks he has turned traitor since he refuses to give the Federation the results of his research. Spectra is able to kidnap Wilde and his young granddaughter Angie while they are on a cruise ship. His disappearance is disturbing to the Federation because he was on the verge of a breakthrough in genetic engineering. Wilde is forced to give his formula to Zoltar to stop him from hurting Angie. In the end, he sacrifices himself to save Mark, Princess and Angie, by falling on top of an explosive that Zoltar throws at them. The formula he gave Zoltar was faulty and actually led to the accidental death of Angie's mother and was responsible for putting the Professor in his wheelchair 14.
Voice: Frank Maxwell




He is the last known survivor of the Planet Zenos and has been in protective custody at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Civilizations. He is called Zeno at the Institute. He was discovered by early Space Patrols wandering across the trackless wastes of his planet and it took the combined might of a dozen men to subdue him and bring him back to Earth. Even though he's been a privileged inmate at the Institute, he refuses to talk and he has repeatedly attempted to get away. His escape is a matter of utmost concern to the Galactic Alliance. He can't be killed in a fight the way humans can, but water saps his life force. He tells Mark that he won't go back to Earth because it isn't his home. Zeno describes that he is actually from another dimension, as were all of his people. A small group of them came through long ago to look for a better life, but something in the air sapped their energy. He is back on Zenos to find an interdimensional doorway so he can return to his own land. Zoltar is eager to get his hands on a secret he hears the Zenobian possesses, so he sends soldiers in to capture the alien. When they inadvertently destroy the location of the interdimensional doorway, Zeno is trapped. He ends up sacrificing himself to stop Spectra and their monster machine 46.
Voice: Frank Maxwell


Number 8 (Electra)


Professor Hugo Doriarity's original cyborg horse. It is remote-controlled and the Professor uses it to win a race by fifteen lengths. It has a device implanted in its left rear hoof that allows it to leap unusually and gives it super strength and speed 21.




Dr. Carig's pet chimpanzee. He won't allow her to do anything strenuous because she has just recovered from an operation. She will probably be the most valuable member of the crew according to Carig. She wears a collar that acts as a communication device for Zoltar 83.




Keyop gives this name to a baby whale whose mother was killed by Spectra. Chief Anderson fits Nambu with an interspecies translator and the little whale agrees to lead G-Force to Spectra's hidden base 18. "Dr. Nambu" was the original name of Security Chief Anderson's character in Gatchaman.




A St. Bernard dog in Center Neptune's Science and Research department that goes out on dangerous missions. He is especially good in mountains and snow. Orion has the same type of Cerebonic power booster that G-Force does 37. We do not know where G-Force's Cerebonic implants are located, but thanks to an X-Ray, we know that Orion's is located deep within his brain.


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