Alpha Centauri


A planet of the Alliance. Two space freighters from this location crash on Earth while attempting to land 71.



An uninhabited hot, desert-like planet where Earth sends its criminals and hoodlums, along with their families, for a fresh start. It is way out on the edge of the Galaxy and only supply ships go there, which Earth sends every three months. Its capital city is named Osiris, which is located next to a body of water. Alpha-Three's structures look like those found in the middle east on Earth. Its inhabitants also dress like people from that region.

The planet has a rare metal called Selenite which Spectra wants for use in a new weapon. When Spectra manages to relocate a the temple of Amon-Ra from Egypt on Earth to Alpha-Three, they use it to hide a new base they have set up. Within this base, they force residents of the planet to mine Selenite.

When the temple disappears, G-Force is alerted and sent to Alpha-Three to stop Spectra's evil plans 69.



An all-water planet located about fifty light years from Ursa Minor. It has never suffered a storm. The Federation maintains a major repair center base here for the entire Intergalactic Defense Force. Spectra is able to conquer the planet with their Sea Dragon machine before G-Force arrive to rescue it 22.




Arcturus is several light years from Earth, and it was settled by Earth pioneers about two centuries earlier. It is sometimes called Earth's sister planet because conditions are so similar. Commerce between Arcturus and Earth is a daily routine due to Time Warp engines 32.

The planet has an old museum and one known area of its geography is named Bomber's Bay 33.

The Federation maintains its all-important Conway Tapes within a building on the planet. Arcturus has unmanned defense systems consisting of a robot-controlled air force 33.




A barren place, Callisto is the fifth of Jupiter's twelve moons. Spectra once use the moon as a base from which to launch a meteorite attack against Capital City on Earth 9.




7-Zark-7 alerts outer space patrols here that the Zenobian named Zeno has escaped custody from the Institute for the Study of Ancient Civilization on Earth.



A barren asteroid and home to a very important Solar Energy Center. Spectra is able to destroy the Energy Center and set up their own base on the asteroid 43.

Constellation Cygnus


The constellation where Planet Zenos is located.




Earth is a member of the Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets located in the Milky Way Galaxy 90. In fact, it is probably the single most important planet in the organization since it serves as the Federation's headquarters 49, 79 and as the home of G-Force, the Galaxy's top security team 1. See more information on Earth here.



Exor is a member of the Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets, located ten million light years away from Earth at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. Its terrain appears very Earth-like and its main city is located on an island. When the city is suddenly surrounded by a wall of powerful radiation, 7-Zark-7 sends a fleet of robot planes to investigate before sending G-Force 68.



Eden is the vacation planet of the Milky Way. The G-Force team has reservations here for a well-deserved vacation when they are interrupted with a mission to Planet Leucadia (which is in the opposite direction to Planet Eden). When their mission is complete, the team finally get to enjoy some time off here 73.


The fifth planet in Earth's Solar System. Jupiter is rarely mentioned other than when G-Force fly past it, or 7-Zark-7 sees a Spectra ship nearby.

There were once reports of unusual radio activity, seismic soundings and strange bursts of light like solar flares from its vicinity, shortly before discovering Spectra was using Jupiter's moon Callisto as a base 9.




The planet, along with Persus and Tryptor is announced over a loudspeaker in an airport on Earth, as a destination for Intergalactic Flight 12 43.




Leucadia is an Earth-like planet with blue skies and mountains, covered with lush jungle vegetation. It is in the opposite direction of Planet Eden. Not much else is known about the Leucadia, but the site has seen a lot of action.

Leucadia is the planet where Zoltar crash lands after a failed mission. Due to his incompetence, The Spirit abandons Zoltar to see if he is crafty enough to make it back to Spectra on his own. At the same time, Spectra also mounts an attack on the planet to establish a base. If successful their latest Anti-Matter missile weapons will be in range of Earth. When Spectra attacks, Leucadia is able to send an emergency alert, which 7-Zark-7 receives.

Leucadia is also the scene of a bizarre Spectra ceremony praising The Spirit 73.



The fourth planet in Earth's Solar System. Two of Earth's astronauts once took an electronic surveying mission there, where they discovered activity that indicated giant alien bases on the planet 2.



Planet Mir is located in Cygnus A, the first radio Galaxy ever discovered. Video and audio contact have been established with Mir. The planet's deposed leader was named Brock.

Mir's largest ocean was selected as the site for a new, non-polluting Energy and Food Supply Center. The center includes giant fish breeding farms and a remarkable submarine oil field which will supply the galaxy with one quarter of its energy needs. It is being built in an area referred to as a "Graveyard of Ships." Four supply ships servicing the area disappear, requiring G-Force to investigate.

Mir has a fighter defense group with planes that feature a very similar design to those from Planet Riga 5.


Moon Base Delta


This location is announced over a loudspeaker in an airport on Earth, as a destination for Intergalactic Flight 81 43.



A beautiful planet in the Herald Galaxy. 7-Zark-7 is once suspicious of Spectra activity here, so he sends G-Force to take a look. If Spectra manages to capture it, they will get a foothold in the Galaxy. Keyop mentions that it is his favorite place 51.

Paradise Island


G-Force is sent to this asteroid location to investigate Spectra activity. It is located outside the Milky Way Galaxy. It is lush with oceans and continents. The area G-Force visits has a large modern city, a resort area, hotels, airport and harbor with large shipping vessels. One of the local inhabitants calls it a "planetoid 86."



This planet, along with Komedra and Tryptor is announced over a loudspeaker in an airport on Earth, as a destination for Intergalactic Flight 12 43.


The ninth planet in Earth's Solar System. Planet Pluto is where 7-Zark-7's counterpart Susan is stationed 9, 23 along with the Early warning System that she monitors 65, 77, 23, 69, 93, 43, 17, 26, 52, 53, 79, 95.

According to 7-Zark-7, Pluto is 3,666 million miles from the sun, which is forty times as far away as Earth is from the sun 93.




Planet Riga is located in the Orion Constellation 52, a thousand light years from Earth 44, or also described as millions of miles away 15. Riga has been called Earth's sister planet 11 as the two are similar 15. It has modern-looking metropolitan areas 44 and a Capital City which looks bombed out, ruined and abandoned 15.

Mark's Father, Colonel Cronus is from Riga 11. Earth and Riga are closely allied and this benefits both planets. Riga has come to Earth's aid many times 44 and Earth even builds an advanced aircraft, the FY-9, for the Rigans 11. The Rigans have robot fighter planes for defense and Colonel Cronus' Red Ranger group is also based there, within a base concealed in a natural seaside cliff cave 44. Since the Spectrans know that Mark and Colonel Cronus are friends, they have also attacked Riga simply to lure G-Force to the planet as a trap 44. It is later revealed that Cronus is killed on the planet in his sleep by a Spectra agent named Gartz during the Battle of Riga 54.

The planet is polluted and some areas of its atmosphere contain deadly gasses 15. A lot of this pollution probably stems from the repeated attacks that Riga has suffered from Spectra. They have left the planet devastated 61 and badly in need of help 11. Spectra has long used Riga as its main outpost for raw material 15 and as a testing ground for some of their latest weapons 44. The Creature of a Thousand Eyes was bred in underwater tanks in a Spectra base within the planet's heavily polluted Sea of Riga 15. It has been known for years that Spectra has been secretly constructing the most deadly weapon known to the Galaxy on Riga - the X-3 Rocket, in order to use the planet as a base of attack against Earth 52.

Note: Riga was originally planned to be called Aura. Examples of the name survive in scripts.




The sixth planet in Earth's Solar System. Saturn is rarely mentioned other than when G-Force fly past it, or 7-Zark-7 sees a Spectra ship nearby. Saturn is however seen on G-Force and 7-Zark-7's monitors frequently.


Space Island

Space Island is not really a planet, but an asteroid only a few hundred miles in diameter. It was discovered by a team of space explorers seeking radio emanations in a distant Galaxy. Those same explorers gave Space Island its name. Some time later, the tiny globe was colonized.

The Federation has had an important geothermal complex called the Space Island Energy Plant, present on the asteroid for at least twelve years in order to tap into the great cosmic energy in the asteroid's volcanic core. If this can be done, then the asteroid will be turned into a refueling station for space flights.

Despite its small size, Space Island has an amazing amount of features including large mountains, a predominant active volcano , regions of forest and a vast ocean. A girl named Amelia has been continuing her Father's work by adding large face sculptures of the four founders of Space Island on one of its largest cliff faces, called Monument Mountain.

The energy plant, Monument Mountain and the volcano are all located on the same island within Space Island's ocean.

Unfortunately Spectra is also present on Space Island, where they use a combination of the lava from the volcano, one of the faces from the cliff sculptures and a humanoid robot to terrorize its inhabitants and to destroy the Federation's energy complex. Spectra is interested in Space Island as it is within Allied property. They feel if they take it over, it can be used as a base to launch attacks against Earth and its allies from within their own territory 25.



Tolak is only mentioned once, as the friendly planet where Tyna's captive parents were able to escape 70.



This planet, along with Komedra and Persus is announced over a loudspeaker in an airport on Earth, as a destination for Intergalactic Flight 12 43.

Ursa Minor


Ursa Minor once sent robot fighter planes to try to reclaim Planet Aquatica's naval base from Zoltar. They were unsuccessful. Ursa Minor is about fifty light years from Planet Aquatica 22.



Vega is a little planet 48 and the brightest star in the Lyrae Constellation 70. It is known to have deserts and a large ocean named the Sea of Vega 48.

Because of its proximity to Earth, Planet Vega fallsl under a massive surprise attack from Spectra. They manage to establish a base on the planet and during their attack several of Vega's installations are destroyed. These include Vega's important defense installation (referred to as "Target Zero" by the Spectra Ship captain) which is located on a small island, a large underwater electrical complex and a rocket site.

During the attacks, Vega is able to send emergency signals to Earth. According to 7-Zark-7, Spectra's next target is to be Vega's Science Research Center. He also says Vega may surrender to Spectra if Earth doesn't come to its defense quickly. If Spectra manages to conquer Vega they will be practically next door neighbors to Earth 48.




The second planet in Earth's Solar System. Venus is a populated planet known to have deserts 12 and geography that looks like Utah and Arizona's desert/badlands areas 96. Vehicles on Venus are equipped with right hand drives 96.



This planet is given its name by Earth scientists, after it is discovered by 7-Zark-7. It has a remarkably similar pattern of life to that on Earth and the name its indigenous population gave it is unknown





Planet Zeebor is home to a space colony that was built by Earthlings. The planet is known to have an airport, an ocean and a cave. The Phoenix has a usual landing spot on the planet. The airport appears to be in disuse, with an abandoned air traffic tower. It also has an underground hangar.

Spectra once builds a base on the planet within one of its caves as part of the Great Spectra Offensive, in which they try to conquer every planet in the Solar System - and then the Milky Way Galaxy. 7-Zark-7, not privy to their grand scheme simply wonders why they're bothering with Zeebor since there are a number of other planets with more to offer. When G-Force go to Zeebor to drive Spectra out, they use the air traffic control tower as their home base 93.




A desolate looking planet located in the Constellation Cygnus, whose population was wiped out under unknown circumstances. It has terrain and vegetation reminiscent of the southwest United States on Earth, A sole survivor was found on this planet during an early space patrol. He was named Zeno and brought back to Earth.



Earth sends two astronauts in the Laurelei III rocket on a mission to explore this sub-planet as a possible refueling and weigh station for their space shuttle program 97.


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