Activator - See Wrist Activators

Acute Sensors - Equipment in Center Neptune. These tell 7-Zark-7 that a Spectra invader is heading for the Artificial Intelligence Center on Earth 65.

Aerodyne Computer - All the damage data from the Phoenix after Spectra's Space Octopus attack is given to this computer 67.

Air Defense - Part of the defense force called out by 7-Zark-7 though an Emergency Alert to combat Spectra's Space Bat. It uses Robot-Controlled Planes 60.

Alarm System - Equipment in Center Neptune that alerts G-Force to threats 21.

Alliance Rules - According to these, Earth cannot intervene to help planet Riga until Riga's authorities formally request help 44.

Anti-Missile Shields - Used by Space Center to protect against missile attacks. They work, but it does not help Research Center 92.

Anti-Pluton - A synthetic material that can be used as a neutralizer against Plutonium X. it must be extracted during its development process 3.

Arctic Patrol - A group that picks up the dog Orion and brings him back to Center Neptune 37.

Artificial Intelligence Center - A location on Earth where Artificial Intelligence Units are manufactured in a laboratory 65.

Artificial Intelligence Units - These are manufactured in a laboratory in the Artificial Intelligence Center on Earth. They closely resemble human brains but are man-made. They are stored in protective stands in glass cases within the laboratory 65.

Astro Bomb - Small red spherical bombs with tiny spikes 61, 96, 77, 79. They can be used alone or jammed together. Mark keeps these in the front pouch on the left hand side of his belt 61. They can be detonated by impact, such as Mark hitting them with his Sonic Boomerang 61. Keyop's are small metal-colored and fingernail-sized 96.

Attack Planes - These defend a high-security prison on Earth where Professor Starke is being held 88. They are piloted by "brave men," according to Jason 88.

Attenuator - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 uses it to communicate with G-Force. He once turns this all the way up hoping to hear anything from the team 15.

Auxiliary Monitor - When Center Neptune's Master Telecom Contact fails, 7-Zark-7 uses this to contact G-Force. He hasn't been able to get this completely clean since the previous Halloween when a couple young robots snuck in and waxed it 42.


Bandit Contact - See Red Alert

Beeper - A homing device. A baby whale is fitted with one of these so G-Force can follow its lead to a hidden Spectra base on Earth. Also called a "Sonar Beeper" by Chief Anderson. It is used in conjunction with a portable tracking device 18.

Bio Scanner - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 is able to feed bio data into this device about Princess and Keyop to zero in on their location. The device's readout is displayed on the upper right screen of 7-Zark-7's monitors 33.

Bolos - Keyop's personal weapon that resembles a throwing bolo. It consists of two weighted egg-shaped ends connected by a wire. Both individual units can be opened in half and filled with explosive powder 10 or with a number of the Astro Bombs Keyop carries 96. Both individual parts have timing devices to count down to a detonation 10. Keyop is adept at the use of the weapon - He was once able to throw it to pull Dr. Strecker's hand away from his eyepatch camera before he could take a picture of Princess in her civilian clothes 84. He was also able to trip Zoltar once as he tried to escape 71. He is able to throw it with enough force to knock people out 86. Princess is fast enough to safely catch the Bolos, when Keyop throws them at her before be knows who she is 95. They were also called an "Electronic Bolo 67."

Boomerang - See Sonic Boomerang

Brain of Evil - Scientists at the Artificial Intelligence Center created this artificial brain with the traits and known characteristics of someone from Spectra. This was done to study the brain and hopefully understand criminal minds like Zoltar's 65.

Brain of Peace - This was developed at the Artificial Intelligence Center to be put into the Giant Fembot, but it is destroyed when the Artificial Intelligence Center lab is invaded by Spectra 65.

Briefing Readout - This tells the details of 7-Zark-7's Double Red Alert and it can be found on Code 70 58.

Bubble - See Star Buggy


Cable Gun -
Jason's weapon 12 (also similar to Tiny's see below), it can be fitted with a variety of items that attach to its front and rear and it uses a special trigger that allows its cable to fire from both ends 88. Items that attach to the Cable Gun include crescent-shaped edged projectiles 63, 36, explosive projectiles 73, suction cups 48 and special drill bits 18, 6, 61, 93, 101. The drill is strong enough to go through solid steel 6. When the drill is attached to the cable and fired it can stick into surfaces 74,, 83. The gun's cable acts as a lifeline/tether and can support the weight of at least two people such as Jason and a girl roughly the same size as Princess 74 and Jason and Tiny 48. It is also able to winch the combined weight of Jason and Tiny 48. The winch is operated via a button on the top rear of the gun 88. When the cables from Jason and Tiny's similar weapon are used together, they can support the weight of Mark, Jason and Tiny 48. The gun also has a small compartment in its handgrip 101. Finally, it can be used as a blowtorch when fuel canisters are screwed onto its rear end. Jason carries these canisters on the left side of his G-Force belt 92. Although unnamed in the series, Tiny carries a small pistol very similar to Jason's Cable Gun. It has a suction cup device that can attach to a cable from the gun. With Tiny and Jason's guns, the cables can support and winch in the weight of Jason, Mark and Tiny 48. TIny once fires a cable from his gun into an underground mine shaft wall 83.

Center Neptune - A part of Space Center 91. See expanded entry here.

Center Neptune Control - 7-Zark-7's work area within Center Neptune 51. Also called the "Think Tank 75," "Nerve Center Control 91" and "Command Post 40."

Center Neptune Maintenance - Susan once calls them to send a technician over right away for 7-Zark-7's slipped FOSDIC 79.

Center Neptune Security - Mark contacts this from the Phoenix using Telecom and Security Chief Anderson answers on a monitor 47.

Center Neptune Security Report - These are emergency reports issued at Center Neptune that are individually numbered. Report twelve fifty (1250) came in from Space Island as a 10-33 code 25.

Central Security Agency - It appears there is a Spectra spy working within this 79.

Cerebonic Implants - All G-Force members have these 37, and they give them fantastic abilities to cope with the most dangerous situations 80. They allow for protection against some types of knockout gas 77. The full use of all of these is required when the Phoenix goes into Fiery Phoenix mode 1. Also called miniaturized Cerebonic implants 80. The dog Orion has the same type that G-Force does, and his is located in his brain 37. called "Cerebonic Implant" by Mark 37.

Cerebonic Power Booster - See Cerebonics

Chemical Bombs - Designed by 7-Zark-7, these are planned to be used to destroy Spectra's flower monsters 40.

Chem LX-10 - A dangerous chemical that was put in boxes in place of the Conway Tapes. it is so new only a handful of Security personnel know about it. it is strong enough to eat through the metal of Spectra's Cuttlefish monster 33.

Chemo-Probes - 7-Zark-7 uses these to try to find a way to stop Spectra's Ball machine 23.

Circuits - Communication lines between 7-Zark-7 and Susan. She once has trouble reaching 7-Zark-7 through these because his circuits have been busy 77.

Closed Circuit Message - A method of communication used by Mark, which is relayed to 7-Zark-7 via Susan 49.

Code 3304 - An emergency code that Chief Anderson uses to call Mark 40.

Code 70 - Where the Briefing Readout for 7-Zark-7's Double Red Alert issue can be found 58.

Command Post - 7-Zark-7's main control area in Center Neptune 40.

Command Ship - See The Phoenix.

Communication Lines - These can be jammed, blocking signals from G-Force's Wrist Activators to Center Neptune 61.

Communicators - See Wrist Activators

Complex Computer Systems - Part of 7-Zark-7's responsibility at Center Neptune is to run these 33.

Complex Sensory System - 7-Zark-7 uses these at Center Neptune 61.

Condition Critical - 7-Zark-7's initial readouts after a whale attack indicate this Bay City's harbor on Earth 18. This is also the classification of an Emergency Report issued by Oceanographic Research about pollution 55. It also doubles as a Red Alert 55.

Contacts - Communications, 7-Zark-7 does not receive any of these from G-Force once when they get captured 61.

Conway Complex - The complex that houses the all important Conway Tapes 101. They have surveillance monitors 101. They also have Phase-Oscillating Units, which Mark thinks is sophisticated hardware 101. It has deep space antennae housed in its Top Secret Security Area 101.

Conway Computer Terminal - This is housed in the Conway Complex. 7-Zark-7 receives a distressing message that this is jammed, meaning someone has infiltrated the Complex 101.

The Conway Tapes - These contain the secret code that binds the Intergalactic Federation together. If they are destroyed, it would mean the end of the Federation. 7-Zark-7 advised that these be removed from the Conway Building long before the attack began 75. Are going to be backed up on the Dynastral Computer 47. Secret tapes that contain the defense codes for Earth and the Federation 32. They are located somewhere on planet Arcturus and were once stored at Center Neptune 32. The central storehouse for the defense codes of every planet in the Federation 101. They are Top Secret material 101. A copy of the tape fits on to a standard sized cassette tape 101. They cannot be read without a special decoder 101.

Cosmic Communicators - See Wrist Activators

Cosmic Manual 8B - Defines the Security Perimeters that 7-Zark-7 monitors, as the entire Universe 87.

Cosmic Patrol - Once sends an Emergency Warning to Susan, so they can get 7-Zark-7's lightning fast estimation of a danger 45.

Cosmic Probes - Equipment in Center Neptune - A sensitive device that 7-Zark-7 uses to see Mark, Princess and Chief Anderson trapped in the Research Center building 92.

Cosmic Scanner - Used by Susan to see a UFO headed for the Solar system 23. This is highly sensitive and is used to pick up the Phoenix when it is in the galaxy and also to communicate with G-Force 99.

Cosmic Space Control - Informs 7-Zark-7 of the sighting of a mysterious UFO has been sighted on Earth 1.

Cross-Hatch Signal - A special signal sent over the team's Wrist Activators. It shows up as a specific pattern on the Activators' faces 49.

Cryogenics Casket - The power source for Dr. Gorky's Future World resembles one of these - a transparent human-sized container 100.

Crypto-Phaser - Equipment in Center Neptune. It is analyzing equipment that reveals a set of documents given to Mark by Col. Cronus are fakes 61.


"Dart" - Jason's feather-shaped throwing darts 54. These can cut through steel manacles 76. The name "Dart" comes from scripts.

Deep Space Monitor - Equipment in Center Neptune. The four screen monitors in 7-Zark-7's Think Tank. Its main function is to continuously check Spectra where Zoltar's evil forces are ever preparing for the invasion of Earth. Sometimes even a fly speck can throw it off 95. Also called "Telecom 51" and "Telescanner 65."

Defense Center - This once clears the Phoenix to land 24.

Defense Stations - 7-Zark-7 orders all Security personnel to remain at these during a Red Alert Emergency 40.

Detonator - See Yo-yo Bomb

Differential Pressure Meter - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 once uses this to locate the center of a storm 59.

Diotherm Scanner - Part of the equipment on a Recon Unit helicopter. It can indicate the presence of people in a given area 15.

Direction Finder - A homing signal from G-Force, it shows up as a specific design on G-Force's Wrist Activators 70.

Double Red Alert - 7-Zark-7 issues one of these when the Federation's Jet Cutter weapon is stolen 58. Its Briefing Readout is on Code 70.

Dynamite - An explosive band Princess pulls from a pouch on her G-Force belt. She wraps it around some jail bars and detonates it by throwing her Yo-yo Bomb at it 63. This name comes from scripts.

Dynastral Computer - This will back up the Conway Tapes. Also called "Intergalactic Computer" by Chief Anderson 47.


Early Warning - One of these is sent by Susan to get 7-Zark-7 to check in on planet Odin 51.

Early Warning Alert - These have been set off by specks of dirt on 7-Zark-7's monitor screen 10. Susan has one of these for 7-Zark-7, warning him about a Spectra missile or spacecraft heading for Earth 90.

Early Warning Scanners - Susan uses these on planet Pluto. They show her strange UFOs entering the Solar system and heading for Earth 95.

Early Warning System - Susan is located at this station on planet Pluto 4, 7, 60, 46, 69. Spectra's Ball UFO slips by this 23.

Electro Dynamic Force Field - Invented by Professor Walter Lambert. Center neptune wants these set up around their new installations 24.

Electroid Analyzer - Equipment used by Professor Chambers to analyze one of Spectra's mechanical locusts 72.

Electron Force Field - An escape proof field that is installed in Dr. Gregg's couch. A piece of paper that touches it is disintegrated 79.

Electronic Bolo - See Bolos and Yo-yo Bomb

Electronic Comparator - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 uses this to find out where Spectra's Musical Mummy is hiding 24.

Electronic Darts - Small, white cylindrical devices (about 7 inches long) with sharp needles/probes on their ends. The mid portion of the cylinder has two small fin-like flanges opposite one another. Kept stored in a small case, which is handled by Princess. The tips can be stuck into metal surfaces either by throwing them and sticking them in, or by simply jamming them into something. Contain timers and detonators. Are packed with *extremely* powerful explosives. One dart can take out an entire Spectra Whale Submarine 18.

Electronic Defense Shields - Equipment in Center Neptune. These have to be turned on and off when the Phoenix departs or arrives. With these shields on, there is no way a Spectra ship that infiltrated can leave the Research Building 91.

Electronic Force Shields - Equipment in Center Neptune. These protect Space Center from invasion 92.

Electronic May-Day - A distress signal President Kane sends to G-Force. It can be picked up on G-Force's Wrist Activators. it is also called "Emergency Bleeps" by Mark. Using this, Center Neptune can triangulate President Kane's location 47.

Emergency Advisory - This is called in from Magnaport to tell 7-Zark-7 a flight attendant on President Kane's plane has been replaced by an imposter 47. Also see Inter-Galaxy Emergency Transmit.

Emergency Alert - 7-Zark-7 receives this when the Spectra intruder enters Earth’s Galaxy 75. One is also flashed by Center Neptune's Long Range Probes when it indicates something is headed for Bay City on Earth 18. These can be delivered via the Galactic Early Warning System 24. One of these is sent from planet Riga 44. 7-Zark-7 sends one of these to Air Defense to get them to send Robot-Controlled Planes to fight Spectra's Space Bat 60. 7-Zark-7 receives one of these from Mark 26.

Emergency Buzzer - Equipment in Center Neptune. This rings when Susan contacts 7-Zark-7 about the UFOs heading for Earth 95.

Emergency Channels - 7-Zark-7 once tries all of these to reach G-Force, but since they have their Anti-detection activators in their Wrist Activators, he can't reach them 76.

Emergency Readout - Reports issued by Security. Mark once wants to know what the latest one of these is, as they're heading back from a mission on planet Tramulus 10. 7-Zark-7 receives one of these about a meteorite problem 9.

Emergency Report - One of these, code classified Condition Critical, is issued from Oceanographic Research and relayed to 7-Zark-7 by Susan 55.

Emergency Signals - 7-Zark-7 receives these from planet Vega once 48.

Emergency Warning - One of these arrives to Susan from Cosmic Patrol when the need 7-Zark-7's lightning fast estimation of a danger 45.

Escape Submarines - Yellow and red submarines that the remaining crew of Research Center use to escape. Has "ISO" Printed on the back section 92.

Explosives - Mark carries these in one of the pouches on the left side of his belt. Can be placed into his boomerang. They are time delayed. They look like a small red cylinder with a metal cap on the end 62.

Extensive Computer Cross-Analysis - This indicates to 7-Zark-7 that Zoltar is not working alone in his latest operation 86.


The Federation - Will decide if G-Force can go after Spectra's Ball UFO 23. Along with 7-Zark-7 and Chief Anderson, the Federation countermands Mark's order not to go after the Ball 23.

Fiery Phoenix - See The Phoenix.

Film - Images of the Dynastral Computer are stored on this 47.

Films - Used by Security Chief Anderson for surveillance on an Obstacle Horse Race 21.

Finely-Tuned Field Probes - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 uses these to discover Zoltar has set up a base in the vicinity of Central City 47.

FY-9 - A new plane that was built for planet Riga by Security. It could be flown in outer space, had jamming devices to cut off communication and a Traction Beam to trap ships. It could also fire a missile forward or backward. It was hijacked by Spectran agents and destroyed by Col. Cronus and his squad so the Spectrans couldn't keep it 11.

Force Fields - Earth's are held together by a mined substance called Galactite Hydronium 45.

Frigid Midget - A device designed by 7-Zark-7 that creates a frozen vacuum within a five-hundred yard radius 22.

Full G-Force - G-Force's uniform mode 10.

Fuse Bomb - Part of Princess' arsenal 37.

Fusion Cylinders - These are in Princess' Yo-yo Bomb and are either its power source, or its explosives - possibly both 44.


Galactic Early Warning System - An Emergency Alert comes in on this and Susan tells 7-Zark-7 about it 24.

Galacticycle -Princess' motorcycle vehicle in Full G-Force mode 12. It can travel on snow via skis extended from its front and back while using rocket engines on its rear 57, 37. Is fitted with twin rocket launchers that fire from below its front end 67, 88. The rocket launching controls are on the Galcticycle's right handlebar 67. It can have a clear canopy lowered onto it within the docking bay on the Phoenix 58, 89. It looks like a normal yellow motorcycle in civilian mode 39.

Galactite Hydronium - This is the fuel that powers earth's spacecraft and also what holds earth's force fields together. It is kept in concentrated form in glass capsules. Without it, earth's ships will be grounded and the planet will be open to conquer. Earth's entire supply is mined on the Island of Sytron. The mining operation is code named Project Zulu 45.

Galaxy Traffic Lanes - These are cleared so G-Force can head to planet Alpha-Three 69.

Galaxy Warning System - This will warn 7-Zark-7 when a Spectra craft is heading towards them 59.

G-Force Scramble - See Scramble

G-Force Secret Code - Princess transmits this code that is picked up on Mark's Wrist Activator. It lets him know she is still alive while she's trapped in a Spectra flower monster 40.

G-Force Shoe - Without this, Princess can't transmute. It is resistant to fire, impervious to drilling, sub-freezing temperatures, hammering and energy beams. When exposed to radiation it transmutes into Princess' uniform boot 74.

Giant Fembot - The winner of the Grand Prize at an annual robot show. Human shaped, it can be outfitted with a variety of interchangeable computer systems. The Brain of Peace was developed for it 65.

Gorky Formula - A plan developed by Dr. Gorky to tap into the Earth's molten core to provide energy for his Future World creation 100.


High-Pressure Oxygen Bomb - A device dropped into the creature of 1,000 eyes by Rigan pilots. It is so large it has to be flown into position tethered by three planes. It has to be set off by the Phoenix's Fiery Phoenix mode 15.

Homing Bug - Small disc-shaped device used to track and report locations. It has six, tiny hooked legs that attach to clothing, and a blinking center light when activated. Mark keeps these in one of the pouches on the left side of his belt 61, 79, 91.

Homing Signals - These are used by G-Force to keep track of one another's locations 17.

Hot Line - 7-Zark-7 uses this to call Chief Anderson. It looks like a wall phone 80. 7-Zark-7 wants to use this to contact G-Force once, after his monitors have frozen over 54.

Hot Scan - Phrase used by 7-Zark-7 when he sees trouble on his monitors and screens 1.


Infra-Laser Probes - Equipment in Center Neptune. It allows for underground investigation 4.

Infra-Scanner - Located on the bottom of Mark's civilian plane, this allows him to scan beneath the surface of the ground 4.

Infra-Scanners - Equipment in Center Neptune - These tell 7-Zark-7 that Keyop has followed Princess in his Space Buggy 95.

Intercom - A speaker device used to call 7-Zark-7 in his Ready Room 86, 52. A call once comes through for 1-Rover-1 on this 86. Susan calls on this and it always buzzes while 7-Zark-7 is in the shower 79.

Interdimensional Probes - 7-Zark-7 uses these to try to find out what Zoltar's up to on planet Spectra 55.

Intergalactic Computer - See Dynastral Computer.

Intergalactic Early Warning System - 7-Zark-7 has access to this at Center Neptune. It has never made a mistake 18. Shoots all red alerts to 7-Zark-7 and he relays them to G-Force 61.

Inter-Galactic Emergency Transmit - 7-Zark-7 is needed "on monitor" tao take one of these from Susan once. He also calls it an "Emergency Advisory 47."

Intergalactic Research Laboratory Building - An alien object heads towards this on Earth once 24.

Interplanetary Patrol - This keeps an eye on space for UFOs 75.

Interspecies Translator - One of these is fitted to a baby whale so G-Force can communicate with it 18.

Interstellar Probes - Equipment in Center Neptune. These have been working overtime since Spectra's plan to bring down Earth's Van Allen Belts was successful 53. 7-Zark-7 uses these to learn Tyna's parents escape a Spectra slave planet 70.

IP Warp Through - A set-up stage to begin Operation Fireball 58.


Jet Cutter - A high performance cutting beam. Also called the Super Jet Blade. This device is stolen by Spectra and placed in their Giant Gautama monster robot as a weapon 58.

Jet Spiral - Another name for the Whirlwind Pyramid. Referred to as this by Mark 1.



Long-Range Probes - Equipment in Center Neptune. These flash an Emergency Alert just as 7-Zark-7 is about to take an oil break 18. These indicate a swarm of unidentified flying objects heading directly toward Earth 10.

Long-Range Video Satellite - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 switches to this to take a closer look at some whales 18.

Long-Range Telecom Satellite Signals - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 turns these on when he has trouble bringing in Stellar City on his monitors 84.


Magna-Comp - A communication method used by Weather Center and Center Neptune on Earth 30.

Main Monitor - 7-Zark-7 has checked this carefully after an Egyptian temple goes missing on Earth 69.

Mannequin - G-Force occasionally use dummies and mannequins to stand in their place if needed. LIke for Keyop 87.

Map Simulator Cassette - Data about alien bases on Mars is recorded on this 2.

Master Code - With this, Spectra could intercept all the top secret messages to G-Force. It is captured on a device Dr. Gregg is forced to use. If Spectra gets it, it could spell disaster for the entire Galaxy. If they can't get it back, all the codes will have to be re-ciphered 79.

Master Computer - Equipment in Center Neptune. This agrees that 7-Zark-7's Synchro-Server could stand a little recharging 12. 7-Zark-7 tries the Auxiliary Monitor to contact the team instead 42.

Master Telecom Contact - This is connected straight with the
Phoenix. It fails in the middle of a mission 42.

Metamorphosis-1 - 7-Zark-7’s new, top-secret assistant, it is a computerized robot with a multiple transformer that operates at liquid helium temperatures. It will be the master computer for all of Center Neptune’s computers. Also called "Meta-1," "Metamorphosis," "Secret Metamorphosizer" and "Metamorphosizer -1." It contains microfilm blueprints to all of Center Neptune’s computers. It receives its transformation instructions via pre-programmed Transformer cassettes. It ends up as an amusement park after Security neutralizes all the programming Spectra did to it 16.

Microfilm Neutralizer - This is used to reprogram the Metamorphosizer and will prevent Spectra from destroying their automated systems. It will erase any programs Zoltar has on Galaxy Security's microfilm 16.

Microfilms - Recording media. Jason has seen Microfilms of Riga 15.

Military Time - Center Neptune uses this. Security Report 1250 came it at 1800 hours from Space Island 25. G-Force is to make a mid-air rendezvous with President Kane's plane at Oh-One-Hundred-Hours 47.

Military Units - Send in by the Federation Council during the Spectra flower invasion. They consist of heavy armor and men with flame throwers 40.

Mini Geiger - Princess carries one of these in a pouch on the left hand side of her belt. Mark calls it "Miss Mini. 68"

Mini-sub - See Star Buggy

Missiles - The Phoenix has these, which Tiny fires. Called big red ones by Jason. They have timer mechanisms, which utilize a turning head on the missile that ticks down the seconds until detonation 75.

Molecular Scanners - 7-Zark-7 uses these to try to find a way to stop Spectra's Ball machine 23.

Molecular Stress Analyzers - These indicate Spectra's Ball is composed of some unknown metallic compound, impervious to all explosions 23.

Monitor - Equipment in Center Neptune 65. 7-Zark-7 wants to do something about getting this repaired since it is always clouding up or going black. Once when he tuned it in to view the Milky Way, it brought him an old rerun of Gilligan's Island 30. 7-Zark-7 uses these to check on planet Vega 48. He can turn them on with his Boomerang 48. 7-Zark-7 thinks these may be dirty once, thus explaining a small swarm of things he sees approaching Earth - it wouldn't be the first time a small speck of dirt set off an Early Warning Alert 10. Also called Monitor Screen 10. 7-Zark-7 is needed "on monitor" to take an Inter-Galactic Emergency Transmit 47. 7-Zark-7 uses these to look in on an air show 7. 7-Zark-7 destroys one of his during a Karate exhibition, then wonders if he can still get G-Force on it 88. 7-Zark-7 turns this on to look for a metal ball UFO after Susan loses it 23. 7-Zark-7 hopes to watch a little of a baseball game on this if there are no emergency alerts 63. 7-Zark-7 has one in his Ready Room, where a signal about Witch's Island comes through 89. 7-Zark-7 uses one in his Ready Room to look in on planet Spectra 76.

Multiplex Sensors - What 7-Zark-7 uses to determine that Keyop is on board one of Spectra's beetle monsters 17.

Multiplex Telecom - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 thinks maybe this can get through to the Phoenix with its communications shut off 44.

Multi-Scope Scanners - Part of 7-Zark-7's responsibility at Center Neptune is to run these 33.

Multiversal Computer Analysis - A method used by 7-Zark-7 to determine the snow pack on Mt. Kamila is polluted 86.



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