Aerodyne - See Whirly Knife.

Alien Bigfoot - This giant monster has glowing red eyes and Zoltar used it to keep people away from Spectra's hidden base. It runs on Zutronium batteries 71.

Ambulance - Spectra sometimes has these in their secret bases 14.

Anti-Matter Shield - This is used by the Spectra Demon to disguise its comings and goings. It looks like a black cloud 62.

Anti-Matter Missiles - Spectra attempts to set up a base on planet Leucadia in order to give them a site in range of Earth to launch these missiles. They're shaped kind of like an arrowhead 73.

Anti-Transmute Ray - A special energy weapon developed by Dr. Glock from Spectra's earlier Atomic Replicator Device to reverse G-Force's transmutation effect. If the energy field of the ray is reversed and it is pushed into Ultra-Synch range, it detonates 76.

Armadillo Robot - A nearly indestructible robot commanded by temporary Spectra leader, Colonel Tu. it can fly in the air and travel underwater via rocket engines at the ends of its legs. It can draw its extremities into its body like a turtle. Its main body is heavily armored. The Armadillo carries a crew of a huge amount of Spectra soldiers. Its weapons include phasers, which it fires from its nose section, and torpedoes. Its nose section proves to be the Armadillo's only weak point vulnerable to attack 90.

Assembly Alert - This is sounded to bring Spectra soldiers together 71.

Atomic Boosters - Part of the capabilities of Spectra's Brain Creature 65.

Atomic Replicator Device - This device is used to recreate an image of Princess from her captured shoe 74. It is later adapted by Dr. Glock to create the Anti-Transmute Ray 76.

Atomic Torpedoes - These weapons are loaded into Spectra's Whale Subs by Robot Crabs 18.


Banana Bombs - Tiny discovers these when he's hungry on Planet Leucadia. When he opens one and gas comes out, Jason shoots it out of his hand just as it explodes. They can launch themselves at a target 73.

Bat-Ray - Spectra kept a fleet of these monster machines in a secret underwater base near Tiny's hometown. They can fire destructive light beams from their mouth sections and were able to travel underwater and fly in the air 26.

Beast - A Spectra monster machine that looks like a giant cockroach. Spectra uses it to vacuum up sugarcane fields around the Earth. Its suction power is strong enough to pull the Phoenix from the sky. It has giant rotating jagged rollers inside its mouth and a complete sugar processing factory within its body 12.

Beetles - These robots were initially the same size as a normal insect, but they were able to grow to many times their original size, kidnap children while they slept and fly away. Spectra used the children as power sources for the robot insects. It used a process called Electro Generation to take energy from the boys, and then a process called Energy Transformation to regenerate the boys' energy levels 17.

Brain Creature - An apparently organic blue/green-colored creature composed of brain cells. It can bury itself underground and has tentacles with claws at their ends. It can fire energy blasts through the claws which can burn through objects. Once it takes over the Federation's Giant Fembot body, the creature ia able to fly. In addition to being able to fire energy blasts, the Brain Creature has Atomic Boosters (which turn the creature red when used) and a Magnetic Force Shield that is strong enough to trap the Phoenix 65.

Brain Warp Device - A weapon the Spirit has devised that consists of blinding light and high-pitched sound. When a person is hit with its beam, they can't think. When further manipulated with sound waves from Zoltar's ship, subjects can be turned into an evil attack mob. The weapon is installed in Spectra's giant Peacock Ship. Full power from the Brain Warp Device has the ability to crack the Phoenix's hull It is also called the Mind Warping Weapon and the Brain Warp Mechanism. 80.


Caterpillar Ride - A series of twelve phony police cars that join together to form a robot. Once joined they look like a giant caterpillar. The Caterpillar can crumble structures, plus its nose can fire like a missile 87.

Caterpillar Robot - This Spectra robot has the ability to alter perception, making people see multiple versions of it both with their own eyes and on electronic systems. It can use its antennae like whips and it is the delivery platform for new trial weapons called Ooze Bombs. It can fly, but it is unable to follow the Phoenix into the stratosphere since its weapons are useless there 98.

Cell Missiles - Weapons on board the Space Octopus. They look like glowing, amorphous cells or amoeba. They are able to attach themselves to the Phoenix and pull it out of Fiery Phoenix mode 67.

Charioteers - Human-shaped armored robots that ride Roman-style chariots and terrorize the Changu region of the Himalayas. They can transform into a variety of shapes including a giant spike, a cutting blade and a much larger, human-shaped robot. They have receptors and circuitry that allow them to be controlled from other locations. The giant robot form could shoot edged weapons from its hands, breathe fire and deploy electrified nets 95.

Chromo-Glass - A special type of glass barrier Zoltar runs behind in a Spectra base to escape G-Force 36.

Computer Displacement - Part of the Electronic Takeover operation Spectra used to take control of robots at a robot factory on Earth 16.

Control Point - Where Spectra controls all the robots going after Jason and his racing partner, Lucy. It is actually a mobile control vehicle commanded by a Master Robot, filled with computerized controls parked near a check-in and timing spot in the race 27.

Cosmic Beams or Cosmic Lasers - The freezing ray on the Spectra Demon monster machine is referred to by both names. The weapon can be taken to full warp and it is powered by the Demon's main power plant. The plant's generator must stop and spin up again in reverse to build up to full warp turbine power for the beam.The weapon is fired by a single soldier sitting in a seat with handle controls 62, 101.

Cosmic Lasers - See Cosmic Beams.

Crab Attackers - Small, red crab-like tanks Spectra uses at numerous sites 18, 59, 22, 99, 15, 91. They perform forklift type duties like loading weapons on Spectra vehicles 18, or other duties like releasing large amounts of bubbles underwater to confuse opponents 91, Also called Lobster Tanks 59, Crab Robots, 91 and Spectra Robots 99.

Creature of a Thousand Eyes - This is a new form of life created by Spectra to help conquer Planet Riga. The round blob is covered with eyes that can fire blinding destructive beams. It can fly somehow and it is impervious to the Phoenix's TBX Nuclear missiles. It thrives on pollution and draws its power from Riga's sun 15.

Cryno-Gun - A two-person mobile gun that uses cartridges containing a mixture of cryonic crystals and liquid nitrogen, When fired, it releases a ray that instantly freezes anything it touches. The Cryno-Gun can fly, drill through solid ground and be used underwater 57.

Cyborg Horses - These cyborgs look like ordinary horses of all colors and they make a mechanical whinny sound. But when ordered to attack, their outer hides disappear and their manes and tails fall off to reveal white colored horses with antennae, yellow eyes and red Spectra symbols on their faces.They cause destruction by head-butting, brute force and kicking.They can also fire destructive electric energy from their antennae that can melt metal. Additionally, they're filled with explosives so they can be detonated 21.


Defense Satellites - Planet Spectra has these, and the Phoenix is not picked up by them when they go to the hostile planet to retrieve Professor Hugo Doriarity 21.

Depth Bombs - Weapons on board a Spectra submarine 2.

Disintegrators - One of the weapons systems on board the Space Terrapin 1.

Disruptive Beam - Spectra uses this to affect the inertial guidance systems on space freighters. It is also called Inter-Frequency Disruptor and Disruptor Beam 71.

Disruptor Beam - See Disruptive Beam 71.


Electronic Locators - Shaped like lobsters, these can beam the exact location of the phoenix back to Spectra's headquarters 49.

Electronic Squid - A school of these explosive machines are used to help sink a Federation survey ship near Portugal 36.

Electronic Takeover - Spectra uses this to take control of robots in a robot factory on Earth 16.

Emergency Nine - Commander Typhon calls one of these when G-Force invade his Rocket Launcher Sub. It is activated by a hidden red button under one of the control panels on the sub 5.

Escape Craft - Zoltar frequently uses these to get away from machines that are in imminent danger of being destroyed 67, 80, 41, 55, 73, 54, 45, 14, 48, 22, 33, 89, 72, 8. Other captains and soldiers are lucky enough to sometimes make use of escape craft 1, 5, 88, 86. Sometimes Zoltar uses escape craft from Spectra bases 61, 74.


Flowers - Giant robotic flowers on Planet Leucadia that have giant suction-cup devices to grab people and drag them in towards their fanged petals. The suction devices are at the ends of extendable metal arm cables 73.

Flowers - Organic plants that Spectra disperses on Earth. While harmless on Spectra, they are carnivorous in Earth's environment. They are indestructible, able to thrive anywhere on Earth from the hottest, coldest and most arid locations. Plus, both water and fire cause them to spread spores and increase their numbers 39/40.

Force Ray - The main weapon of Spectra's Space Bat monster machine. It is powerful enough to shear the tops off mountains, slice through metal and buildings and most impressively, defeat the Fiery Phoenix 60.


Gas - Spectra frequently uses gas to knock out their opponents 61, 73, 77, 70.

Giant Cuttlefish - Spectra uses this monster machine, in part, to go after the Federation's Conway Tapes on Planet Arcturus. It has a multitude of weapons including tentacles that it can used to smash or grab objects, as well as launch and control them away from the ship's main body. Its headpiece can also be launched at enemies. It spins at a high rate of speed to cause destruction, or drill through rock. The Cuttlefish can also fire missiles. It can fly via a rocket in its main body and it can operate underwater. It also has a capability of emitting an ink/smoke cloud to blind and confuse enemies. It has an escape craft 32/33.

Giant Gautama - A giant, humanoid robot that has four Buddah-style faces that rotate to face forward one at a time. It is fifty feet tall and made of an indestructible metal. When Spectra steals the Federation's Jet Cutter, they install it in the Giant, making it a deadly weapon 58.

Giant Gila Monster - This monster machine is able to attack as a single unit, or break up into about seventeen different ships, all of which are flight capable, carry a pilot and are armed. The Gila Monster is equipped with Infra-red scanners and it can scale vertical cliff walls with its clawed feet 46. Its name is confirmed in scripts.

Giant Grasshopper - This ship often looks like an amorphous blob of light. It can spin incredibly fast to create a vortex/tornado effect, creating a velocity four times greater than any recorded. When not in its "fiery" mode, it resembles a giant grasshopper (preying mantis, actually) with giant, sickle-like shaped claws that can swat the Phoenix's missiles out of the air. It has rocket engines in its tail section and it can withstand the Phoenix's rockets being fired into its head at extremely close range 30.

Giant Mammoth - This emerges from a temple when Jason and Tiny rescue Keyop on Planet Leucadia. It is a mechanical monster with giant tusks that Zoltar calls "my little pet." It can blow gusts of wind from its trunk. Zoltar is on board and it is crewed by at least two other Spectrans 73.

Giant Mummy - A massive, human shaped giant covered with glowing lights. Wherever it appears, it is accompanied by weird music. It can fire destructive beams/rays and is controlled by the music played through a flute by Zoltar 24.

Giant Peacock - See Peacock Ship.

Giant Robot Ant - This threatening robot comes to attack Earth from Planet Tramulus. It can fire corrosive liquid from its mouth. Plus, it can burrow underground and fly via transparent wings on its back. It is commanded by Antoff and a number of soldiers in Spectra uniforms 10.

Giant Scorpion - This is launched from Spectra in five pieces to Jupiter's moon Callisto. When it joins together, it forms a larger robot that vacuums up rocks on the surface of Callisto, then launches them from its tail section towards Earth. It can burrow underground and has eight secondary legs, each of which have a rocket engine in them. It is controlled from a submarine on planet Spectra 5.

Giant Space Vulture - It can fly and hover. It can also fire destructive beams from its eyes. The beams are called Projector Beams and are powered by Radio Projectors. Spectra wants to add a Solar Refractor to it, to use as a weapon 37.

Giant Squid - This helps to attack and sink a Federation survey ship near Portugal. When it attacks the ship it steals the formula for a new chemical called Solodium that was on board. The giant squid looks like a lobster and it can flash light just like a lighthouse 36.

Giant Wasp - This monster can fly via rockets in its abdomen and tail sections and it has the ability to jam the Phoenix’s defense main and backup defense systems. It can fire laser/energy bolts from its antennae, and destructive light rays from pods on either side of its head. It has claws on each of its legs which it uses to grab the Phoenix. It has a stinger, which it uses to pierce the Phoenix’s hull and get into its control center where it then shoots gas to knock G-Force out. It is crewed by at least four Spectra soldiers 61.

Gravimeter - Equipment on a Spectra submarine. It can read the weight of cargo being carried on Spectra subs and its data is read on a gauge with a needle 86.

Gravity Ray Guns - Equipment used by Spectra. They have to power up before they are fired and consist of two radar dishes and a cannon. They fire continuous yellow beams and a high-pitched sound that focus on their target. They have the power to pull the Phoenix down from altitude while simultaneously blocking the Phoenix from using its Anti-Gravity Thrust. They also prevent the Phoenix from transmuting and overpower the ship's Ram Jets 55.

Ground Borers - A type of destructive underground rocket developed by Spectra that is used on Planet Zeebor. They are fired from a Spectra robot monster machine 93.

Ground Torpedo - See Whirlwind Torpedo.



Guidance Interceptor - A device used by Spectra to pull Earth's Lorelei III spacecraft of course 97.


Helicopters - Spectra uses various types of helicopters, from one-man types equipped with communications jamming equipment 37 (also called Battle Choppers), two-man types that can launch capture nets 96, Types that a sniper can operate from 60, types that carry transmitting beacons and that can transform into a Spectra Spy Ship 101 and others 77.


Imperial Mastodon - A Spectra robot that appears from underground in a remote spot on Earth. It can fire missiles from its mouth. It is crewed by Zoltar and at least two other Spectra soldiers and can operate underwater. It looks like a normal part of a museum exhibit and it sheds its fur when ready to deploy 74.

Inter-Frequency Disruptor - See Disruptive Beam 71.

Interplanetary Communication - Susan once intercepts one of these between Zoltar and The Spirit 54.

Infra-Rays - Destructive light rays fired from Spectra's Space Ray Machine 48.

Infra-red Scanners - Part of the equipment on the Giant Gila Monster 46.


Jellyfish Submarines - Each has a main cockpit with a two man crew. They have LORAN capability and can also fire torpedoes. Eight arms can extend from the bottom section of the subs, and these can be used to grab objects. The Jellyfish subs can travel at about 60 knots underwater. They are once called "remote-controlled submarines" by Zoltar despite the fact they have crews 45. The name comes from scripts.


King Locust - A giant ship and base Spectra uses in the Amazon region to breed and release swarms of mutant locusts. They also release their robot grasshoppers from here for the mutant grasshoppers to follow. It can fly, is manned by Spectra soldiers and Zoltar and has an escape ship 72. Its name comes from scripts.

Kryptolite - A substance used on board the Spectra Demon for an unknown purpose. The ship’s Commander, Cabal, orders it to be placed on the ship before it takes off. Mark pours this into the main power generator, which causes it to blow up 62, 101.


Laser Search Beams - All of Zoltar's ships have these. Their data is displayed on a radar screen. They have a maximum magnification mode 45.

Lava Giant - A massive, human-shaped machine that emerges from a hidden Spectra base within a volcano on the Space Island asteroid. It drips with lava and causes destruction by crushing and burning things beneath its feet. Spectra uses the head of a sculpture from Monument Mountain as the face and head for their giant. It has a metal understructure. It if finally defeated when G-Force are able to lure the giant into a body of water, where it cools rapidly and stops working 25.

Lighthouse - This looks like an ordinary lighthouse in Portugal on Earth, but it is actually a giant Spectra rocket. It is mobile and it has a secret underground tunnel route to its entrance 36.

Lobster Tanks - See Crab Attackers.


Magnetic Exploding Rose - A small, rose-shaped explosive device thrown by one of Spectra's Galaxy Girls 31.

Magnetic Force Shield - The defense screen of Spectra's Brain Creature 65.

Magnetic Missile - These photon-charged missiles are a new weapon being tested by Spectra that require a homing signal for targeting. These are successfully used to destroy Research Center on Earth 91/92.

Magno-Electric Kelp - A type of underwater magnetic mechanical seaweed that is controlled by Spectra. It is strong enough to wrap itself around the Phoenix and hold it in place while trying to crush it 36.

Mechanical Serpent - A giant snake machine on Planet Spectra. Its head and tail are formed by a Spectra Spy Ship, and it is able to fire Neutrino Beams from its eyes. The rest of its body is made up of one-man vehicles that join up with the Spectra Spy Ship. It is deployed to catch Mark and Princess who have escaped a secret base and make it to the surface of Planet Spectra 101.

Metallic Sphere - A huge, round, featureless metal sphere Spectra sends to Earth, It is a formidable weapon that can fly with wings and rockets, roll, walk via extendable legs or float on water. It had claw arms, a giant hammer, a dual-pronged dart-like arm and missiles. Its shape made it almost impossible to hurt with missiles or other projectiles 23.

Mini-Robots - These are a series of small, human-shaped robots with metal skin, ovoid heads, clamp-like grabber hands and large yellow eyes. They can fire heat beams/rays from their foreheads that can melt steel bank vault doors. They are among the most lethal servo mechanisms in Spectra's arsenal. The Mini-Robots are delivered to their missions by a submarine. They respond to voice commands and have self-destruct buttons in their left chest panels 6.

Mutant Locusts - Spectra breeds these insects on board the King Locust robot/base to follow their own robot grasshoppers in swarms. Spectra's goal is to use them to eat Earth's food reserves, in a hope to cause mass starvation 72.


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