An early height comparison chart


The standard Whirlwind Pyramid formation


A modified, three-person Whirlwind Pyramid

"We swore an oath to defend Earth against all invaders. That is what we've been trained for... that is what we MUST do!" Mark 39.

An incredible, highly-specialized team of five young people 62. The G-Force team is charged with the responsibility of guarding the Earth and its allies against attack by pirates and space aliens 1, and with keeping peace in the Galaxy 80.

They are orphans that have been trained almost since birth to develop their secret and mysterious powers 1, 62 and to repel all alien invaders from outer space 61.

Officially, G-Force is part of Intergalactic Security (mostly referred to simply as "Galaxy Security" or "Security") 77, 6 which is under the control of Security Chief Anderson. They are among a small handful of agents who are made aware of Galaxy Security secrets and plans 33, 65. They have the power to arrest suspects in the name of the Federation of Peaceful Planets 16.

Each member has miniaturized Cerebonic implants which give them fantastic abilities beyond those of other humans 1, 80. These essentially give them super powers 93. Where these Cerebonics are placed within the team's bodies and just what their exact functions are, has never been revealed. However, an X-Ray is shown of the dog, Orion, who is a part of the G-Force program. The image indicates that his Cerebonic implant is located in his brain 37. According to 7-Zark-7, certain types of gas will not work on G-Force because of these implants 77.

G-Force works best as a team with all its members present. They are to refrain from personal heroics 8. Whenever a member is missing from the team, trouble and difficulties are almost sure to present themselves. According to Jason, G-Force never takes new members 36.

G-Force is famed throughout the Galaxy and even have a holiday named in their honor 62. But in spite of this fame, they are very protective of their civilian identities 76, 74. The team has even gone out of their way to avoid large public gatherings, where people are expecting them to show up 62, 77. They have dummies of themselves at the ready, or at least for Keyop 87... and sometimes rely on mannequins to appear in public in their stead 62.

Because of their carefulness, they are able to mingle with the public and enjoy occasional time off 87, especially after difficult missions 80, 5. They do have rare moments of fun, 40 but more often than not their "vacations" are actually undercover missions 96, 51. Their actual vacations are often interrupted 5, sometimes before they even begin 73. Tiny once states that G-Force has had, "...a whole hour to live it up in the Ready Room, and that's as long as it usually lasts 69." The team often shares their time off together rather than splitting up for separate pursuits.

G-Force is often sent on missions to accompany important items 11, 77 or to guard VIPs 49, 43. They are also frequently sent to nose around for clues in their civilian clothing 80, 32, 33, 63, 52. On very rare instances, G-Force has been dispatched to Spectra as an offensive force 32, 9, 57, 99. or to rescue scientists 21.

They believe in the preservation of freedom everywhere 35 and are not above openly defying Security Chief Anderson's orders as a team if they feel strongly enough about something 44.

Their wing-like capes allow them to glide 23 and to land safely from great heights 62, 93. They also provide enough protection against explosions, that the team can use them as shields 62, 10. They are called Space Wings by 7-Zark-7 36. Removing their Wrist Activators, which control their Transmute ability and allow them to communicate back and forth with Chief Anderson, 7-Zark-7 and one another, is against regulations 26.

The team will occasionally carry specialized pieces of equipment when needed specific missions. Some of these include a pass key made by 7-Zark-7 and carried by Mark, that allows the team to open Spectra doors 99 and Personnel Infra-Detectors (also called Anti-Detection activators) which Princess places in her Wrist Activator to help locate life signs 76.

According to 7-Zark-7, the team's motto is "Hitch your wagon to a star!" 96


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